Wealthy Affiliate Review

This Wealthy Affiliate Review is to simply point out the pros and cons of the program.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is a study course that has been on the market now for several years. The program was put together by Kyle and Carson (they don’t divulge their last names) when they were right out of college, and it is designed as a step by step program to help people get online and make money from their efforts.

wealthy affiliate review

Obviously, there are plenty of scams out there, and they all sound good, but in order to be successful on the internet, you need to have a system that works, and usually you find that system by learning from someone who really knows what they are talking about and who can demonstrate results.

Well, that is what Kyle and Carson have done, and with over 275,000 members to their group, there is no doubt about the fact that what they teach and demonstrate works. Wealthy Affiliate is billed as a business learning center, and it is a huge group forum, really, that allows full participation by everyone, with certain accomplished individuals who are also available in their different specialties who are available to help others who may be having a problem in certain areas.

People often wonder if Wealth Affiliate is a scam, but there are too many success stories for that to be the case. Nothing is perfect, however, but Wealthy Affiliate has really stood tall against the slight amount of criticism it has received from skeptics, most who have never taken the program, or from those who have dropped out.

Marketing on the internet can get somewhat complex sometimes, and many times people think that they can put in a minimal effort, and if they don’t succeed right away, then it is someone else’s fault, not theirs. That is why you have to take with a grain of salt, the off-handed criticisms and picky opinions of a lot of different people. Wealthy affiliated is a good, proven system, and it does work really well, if you will take the time to work it, as instructed.

The startup cost is $0 for the Starter Membership, as that is a “Get Acquainted” module to familiarize you with the different sections and parts of the program, and then it is $47 per month to move up and get a premium membership, where you can have your own domain name and website.

In this way, you can try out the program for free, and see if you can understand and implement the strategies that are outlined, and gain experience before you have to pay any money at all. You may find that Internet and online marketing is just not your “cup of tea” and you might decide not to go into the premium module at all, and if you do decide that, you will have spent no money at all.

However if you are more serious about this and you feel that you wish to learn in depth, the methods and procedures that you can use to go online and earn some money, then you can transition and start the $47 per month plan.


The training consists of step-by-step examples of actual procedures that are used by the experts to rank websites and videos in order to promote products. This is done with videos, tutorials, courses that are task based, training classes given on a weekly basis, and participatory discussions in an interactive format.

You also receive many tools and items to help you boost your websites, as you move into the premium plan. For starter members, you get two WordPress websites, and for premium members you get unlimited websites you can use. You will also receive over 1,400 website themes.  You get research tools for keywords, as well as competition tools. You receive web hosting, two sites for new users, and unlimited sites for Premium members. Once you join the Premier group, you will literally have everything that you need in order to run your own internet business.

You will also have the advice and coaching of a very good forum on just about every topic imaginable along with participation from Kyle and Carson. This is one of the more valuable tools, because you gain insight from many who have been through the entire program and who are using it for their online businesses.

The description of Wealthy Affiliate is broken down into four categories:

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract visitors
  4. Earn revenue

Of course, that looks quite simple, but it is not quite as simple as that. There are many steps in between and it can get fairly detailed, but everything in the course is laid out in a very orderly manner, and it can be easily followed. The thing to remember here is that the instructions and tutorials here can get quite involved, and the student will need to be able to be deliberate enough to understand that each step must be learned before moving on to the next step.

The nice feature about Wealthy Affiliate Review  is that there are plenty of illustrations and tutorials that illustrate the procedures and methods that are used in real time internet promotion. Different people learn with different tools, and that is why there are videos, PDF’s, and tutorials all designed to catch a person’s learning abilities in the correct mode.

The Affiliate

There are millions of products that can be promoted as an affiliate sale, which means that you will advertise a product, such as guitar strings, and when people buy them from Amazon or Walmart from your site, and then you get a commission for the sale. Everything that you will need to know about starting and running such a business is included in the program at Wealthy Affiliate, and it is all illustrated to you in great detail in the program.

Of course, you will need to learn how to generate “traffic” to your website or blog, and then learn how to get that traffic to “convert” which means to purchase your product. When you find a hungry “niche” or a group of people who have the same likes and dislikes, you are much more likely to find buyers, and when they see what you are promoting, they will buy from you. Say, for example you are selling shoes, then all you have to find lots of barefooted people you can promote your shoes to.

Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through the steps and show you each advantage and disadvantage along the way. All you have to do is learn how to follow directions, implement the plan that is given to you in The Wealthy Affiliate, and you are in the process. From there it is just a matter of rinse and repeat until you have the results that you want. This Wealthy Affiliate Review points all of this out.

The Cons of the Program

If there are any disadvantages pointed out in this Wealthy Affiliate review, they fall under the title of too much information too fast. At least that is what some people have said, but in reality, one must develop one’s own concrete goals and only stick to those goals, and not try to do everything at once. Sometimes it is good to just forget about the task for awhile, and set it aside, so you can come back fresh and be productive again.

The depth and breadth of the information is necessary to have, just remember that you will need to take smaller bites of that information and keep on it until you really understand it, and that will make you a much stronger internet worker as your knowledge will be based upon solid experience with positive results. Once you are done with the bookwork, you will be able to rudimentary programming and similar tasks, and they will never leave you. So dig in, and get started so you can share this information with someone else soon.