Attraction Marketing Training – Three Tips You Need

Have you ever heard of attraction marketing before? It is a very common term that is used by many people on the Internet today. There are several products that have been created with this name, either simple PDFs that have basic strategies that you can follow, or full-fledged products complete with DVDs and online training that can help you achieve success. Regardless of the name of the product, or what it is teaching you to do, there are some basic rudimentary concepts that are always part of these products. Here’s what you can expect with attraction marketing training with any of those that teach this type of strategy.

Attraction Marketing Training 101

Attraction marketing is based on the concept that people are motivated by their emotions. Take online auctions for example. People are not bidding on a product, sometimes paying more than it’s actually worth at a regular store, because they simply want to spend more money than they have. They are motivated by their emotions, not wanting to be outbid, and therefore their emotions are what cause them to make their decisions.

The same is true for gambling, trying to win a sweepstakes or lottery, and it is definitely true for Internet marketing. People do not buy products based on the features, but the benefits that they may provide. When presented in the right way, people will sign up to learn what you have to offer, even though it may be similar to what other people are offering with products with a similar name. Therefore, attraction marketing training will always include the four following principles.

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Attraction Marketing Principles

The first principle that you will learn with attraction marketing is that the money is in the list. You can send traffic all day to products that you want to sell, only to see your visitors leave without making a sale. But if you have the opportunity to email them again and again, without having to pay for every visit that they may, you could actually create a very positive cash flow for anything that you are selling, as long as you can build a list.

The second attraction marketing training principle is knowing your target audience.

This means that you need to identify who it is that you would like to target in order to purchase the products that you have for sale. If you are selling an Internet marketing product on Craigslist Wichita, you will want to target people that are interested in those products, or have purchased one in recent weeks or days. If you are selling blenders, coffee makers, or any item sold on Amazon or eBay, you need to know who these people are. By using targeted demographics with your paid advertising, you can bring these people to what you are selling, increasing the odds that you will make the sale. However, you don’t want to send them to the product. You want to send them to what is called a squeeze page.

The third principle is creating a squeeze page. This comprises two specific principles in one. First, you have to make an attractive sweepstakes that offers something of great value that you are giving away for free. In most cases, this is something that they can download, a coupon they can use, or any digital or physical item that you can cost-effectively give away in exchange for their name and email address.

The final principle is using advertising to draw or attract people to that page, individuals that will have a higher than normal predisposition toward not only signing up for freebies, and also purchasing items related to your particular niche. To target them, you can use paid advertising, advertising on social media, or use SEO to boost your webpage rankings so that people can find you on the search engines. The squeeze page is your most important tool when it comes to attraction marketing, the one that will allow you to become successful with whatever you happen to be selling.

Attraction marketing training will always include these principles because targeted traffic and building the list is the basis for every successful business online. The key is to simply know your audience, target the benefits of what you are selling with the emails that you send, and create an attractive squeeze page with a valuable freebie that can help you build your list every single day.