12 High Paying Affiliate Programs

Many affiliate marketers today are searching online for high paying affiliate programs so they can maximize their income for the amount of work they have to do. It’s gotten harder to make money in this niche so everyone is looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. So, I’ve compiled a list of 12 highest paying affiliate programs that are extremely lucrative.

Private Jet Affiliates

The chartering of private jets is no longer just for the rich and famous or desert sheiks. Companies are finding that it can be less expensive to charter an entire airplane rather than buying individual seats on a commercial flight. This not only solves the problem of all the aggravations their executives experience at the airport and in the air but also enables them to fly when they want to, not when the airline has dictated. They don’t have to end meetings early anymore so everyone can catch their flight. Often, having the full attention of their executives can be money in the bank for a company.  Not only is this a great market now, but it is rapidly growing.

High Paying Affiliate Programs – Home Decor Affiliate Programs

Home decorating has become extremely popular with people of all ages and backgrounds as the explosion of reality shows in this area shows. Home decor includes furniture for all rooms of the house and for outside on the terrace as well as everything else that goes into decorating the home. Many people are interested in high end options and with these programs, you will be able to provide them.

Yacht Affiliate Programs

Renting high-end yachts for vacations or meetings has been with us for a long time. But it’s only recently that this market has exploded. It’s no longer the super affluent who like to rent yachts but also many other people of more modest means. Families are getting together and renting yachts for their reunions, companies are holding meetings on yachts in exotic locations as rewards for their employees and yes, there are still the wealthy luxury seekers. All of these groups are your potential market.

Copywriting Affiliate Programs

Copywriting has always been a very lucrative business and, with the increase in the amount of business being conducted on the web, it has become big business. Good copywriting is essential to making money in affiliate marketing and sales. Talented copywriters can also make a very good living working freelance. As a result, there are good copywriting courses available online that are in high demand and, because of their high price, will pay affiliates very large commissions.

High Paying Affiliate Programs – Self Help Affiliate Programs

High Paying Affiliate Programs

There are many self-help programs, also known as self-development programs which come in several different forms. There are ebooks, courses both online and in print, and there are also video series. It’s not hard to find quite a few affiliate programs in this market that pay $100 or more for each sale.

Medical Instrument Affiliates

Musical instrument affiliates sell expensive products including amps, keyboards and electric guitars.  In this market there are several high paying and reputable companies.

Natural Health Affiliates

Herbal supplements and other natural health products are a multi-billion dollar annual market now and you should definitely consider this niche. The money here is not from individual sales but from residual sales. Almost everyone who buys from you initially is a good possibility for buying again and again as they run out of the product and reorder.

Hosting Affiliate Programs

Website hosting is big business in this age of the internet. Every site on the net needs to be hosted somewhere and you might as well lead them to that host company. This is another field where the biggest part of your income will be from residual sales.

Jewelry Affiliate

The good news is that jewelry sales is an evergreen niche business that is extremely popular on the internet. In addition, there are many top paying affiliate programs in the jewelry niche. It is a very competitive niche,  but this is a case where the number of affiliates working here just prove that there is a lot of money to be made.

Loan Affiliate Program

Times are still hard for a lot of people so loans, especially short-term loans, are very popular on the internet. The commission for referring prospects is usually high and the cost per acquisition is low.

Travel Affiliate Programs

Everyone has seen travel websites on the internet. Most people who book online are doing so through a travel affiliate program. In evaluating these programs, it is important to make sure the company is well-respected and reliable. Once you’ve done that, your chances of making money in this niche are very good.

Robot Affiliate Programs

Robots are a new and emerging technology. Keep in mind that the robots of today are not toys but are created to perform useful tasks in many different settings. Affiliates are already making money in this field and, by getting in early, you will be able to position yourself for very lucrative earnings as this market takes off.

There are other high paying affiliate programs available, but in my opinion, these are the very best. Most of them will provide high current earnings and a bright future.

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