Attraction Marketing


Attraction Marketing Tips – Building Your Business Fast.


What should you know about attraction marketing strategies? If you have ever thought about starting your own business, and you have seen many successful people take their companies to multimillion dollar heights, there is a reason that they are able to do this. It has to do with attracting the right people into their company.


Whether you are doing network marketing, or some other form of business that allows you to build it rapidly and generate excess of revenues every month, you have to be able to attract the right people into your life in order to see all of this self-actualize and manifest into the life you have always wanted.


There is something called attraction marketing which many people don’t know about, and it is probably the most important aspect of making any business profitable. Let’s go over what it actually is, and how, by implementing this strategy, you can begin to become more successful than ever before.




Attraction Marketing


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Attraction Marketing Can Work For Your Business


If you are looking for different ways that you can expand and really take your business networking to a whole new level, you should want to think about attraction marketing. What this is, is basically a set of strategies that are now being used by entrepreneurs to help build a set of business opportunities for other entrepreneurs. For example, you can look at home based or web based sales. Involved in this, you will find a lot of branding, which is the art behind the building of a single image for a group of products or a company.


Personal branding can be extremely crucial for anyone who wants to get involved in attraction marketing, as this is a way to give potential clients a bit of a push to seek further information about various business opportunities. Instead of working to solicit new entrepreneurs to get involved in a business opportunity, you are working to seek and attract potential owners and clients to look for a more well-defined brand overall.  These are five helpful tips that you can use to boost your potential for personal branding in terms of attraction marketing:



Mind Your Appearance


If you are able to be clean cut at all times and make sure that you have quality personal appearance, it will fall in line with the professional appearance of your web pages and any of the marketing materials that you are putting out to the masses. When you want to be able to attract others who are entrepreneurial in nature to try and get them to sign up for a program to to jump on board with your brand, you are going to find that your professional appearance can go a long way.


Similarly, you can see that a website that is elegant and polished is going to bring about a deep image of success. These two elements can work hand in hand to bring together potential clients and help you to dive even further into your marketing messages, much more than would ever happen if you offered a clumsy and cluttered appearance both online and in person.


Brand Representation


It is always going to be important that you are able to work in a manner that will allow you to craft the brand that you have around your personal style. This means that you will have to think about making all marketing decisions with your brand in mind, even if this means something that may not mesh flawlessly with your own personal style.


For example, you may be most comfortable wearing jeans and t-shirts in a personal capacity. However, if you are going to be selling insurance to the masses, you need to be able to wear business attire to each of your meetings in order to have the biggest impact on potential customers.


By the same token, if you want to be able to have advertisements online that look more professional, yet you are working on attracting youth-based business, you need to make sure that all of your online ads are going to be more exciting and colorful. All in all, it is about appealing to the right groups using the best outward push of appearance on all fronts.







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Consistency Is Important


The last thing that you will ever want to do is end up being inconsistent in the way that you send out presentations, advertising and messages. All of the marketing materials that you have, along with testimonials, video presentations and more, should always mesh with a singular image and send out a cohesive message.


It is important that you never let a well-designed ad campaign lead to a recruiting video that is of poor quality or any other avenue that will start to show inconsistencies with the brand that you are working so hard to build up.


Practicality and Positivity


In order to have success with your attraction marketing endeavors, you need to find a great balance between practicality and positivity. If you happen to have a website that is loaded up with positive promises that your visitors will be able to grow their wealth, they are going to be a bit skeptical of the reliability of such claims.


By the same token, if you are not putting any positivity into your marketing presentations, the visitors may not be able to catch any of the enthusiasm that is necessary for any kind of entrepreneurial risk.


The same idea here will go for any presentations that you need to make in person. You want to be able to remain positive with your messaging and your presentation, however you need to temper this positivity with a sort of reality-based insight to the hurdles and challenges that are going to come along with the opportunities.


When you are able to remain down to earth and real, you can do a lot to build up the trust that you need with all of your prospects. After all, at this point, it is safe to say that a lot of your potential prospects have come across a good deal of scams prior to finding your business opportunity.


Network Building


If you have a chance to build up a network of successful clients that will be able to spread a good bit of buzz about your business opportunity on their own accord, it can help you to meet your overall goals of attraction marketing. Think about building up a network of brand champions that will help you to enhance a good brand image.


This is the same way that a group of customers who are unsatisfied can end up tarnishing your image. When you have customers that are exciting about your product, services and/or brand, you are going to be able to use them to your advantage as they spread the word and work to encourage others to bring all of their family and friends on board.


One Network Marketing Is So Powerful


A famous motivational speaker once said that if we help enough people get what they want, we will get what we want. This is probably the most powerful statement you will ever read.


If you realize that the people around you are the most beneficial assets that you can have in order to become successful, and you also want to help them become successful, this is the perfect balance that you should be seeking to attain which can only lead to a successful life. Perhaps money is not the only thing that you want.


