My Personal Inbox Dollars Review After Years Of Using The Site

Inbox Dollars can be considered as one of the pioneer conglomerate ‘Paid To’ sites in many ways. These days, there are now many more sites just like it, but Inbox Dollars is still around and successful. If you’re not familiar with the type of ‘paid to’ site I’m talking about, then you will be in a minute as you get to know more about Inbox Dollars and various similar sites.

There have been other types of ‘paid to task’ sites for years, but Inbox Dollars takes a certain approach that really caught on like wildfire after its inception. You can get paid to watch videos, take surveys, read emails, complete offers and so much more. I signed up for this site years ago when it first came out, and so far everything I’ve said has been completely positive. There are pros and cons, and you need to get familiar with this site and how it compares to other sites if you’re going to use any of them to make spare cash.

It’s important to understand that when using these types of sites, you’re not necessarily trying to find the best one and only use it instead of the others. You need to know which are the best ones and find out which ones you like to use, but many people end up using multiple sites. Obviously, you’re going to use some more than others.

How often do I use Inbox Dollars these days? To be honest, I only use the site to read emails and trickle in the change. You don’t get paid very much to read emails, but it’s a no-brainer and only takes a few seconds. I would still use them to watch videos and complete surveys, but I only have so much time. Moreover, I’ve since discovered other sites that I can use to do those things.

When using a site like Inbox Dollars, what’s available to you is very important. A site might tell you that surveys are available, but if there are broken links and survey owners who are deceptive, you could be tinkering around for nothing. If you’re going to watch paid videos, it would help if there are plenty of videos available, right?

You can’t really fault Inbox Dollars for being such an older looking site these days since it was one of the first of its kind, if not the first. Sure, they could upgrade their site, but people have become very familiar with Inbox Dollars. There are loyal users, and to be honest, the site owners have likely made a ton and are just going to stick with what worked. They did come up with a mobile app version, but the site still looks the same as it did years ago for the most part.

Sites like these try to incorporate little games into the money making part of the deal for consumers. For example, if you complete a survey on Inbox Dollars, you get to spin the wheel. As a matter of fact, you get to spin the wheel even if you don’t qualify for the survey. You can win a small bonus (cents not dollars). You can also win sweepstakes entries, and the sweepstakes is another big part of how these sites operate.

Inbox Dollars Reviews

As you learn more about Inbox Dollars, you’ll realize more and more just how many sites copied its model for success. Have you visited Swagbucks before? What about Zoom Bucks, Success Bucks or My Points? My Points looks like an older version of one of these sites as well, but I wasn’t introduced to My Points until years after it was launched.

You can have several of these sites up and running at the same time, watching videos, completing surveys and the likes. It’s important to note that my own personal circumstances with work and life in general also have to do with why I don’t use Inbox Dollars as much anymore. I work from home as a writer, so it’s just my spare time site. In other words, it’s not because I have a negative view of the site. I just don’t have the time, and as mentioned, there are other more modern sites when I do have the time.

Completing offers is what is going to get you the most money using these sites, as well as shopping online. You’ll find that many of the offers are on multiple sites, and of course you can only do them once. You’ll have to choose which site is your main offer site, and you’ll also have to choose which types of activities you like to do in general. For example, if you’re a person that likes to watch videos for extra cash, you can do so on Inbox Dollars.

However, as mentioned, I use a different site now for watching videos, mainly because they have made it easier and there are more videos available. Have you ever seen the site for Inbox Dollars or ready any other personal reviews? I left the site alone for quite a long time at one point and then returned to using it once I started using more of these ‘paid to’ sites once again for spare cash.

With Inbox Dollars, you cash out for the first time at 30 bucks. Then, you can start earning more for what you do. By the way, another way you can earn money through the site is by getting paid to do searches. Of course, the other sites that have followed suit make paid searches a little easier and a little more rewarding.

If you’re willing to spend your spare time making spare change to help your budget, then Inbox Dollars might be one of the sites you want to check out. They might look a little archaic compared to the others, but they could be worth a shot depending on what you’re looking for. Just remember, these sites aren’t for a full-time income.