What I s In A Pikle?

If you happen to be a mother and you are always running around busy with your many daily chores, the chances are high that you have often found yourself in what is known as a “pickle.” With your children to look after, a house that constantly needs cleaning, the task of staying organized has come close to impossible for a lot of moms. With such a busy schedule, trying to bring in some extra income has become something that you may think is impossible.

Luckily, today there are the MLM companies such as In A Pikle that now offer the perfect solution. With the company known as In A Pikle, you can find a way to stay a lot more organized when you use one or more of their organizer bags and earn an additional income when you become a Pikle Professional. If you are interested in something like this, then In A Pikle might just be the MLM opportunity that you should be looking into.

what is in a pikle

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About In A Pikle

In 2004, Marianne and Tamara became neighbors and quickly became friends. Their kids are the same in age, their husbands share the same “first” name and they shared the same full-time job of being mothers. However, in 2006, Tamara moved away to Southern Utah and the friends tried their best to keep their friendship going.

In 2007, Marianne visited Tamara as a surprise birthday gift and gave her a heartfelt homemade gift. The gift was an “emergency kit” that was made from a hot-pad along with a few snack baggies. Tamara was so impressed by the gift, that shortly afterwards she contacted Marianne about her vision about making and selling these unique organizers to other stay at home and busy moms. This was the beginning of the business.

What Exactly Is In A Pickle

Many people have experienced that feeling when they are “in a pickle”. For example you have just purchased a set of brand new headphones and you can’t wait to open the package before you go home. So you try your best to break the protective packaging and find that it is impossible. It is usually at this stage that you wish you carried a pair of scissors in your bag. Well this is where an In a Pickle bag comes in. If you owned one of these clever bags you would have access to that much needed pair of scissors.

Scissors are just one out of the variety of items that come with a Pikle bag. So at this stage you are probably wondering about the product known as the Pikle bag. The best way to describe this product is the ultimate first-aid kits designed for moms. These wallet sized bags, contain every essential you will probably ever need when you are away from home.

The bag contains everything that you might need when something goes wrong with your children or you. For example, if your toddler wipes their sticky fingers covered in Cheeto’s all over your clean shirt, you can use the stain-remover pen. Or perhaps you break one of your nails, there is also a handy nail file to sort out this snag with speed. This handy small bag can easily fit into your diaper bag, purse or you can also just carry it around on its own.

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What’s Inside

The In A Pikle Bag starter pack features more than 20 convenience items. All these items fit snugly into the 4-double sided, interior pouches. You can remove the pouches when you need to clean them or if you want to change the cover. You can choose to fill up the pouches with your personal favorites such as cough drops or essential medicines or antacids.

The In A Pickle Starter Pak contains the following items:

  • Hand-sanitizer pen
  • Pair of tweezers
  • Spot remover pen
  • Credit size floss and mirror combination
  • 3 antibacterial wipes (individually wrapped)
  • Retractable mini scissors
  • Travel-sized sewing kit
  • 2 emery boards
  • 5 rubber bands
  • 3 hair bands
  • 5 safety pins
  • 5 bobby pins
  • 24” tailor tape
  • 5 paper clips
  • Mini pen
  • Mini screw driver (Straight head)
  • 10 adhesive bandages
  • “In A Pikle” sticky notepad
  • Pill box
  • Travel tissues (1 Pack)

You can also order your refills on the website and choose additional convenience items such as comb, eye-glass repair kit, sunscreen, lip balm, pocket knife and so much more.

What Is In A Pikle About

In A Pikle is one of the network marketing businesses that have a specialty in selling compact, fashionable and stylish organizers. These products are available throughout America and have been marketed with the use of the “direct sales” business model. This company was first founded by Marianne Porter and Tamara Foster in the year 2009. Their headquarters are located in Southern Utah.

