What Is A Funded Proposal? Here’s What You Should Know

Funded Proposal

If you’re like most people, you have probably heard of the term funded proposal in relation to marketing and therefore are wondering what it may be. The long and the short of funded proposals is that if you wish to generate leads online, a funded proposal is essential for the business.

In order to fully appreciate a funded proposal, consider this: In any business, the most crucial factor you’ll need is to talk about your business or product to as many people as you can. However, it is a fact that most people refuse sales pitches. Wouldn’t it be great if you are able to learn how to make money from the prospects that refuse? That is exactly what a funded proposal is about.

How does a funded proposal work? You provide something of value to your potential customers in exchange for their time. What you give to your customers should provide value, like training or any other tools that they’ll use.

In this setup, you have the potential to make money while your prospect will get valuable information that’s useful for them in some manner. This is actually the start of your relationship with prospect. Whenever you give something of value, it will ultimately go back to you. This really is known as attraction marketing.

Funded proposals are effective and you can make sales immediately, giving you more funds to cover marketing costs.

In the world of online marketing, funded proposal is heavily used. Sometimes, the product is given away for free or is sold at a really cheap price. Online marketers understand that whenever a person buys that cheap information product, they are potential clients who will buy the high-priced product at the backend. The customers pre-qualified themselves by buying that cheap product or giving their email address to get that free product.

Aside from information products, you could also use giveaways for physical products, and discounts for useful products and services.

If you have a business that you need to promote, you can do it on your own website. However, there’s one piece of advice, we would like dispense, and it is to link your proposal with the emotions of your potential buyers. In other words, make sure that the product you offer at first is something that they will use because it solves a problem.

A funded proposal helps your marketing efforts since it provides a win-win situation for all those involved. While your leads will get valuable information, you receive money. More importantly, once that initial contact is made, trust is established, which is really key to making more sales and more money in any type of business.

A funded proposal system is essential if you wish to be effective as a marketer and business owner. You can put one together yourself, however, that would take considerable time and cash.

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There are, however, certain companies out there that do all the work for you. After doing my own research and seeking a lot of things, the very best one available is the My Lead System. Seriously, if you wish to generate online leads and have a business that’s making you a lot of money, a funded proposal system is essential. The My Lead System is the best there is and can help you earn even if prospects avoid your business or product.

You will find a number of ways to utilize a funded proposal for your home business. You should use a joint venture partner program or perhaps make your own service or product. For instance, if you’re proficient at building blogs, you can provide a service for Internet Marketers in which you to setup their blogs for a small fee. Obviously, you could also elect to setup an affiliate marketing program. You’ll need something with a decent upfront commission that offsets your advertising costs and ensure you are making enough to create free leads.

Funded proposals have been in existence for as long as advertising has been around. It is an inexpensive offer you give in exchange for your prospective customer’s contact details. You sell them something for a very cheap price or else you provide away, and they provide you with their contact details. Their contact details enable you to make follow-up contact regularly.

You can observe good examples of the funded proposals wherever you go. It’s not only for online companies. You will also find it used heavily in multilevel marketing. In brick-and-mortar businesses, they are also heavily used.

If supermarkets offer reduced prices for a certain product for a day, that’s a kind of funded proposal. Most of the time, however, they only provide you with a price reduction when you join their VIP shoppers program or whatever else they call it.

A supermarket may also offer discounts in exchange for your information. You have to give them your email and/or home address to allow them to mail you offers. This is another form of a funded proposal. You’re giving the shop permission to send offers in return for obtaining a better cost around the items within the store. This is another form of a funded proposal.

Funded proposals are really a tried and tested approach to marketing and it was first made popular by Mike Dillard when he authored Magnetic Marketing. Mike makes it known exactly what the effective entrepreneurs have been doing for a long time.

By using the funded proposal method, not only do you built a list of prospective purchasers, but by selling an inexpensive product you’re also funding your marketing to expand your marketing efforts.

All in all, it is a beautiful system that you should use if you aren’t doing so already. You have your prospects get something really cheap (or free) from you so that you can sell more items and services to them. If that sounds like a good plan, it is. Go ahead and implement it for your business. Trust us, it works. All the time.