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Melaleuca Reviews

If you are reading this article, then it is probably not by mistake and you are looking for an honest Melaleuca review. I’m not sure how you learned about Melaleuca, maybe by a friend, and internet ad or somebody trying to interest you in the products or the business opportunity.

Regardless of how you learned about this business, you deserve to hear some honest information about the company, it’s products and the business opportunity it promotes. Please forgive me if I write from my own point of view because I do have experience with this brand and I would like to share with you my observations.

This article will be broken down into a health products section, a business opportunity section and finally a conclusion. I will try to keep this article at only 700 words and fluff free.

Melaleuca Reviews – How Healthy Are The Products And Food That You Eat?

This is a substantial question in the world of Melaleuca reviews. One of the top selling angles that Melaleuca agents use is that most of the vitamins, supplements, cleaning supplies and products that we buy are toxic for us and have chemicals that are quite dangerous. One of my facebook friends is a Melaleuca guy and he is always posting information about different products that people commonly buy and how the Melaleuca version is safer. I have not found any information that refutes his claims or the ones that Melaleuca promotes.

For people who are health conscious, who have children, who want to live a healthy life free of harsh chemicals in the products they buy, Melaleuca is the company from you. If you have ever sat through one of their presentations, they show and tell you about all the testing their products go through and the measure they do to ensure that they are safe for human use. If you are a health junkie and have such concerns, then I think you would be very happy with Melaleuca products like many other people are.

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Making Money The Melaleuca Way

What Melaleuca review is worthy without mentioning the business opportunity because this is probably why and how most of you have come in contact with the brand. It was a Facebook friend who introduced me to the brand and who I helped create a marketing strategy for. This is network marketing, no matter how they sell it, that is what it is.

For many people, network marketing is a bad word but for those who know what they are doing, who understand that the old school methods of hassling your friends and family is dead, for those who know how to leverage the internet and other networks, they know that network marketing is a great way to make money. The biggest struggle that people have with network marketing is that they are sold a dream, old fashion marketing techniques and they do not have the skills to make sales.

It is my opinion and my experience that with the right internet marketing skills, anyone will be successful at network marketing and Melaleuca is the perfect network marketing company for someone to start with.

If you are interested in the business opportunity, I encourage you to go for it but to realize that you will need to invest in some internet marketing skills to earn any money past your immediate network of friend. For those of you who have the potential to make money and the drive, this is not a huge hurdle.

As you can see, Melaleuca has two aspects of its business; the product side and the business opportunity side. Melaleuca doesn’t force you into either side and allows you to choose for yourself.  The products are a no brainer and have been tested as being safer, greener and more health conscious than other popular brands.

The business opportunity makes a lot of sense and with the right marketing skills you will earn a good living promoting these products. The biggest problem is that many people who are excited by the opportunity do not have the skills to make any network marketing program work. Ultimately, get the skills to make money and you will do well.

Melaleuca Oil

Melaleuca Inc and Direct Selling

Melaleuca is both the name of a genus of plant (a part of the myrtle family), and also the name of a company that was founded in 1985, and that specialises in health foods.  The Melaleuca food company produces more than four hundred different products, making it the largest online wellness shopping club serving the United States.

Melaleuca is a popular service, with more than one million people buying from theme very month, and they make $1.75 billion in sales annually, with a monthly re-order rate of 96 percent. Their CEO, Frank L VanderSloot, lives in Idaho Falls, and has been with the company since it launched in 1985.

The products that Melaleuca sells are proven to be effective ” with the most recent coverage, from a follow-up study by Sterling, having supported the health benefits of the Melaleuca Peak Performance Pack ” something that a separate study by Freiburg suggested a long time ago.

What sets Melaleuca apart from many other providers is that it is both a manufacturer and a retailer ” this means that there is strong quality control on all of the items that they sell ” you know exactly what you’re getting from them, and that it has been carefully tested, and that it’s made with health in mind.

Melaleuca sells not only foods, but also skin creams, sun protection creams and other similar products. Everything that they make is designed to take care of you in some way ” they avoid the kind of potentially harmful additives, chemicals and environment-damaging ingredients that are so common in commercial products.

Melaleuca have been making history since they first launched in the 1980s, by bringing products and ingredients that were unheard of in the west to light.  From essential oils to natural products, they have more than 30 years of healing experience, and they spread that experience across the globe.

A Charitable Foundation

In addition to making and selling products, they are also committed to helping the world in other ways. The Maleleuca Foundation is dedicated to helping people who are suffering from the effects of tragedies or disasters. They  have supported a number of organisations, including the Santa Lucia Children’s Home, an orphanage based in Ecuador.

The foundation was created in 2001, and initially raised $800,000 to help families that were rocked by the events of September 11th. After that, they have done a lot of other good work ” following Hurricane Katrina and Rita, the foundation raised $1 million to go towards relief aid.  Now it helps the Santa Lucia Children’s home in Quito, Ecuador, and no doubt it will help many other organisations in the future.

What makes the foundation special is that the donations that it receives go entirely to helping their chosen cause. There are no administrative costs ” one hundred percent of the donor’s money goes directly towards helping the organisation.

The foundation chose their latest cause because they feel that it reflects exactly what an orphanage should be doing. The orphanage groups kids into ‘units’, where the older children mentor the younger ones. This structure is important because it ensures that the children have a chance to build relationships with each other, and everyone feels loved.

There are volunteer mothers that devote large periods of time to take care of each family ” providing stability compared to an environment where the children end up having many different caregivers.

The foundation hopes that it will be able to help other orphanages all over the world to duplicate this model. There are thousands of children that could benefit from this system. It is a solution that offers a lot of psychological benefits for the children, compared to just putting them into a dormitory” which might be financially cheaper, but will have lasting implications on the children’s ability to form bonds and to grow into mature adults.