Since the start of this business, the company has gone onto develop a variety of unique organizer bags with their pending patent on their designs. Currently these organizers come in a numerous colors along with thirteen different designs. The organizer can serve the purpose of a make-up bag, handy emergency-kit, purse or for any other purpose that the user has in mind.

About The Product

In A Pikle provides the ideal organizer when it comes to those little emergencies and daily essentials. These compact bags were first created to offer an on-the-go mom with easy to access items all in one bag that she can take with her throughout the day. These bags are not just functional but have also been designed to serve the purpose of a fashionable accessory.

The In A Pikle bags are not just your standard make-up or emergency kit bag. The pending-patented design really boasts a number of special features which offer the user with accessibility, adjustability and reusability. In addition, the design of these bags make it’s a simple task to keep them hygienic and clean. Each of these bags features 8 compartments (clear) which allows you with a way to easily organize all those essentials that you always need when you are away from home in a very convenient way.

Over and above these compact bags, this company also sells a number of emergency and essential items that all come with a TSA-approval. Some of these items are inclusive of a flash light, lip balm, a mirror and dental floss, clippers, wipes, hair pins, hand sanitizers, bandages and much more. You can also choose to purchase these items separately or you can choose to buy one package. Once you have used up all the items in your organizer, you can conveniently order the refills that you need at a reduced price.

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How To Become A Pikle Professional

In order to become a Pikle Entrepreneur or Pikle Professional you are able to join up with this business’s growing network when you buy the Professional Kit that will cost you $199. Inside this kit you will receive everything that is needed to help you start off your own business. This kit contains catalogs, hostess folders, brochures, business cards, invoices, interior pouches, 4 extra covers, 1 wristlet along with other items to help get you going.

Once you have successfully become a Pikle Professional (official) you are able to start marketing the Pikle products when you host your very own Pikle Party by making use of all the “party essentials” that came with the kit that you purchased. Over and above hosting your “Pikle Parties”, you can also make use of the “personal website” that is also provided in your kit. This website is free for the first month and will then cost you $10 a month there after.

Can You Make Money With The Compensation Plan

There are a variety of customers that purchase these handy organizers just because they have the choice to pack and assemble the In a Pikle bag by themselves with the items that they want. This offers the home based part plan which makes it a simple task for any customer to earn an income by selling these unique and versatile bags.

Once you have paid the enrollment fee, you will receive your Pikle Professional Kit. As an independent representative you are able to earn from 20% to 25% on your 1st personal sales. You can also earn 2% to 5% commission when you personally sign up more Independent reps.

About The In A Pikle Compensation Plan

When you become a Pikle Professional there are various ways in which to earn cash with this company. The 1st method is through the commission earned of between 20% to 25% on all your personal sales and then a 2% to 5% override commission that comes from your own team sales when you have decided to become serious about your own business.

Similar to many of the other types of network-marketing opportunities, the money lies within your network. This means that you need to build up a team in order to start selling more. With the In A Pikle Organizers you are able to earn on override commissions, generation bonuses as well as more rewards the harder that you work.

As you start to climb up the levels from the Pikle Professional onto a National Executive Leader, your bonuses start to increase in their percentages. This gives the people that are really committed to their business the opportunity to really earn a lucrative monetary reward each month.

If you decide that you are not cut out for building up a team, you can still stay with the business as an Independent Representative. When you are a representative you are able to buy the products at their wholesale price which is 75% of the original retail price. In this way you are still able to take advantage of the commission that you earn off your own sales.

Is In A Pikle A Good Opportunity?

Due to its distinctive design and unique concept, it is not surprising that at this stage In A Pikle is still enjoying rapid growth. Ladies, especially the full-time moms, are attracted to this business, because it resonates with their need to become organized in the little time that they have in their days.

Over and above the functionality of these bags, the product is also recognized as fashionable and made of high quality which makes these bags very easy-to-sell. With the value for money compensation plan along with their current success rates, In A Pikle is destined for growth and is therefore a great opportunity for people for a direct-sales company that they would like