Maybe you want to have a life that is fun and exciting, filled with individuals that will make your life beneficial everyday. If you choose to work with a network marketing company, or even a business that involves working with lots of like-minded people, success will definitely come your way.


Push Your Attraction Marketing Efforts Even Further


Is there a perfect marketing formula that you can use? When you are a network marketer, there is a lot that you can do to really bolster your attraction marketing efforts. With all of the information that is available today, there is a lot that can cause you to become confused. This is where you want to try to find a good formula that will help you to get some incredible results.


When you look closer, you are going to see that attraction marketing is something that is starting to take the world of MLM and network marketing by storm. Knowing how you can use it to your advantage and successfully integrate it into your business will help you to have the response that you are hoping for. In a nutshell, this is a form of marketing that came onto the scene just a few years ago and it has really be able to captivate a whole new generation of feisty network marketing professionals.




Applying Attraction Marketing In Traditional Business Model


Recruiting is quite difficult. It is very important to attract the right people to apply to your job openings. If you target the wrong audience, they are going to apply, but you won’t be able to select the best, simply because they would have no idea you need them. Old school methods are very good, but only if you know exactly how to get the right audience see your openings and apply.


You have to know where you can find these people and write copy that converts. You want to awaken their interest and their desire to become part of your organization. This is not an easy task, and it explains very well why so many recruiters have such a hard time in finding the right people to bring on board. Besides, interviewing skills are also very important.


A HR beginner may do mistakes during an interview, thus rejecting good candidates and shortlisting low quality or unsuitable ones. In fact, interviewing is also an art. You need to know how to use your intuition in combination with solid psychology knowledge in order to sift through all applications and all candidates, so that you end up with the best ones on your shortlist.


attraction marketing techniques


On the other hand, the modern approach that puts attraction marketing in the center has a better winning potential. If you strive to position your company in a way that makes it appealing to the most suitable candidates, you won’t have a problem when time will come to hire some new people.


You are already going to be among their favorites. They are going to stay in touch with you, with news from your company and with all moves you make on the market. This means they are also going to know when you publish new openings.


They are going to send you their applications without you lifting one finger. All you have to do is ask. Just publish on the official website of your company that you need specialists and you are going to receive heaps of applications and resumes from highly qualified individuals.


This is the immense power of attraction marketing. It directs the right crowds towards the right companies. These are situations in which all parties are winners.


Candidates are going to be more inclined to do their best to get the jobs. Recruiters are going to enjoy the selection process much more, as they are going to have the chance to meet interesting and highly qualified people. In addition, both the candidates and the employers can expand their social network, for the benefit of all parties.


It’s good to be an active presence in your industry, as you never know what opportunities you may land. You only have to show up at the right moment and grab these opportunities. If you match the requirements, you can have fruitful experiences and a very happy and fulfilled professional life. This is why attraction marketing provides better results than old school recruiting.



Attraction Marketing Tips



Marketing For MLM


In the world of MLM, there is no longer an accent that will fall around the company or on the merchandise. Instead, the focus will fall on the person who happens to be behind the business enterprise itself. Instead of working to try to get your potential customers to trust in products that they may or may not ever try or any company that they have never heard of, you are working to get them to trust in you. You are the person who has the ability to guide your potential customers to the results and the lucrative enterprise tips that you have to offer.


A positive marketing system is going to be able to do four things for you:


One – It will be able to attract a healthy flow of quality leads that you can count on.


Two – A portion of the system has to work on creating some sort of relationship with all of your leads.


Third – The marketing system will also be able to allow you a means of generating income from all of your leads. This is not just going to be a one-off, but more of a residual thing.


Four – The last part of the attraction marketing system should be able to duplicate to whoever is going to join in on your opportunity.


In order to remain effective, you need to work as an internet marketer so that you can bring out information that works to attract potential customers while focusing on establishing your knowledge and expertise in your niche. Customers are going to rely on any of the information that you offer before they make a decision. This will mean that you are going to be in a good place when you offer what it is that they are looking for.


A smart way to tackle attraction marketing is to look at giving away invaluable content for free. Great content is always going to help you to generate decent leads and a lot of results for your online business. Remember that your reputation is going to be build upon trust, so you need to be sure that any of the information that you are giving to your clients will be factually accurate and also demonstrate everything that relates to your business entity.


A Guide To Facebook Attraction Marketing


One of the best ways to market your business is on Facebook. Social media has actually overtaken search engine results when it comes to getting more visitors to your website or business. This is because social media is absolutely booming and people spend hours every day, checking their social media accounts.

Some of the most popular social media platforms include FB, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat etc. In this article, we will be focusing on how you can properly market your business and attract more followers, subscribers and loyal customers so that you can achieve your bottom line.


Facebook Business Profile Creation


In order to get started on Facebook, you will need to create a business page for your company. It is critical that you use the “create a page” function as oppose to creating a typical “profile” for your business. Profiles are meant for individuals and are not suited to a business. In order to create a page for your business, you will need to do so from your own personal profile.

