Attraction Marketing System – 5 Steps To Success

Attraction Marketing System

How does attraction marketing work? Can anyone that has ever aspired to become a successful business owner, especially in our technological age, has realized that the Internet provides one of the best resources for achieving success that has ever existed in marketing. Your ability to contact multiple individuals all over the web using advertising on Google and Facebook has never been better, giving you access to over 1 billion people in some cases.

You can target specific groups that are interested in products that you would like to sell, exponentiating your ability to make sales every single day. But to do this, and to find success, you have to have a plan of action. This plan of action must incorporate what is called attraction marketing in order for you to make this work. In this article, we will give you the five steps of the best attraction marketing system available today that can take your business to higher levels.

Our Attraction Marketing System

Attraction marketing is essentially broken down into five simple steps that we will present in brief, and then expand upon as we go along. These five steps include choosing a product in a popular niche, becoming an affiliate for that product, creating a website, setting up what is called a squeeze page, and finally choosing the proper marketing techniques to generate the most sales.

Before we get into the five steps, we need to explain what attraction marketing actually means so that you understand why it is so important to use the five steps we will show you. It’s not a new technique, but when implemented in this way, you will have a higher probability of generating sales.

Explaining Attraction Marketing

What is attraction marketing? Attraction marketing simply refers to a marketing technique that involves a system of targeting very specific people that will be interested in what you have to sell, specifically tapping into their emotions. When people purchase anything, they seldomly do so because of the features that are offered on a product, but are looking at the benefits, what the product can do for them. If it makes them happy, or makes their life easier, it will be motivated to purchase it right away. It has to connect with them at the emotional level because that is where almost every sale that is made today originates from.

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Choosing A Product In A Popular Niche

The first part of this process is to choose a product that you would like to sell, or several products, in a niche that is very popular. Of course, you may have your own product that you have created, or you could try to sell generally anything as an affiliate including one of the many thousands of products available on Amazon or other large retailers that offer affiliate programs, but you want to go into a niche that has a huge fan base.

For instance, you could go into weight-loss, dating, vacations, or something else where you can easily tap into the emotions of people. You can tap into their emotions by explaining how good they will look when they have lost the weight, how great they will feel when they are with that special someone, and how fun it will be when they are finally able to have that magical vacation.

Attraction Marketing System – Becoming An Affiliate For That Product

The second step is to become an affiliate for that product. As mentioned before, if you have your own product, you won’t have to worry about this. As long as you have a payment button set up, and people can use a wide variety of payment options including PayPal, you will be ready to go. Affiliates get paid every week, or every month, depending upon the program, usually deposited directly into your checking account. Once this is set up, it’s time to create a website so that you can begin driving targeted traffic to your offer.

Creating A Website

The third step is creating a website. This is something that you should do on your own if you’re on a budget, or hire a professional if you have the money to do so. The more professional it looks, the more likely it will be that you will start making sales right away. In the same way that you want your bespoke fan page to look professional, something that is part of this attraction marketing system, the more trust you will build with those that find you online, leading to the probability of the sale.

Setting Up A Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is simply a page that you set up on your website where people can enter in their name and email address to get something for free. For example, if you are selling a weight-loss product through a CPA network where you will make $60 for every free trial that people sign up for, you will want to use similar graphics on your squeeze page representing the product and weight-loss in general.

The text that you use will be used to also tap into their emotions, making them think about how wonderful they will look if this product actually works.

If everything looks credible, and you are pushed the right emotional buttons, you can start to look forward to sales with every subscriber that you get regardless of how many weight-loss products that you will introduce them to through your autoresponder.

Remember to always include content in between offers that you are presenting so that they don’t feel pressured every time they open up your email. This will build trust, and as long as you are continuing to push their emotional buttons, you will make sales on a regular basis.

Proper Marketing Techniques

This is where attraction marketing formula really takes off. This is the foundation for why this system works so well. You are going to either use traditional advertising techniques such as using Google or Facebook to send targeted traffic to your squeeze page, or you can use free methods such as submitting articles and also getting people to like your Facebook page.

The content that you produce, especially if you send out hundreds of articles, and get thousands of people to follow you through social media, needs to affect them emotionally, making them want to see what your product has to offer.

Attraction marketing works when other people begin to refer people to your website either through sharing your posts through social media, or using your articles on their websites for content. You can also use forums to accomplish this, making sure that every post that you make is catering to helping these individuals in some way.

Once you have everything set up, you will have a self sustaining system that will attract thousands of people to your website everyday. Although it may cost a little bit of money if you’re using paid advertising, as long as you are affecting them emotionally, you have a higher probability of generating sales regardless of where your customers come from.

Hopefully this will inspire you to find a product to sell, set up a squeeze page, and begin to send traffic to it right away. It’s a very simple system that has been used for over a decade by people all over the web, a system that has helped many people become financially free very quickly.