Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Or Is It Luck?

Affiliate marketing for dummies may be an inappropriate measure of the moment, but it really doesn’t take as much intelligence to be an affiliate marketer as it does just doing it. Once you understand what to do, you simply have to perform the few steps that are required over and over again, until things begin to happen.

In affiliate marketing you “sell” someone else’s product or service on your site or personal blog, and when someone purchases it, you get a commission. Your advantage is that you didn’t have to come up with the product, all you have to do is expose it to the public.

Your problem is really to be able to optimize your website so as to gain enough traffic so enough people will buy the affiliate product. Or, consider starting a blog about a subject that you are passionate about, and build up a following. Once your loyal and faithful followers are with you, they will be more apt to consider purchasing an affiliate product, since they now trust your judgement.

There is nothing fast and quick here, as influencing people takes time. People are basically smart and wary of come-ons, so they are going to be slow to come around to just any old thing. You have to build up trust.

Now, another strategy in our affiliate marketing for dummies quest here. That strategy would be to optimize your website or blog to the subject of the affiliate product. For example, if you find a product that for sure keeps bugs and mold off of tomatoes growing in your garden, then you want to focus your efforts on reaching gardeners, which is a pretty big group.

You will probably want to narrow it down to gardeners who grow tomatoes. So you need to find some key words that identifies this group. Try “bug free tomato growing.” This is not an exact true match, but you get the idea. Theoretically when someone types that key word phrase into their search engine search box, they will come to your website, if you have picked your niche properly and optimized your site in the right way.

The key is to find a niche that has a great demand for those key words, but there are very few websites accommodating the search. If you have good content about your product and a good description when they read about it on the search engine, then you will get traffic. You must, however do your homework very carefully. Preparation will get the job done.

Software products such as Micro Niche Finder will help you greatly in isolating the right niche and what keywords that should be used.

Affiliate marketing for dummies now becomes affiliate marketing for the knowledgeable, once you figure out how to drive traffic. Find a niche that is not well traveled, but where people are looking, and build your site around that. Have an appealing pitch to your audience, and show them how it works, perhaps with a video, and bingo, you will get sales.