You should select the correct type of business when building out the page and ensure that the name is accurate. It is crucial that you fill out as many details as possible and include a high quality profile picture and cover picture. The cover picture can be a photo of your actual business or a digital graphic that is relevant to your business. The profile picture should include your company’s logo.


When you are building out your profile be sure to include details such as the website URL, information about the company as well as an active phone number.



facebook attraction marketing



Content Strategy


Once you have created the business page, you will then need to create a content strategy. This is necessary because you will need to post content on your page, at least once a day. It is critical that your  page is active so that you can attract more people to your page. Therefore, you will need to come up with interesting status updates, graphics, infographics, videos, blog posts etc.

The entire point of doing this is to encourage interaction and gain more followers. One of the best ways to do so is to host a Facebook competition or giveaway. For example, you can offer a free gift certificate or hamper to the 1000th subscriber. This will lead to people sharing your page and “liking” it, in the hopes of becoming that lucky subscriber. Alternatively, you can host competitions which encourage people to submit pictures or answer questions which will increase the interactivity of your page, leading to more engaged subscribers.


Social Media & Your Website


In addition to creating your fan page, you will also need to create other social media profiles. It is critical that you interlink all of these properties. This means that if you have a Google account or Instagram account, then should include links back to your page.

Also, once you have a website or blog, you should include a link back to your Facebook page on all of the pages of your site. This should be easy to do if you’re using WordPress since they have inbuilt social media buttons that you can place on your site. This will actually help to improve the SEO of your site since the more social interaction that your website gets, the higher it will rank in the search engines.


Facebook Advertising


In addition to building your following organically, you can also use Facebook advertising to get more “likes” and subscribers or even sales. It is extremely easy and intuitive to use ads and all you will need is a credit card. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on ads since you have full control over your daily spend. You can spend as little as $5 per day and get hundreds of visitors.


When you’re advertising, you should always properly target your specific demographic. It is always best to test your Facebook ads to see what works the best so you can get the most out of your ad spend. If you sell physical products, then you can create ads that go directly to them.

So, for example, if you are selling cat products and you have a specific cat toy for sale, then you can create an ad for that specific product. You can then target the ad so that only women between the ages of 18 – 30 that are cat lovers can see the ad. This would be more effective than targeting your ad to males that are between 30 – 40 who more than likely, don’t have a cat nor are interested in cat products.




In order to make the most out of your Facebook ads, you should also do retargeting. This means that once someone has visited your fan page or looked at one of your ads, they will continue to see them as they use the internet. These types of ads are surprisingly easy to set up, cheap and are quite effective. The more times that a person sees your ad, they will become more likely to purchase from you. This is not only a great way to increase your sales but improve your brand’s trust and authority.


In summary, we have just looked at attraction marketing on Facebook and how you can grow your subscriber and customer base. It is truly one of the best platforms to grow your business and it will only become more important in the future. So, if you don’t have a marketing plan in place, be sure to keep the above tips in mind and start one as soon as possible.


More Involved Free Attraction Marketing Options


There are a lot of things that you can do that will never cost you a dime when you want to bring about the right level of trust with your potential customers. These are all some things that you can try to really bring your business efforts to a whole new level.


Be A Trusted Advisor


You start with the needs of all of your customers right out of the gate, and this is what it is that makes attraction marketing work. You think of their problems as well as what can be done to solve the issues. Put out strategies and answer their questions as they are getting to know you. This will help you to become someone that they can trust moving forward.




Teaching can be a wonderful way to establish you as an expert in your area or niche. This will show off your credentials without you needing to flaunt them, which is something that nobody likes to see. Teaching will offer up valuable information and you are making a considerable investment in your business at the same time. Someone who is new to advertising online, for example, will need some help understanding all of the basics. This is a nice way for you to work with them and foster a good relationship based upon skill-building and teaching.






Offer Up Several Forms Of Content


The internet is a perfect vehicle for all of the various forms of content that you are willing to offer. As a matter of fact, the type of reach that you have online will make any other platform pale in comparison. If you have something of value to say, you only have to say it once and put that information out there online to the masses. This is where videos are a wonderful way to offer up information and useful content to all of your potential followers and/or customers.


You Can Set It And Forget It


While you are creating a lot of content on the internet, you should think about the simple fact that this is content that will more than likely outlive you and the rest of us. You can actually create important content just once and it is going to be viewed and used by many for a lifetime. Instead of having to recreate and redeliver your message again and again, attraction marketing and building up a wonderful network of brand and image ambassadors can be a perfect way to really bring your reach to a whole new level.


All in all, there is no perfect formula that is going to work for every single person or business. It is going to be a matter of looking for what works for you and capitalizing on it. When all is said and done, you are going to see that there are a ton of amazing benefits that come from using attraction marketing for your business.



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