Maleluca got involved with the organisation because Frank VanderSloot, the CEO, had been sponsoring it out of his own finances. He visited the orphanage on several occasions since 2011 and  he grew to love the children that are growing up there. He has seen with his own eyes how it is managed, and he is confident that it will use the money that the Melaleuca family gives it to help the children as they grow and mature.

The foundation, therefore, offers donors regular updates about the project and works with the organisation to make sure that the stories of the children growing up there are updated regularly, giving people an insight into the impact that they are having on the children they are helping.

Melaleuca linariifolia
The Growth of the Company

Melaleuca Inc is considered to be a multi-level marketing company, but unlike many other companies it has managed to achieve a level of sustainable growth. VanderSloot prefers to call it a Consumer Direct Marketing company ” buyers can make their purchases from the Melaleuca website directly, from one of many retail locations or from sellers known as “independent marketing executives”. These sellers can refer people to be sellers themselves and can earn commission through seven referral generations.

Melaleuca was in the Inc. Magazine Inc. 500 for five years running (1990 to 1994) and then entered the Inc. Magazine Hall of Fame. Sales growth tailed off in 1998, and VanderSloot discovered that the senior directors were opting to live off their residuals, instead of push for more recruitment. This caused a new policy that would reduce payments for people who were not bringing in new converts, or helping other people to bring in converts.

In 2004, the company was enjoying revenues at a compound annual rate of 12 percent, and had a large base of international customers too, with revenue coming from not just the USA, but also the UK, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Korea, and New Zealand.

VanderSloot recently established a department devoted to research and development, which employs 20 people, They are dedicated to launching new products, and currently their portfolio features more than 400 different products including foods, supplements, cleaning products and skincare products.

They now have a large enough catalog that more than 60 percent of the company’s monthly sales are generated by people who are not distributors and have never been distributors, and 23 percent of their sales come from people who were distributors in the past, and who now purchase the product for their own personal use.

Melaleuca thinks of itself as a health company that has a business model which helps people who want to supplement their main income by selling products that they believe in.  Around 37 percent of the people who were buying the company’s products in 2011 were also a part of the company’s sales force ” but most of these people were selling recreationally ” with 90 percent of the sellers earning less than $2,100 a year by selling products made by Melaleuca ” indeed, an older report suggested that the vast majority of people were making less than $90 a year.

VanderSloot himself estimates that 190,000 marketing executives earn enough to receive a check from them each month, and that 20,000 of the people who are distributors make their primary income from Melaleuca.  People who recruit other sellers get different titles, and make more money.

Melaleuca is a member of the US Direct Selling Association, which is a trade association that is committed to making sure that direct selling is fair and ethical. The company has attracted some attention from certain state regulators that disapprove of multi-level marketing. In 1992, they signed a consent decree with the states of Idaho and Michagan regarding their marketing, and promised not to engage in any promotion that could be considered an illegal pyramid.

They have been cleared to market in those states, and the Idaho Attorney General agreed that the company’s own policies were compliant with the law, but that there were some independent marketers who were acting in a way that went against Melaleuca’s own policies ” and were also acting in a way that was in violation of the law in Idaho.

The US FDA has warned Melaleuca for making false and misleading claims about some of their supplements” this warning was issued 20 years ago however, and since then the company appears to have avoided negative attention.

VanderSloot is a serial entrepreneur, and he also owns several other companies, including some land holdings, and radio stations as well.

Enhancing Lives With Science Backed Solutions

Melaleuca aims to enhance people’s lives by offering them a chance to supplement their income, and also by offering innovative products that improve a person’s nutrition, protect the environment, and improve their wellbeing.  The idea behind Melaleuca is that it can improve a person’s performance in sport, help them to get fit and healthy, and offer more than just basic nutrition.

They offer sports supplements, exercise bars, probiotics, nutritious shakes, and more. They promote supplements for digestive health, heart health, increased energy and general wellbeing, and also sell fat burners and products to help control blood sugar.

Their marketing is always careful ” for example, they explain that to achieve a healthier state of being, it is important to eat smart and be active, they recommend taking Melaluca products, but emphasize the importance of accountability. They discuss how their products can help you to break down fat, for example, and increase calorie burn ” but by making that emphasis leave the clarity that weight loss is about calories in and calories out.

Being a Distributor

Melaleuca’s catalog is impressive, and if you are thinking of getting into promoting products, this kind of direct selling would be a good choice. Like Avon, it is a respected brand, and one that you would likely not have much issue promoting. Direct selling has a rather poor reputation because of the number of companies that are not reputable ” the ones that charge high prices and sell substandard products.

Melaleuca is not one of those companies  – it may be hard to justify purchasing their specific brand of fat burner when there are so many other options out there in supermarkets ” but if you are a personal trainer with direct access to a large number of people who would be interested in such products, then you could easily promote them ” the quality is good enough, and the prices are competitive enough that they are able to get repeat custom from a lot of people, including former distributors. This alone should be an indicator of the promise of the range.

If you want to actually make a serious living as a distributor, then you will need to sell a lot, and ideally be proactive about recruiting other people to sell as well. The structure of the program heavily incentivises those who are able to recruit and keep on getting others to sell for them.

This may not be something that you are comfortable with so think about this carefully before you do anything like cut back your hours to try to sell ” and don’t expect to be making large paycheques early on. You might be able to secure repeat orders from people who are interested in the fitness side of things, but again you should look at the longer term prospects ” are you sure that the lifespan of your customers will be enough to keep you going?

There is plenty of support out there for people who want to sell the supplements, foods, drinks and skincare products, so you do have a good chance of success if you are willing to work ” but you need to be realistic. It is not a quick and easy career path ” and while a decent percentage of people do make money from direct selling, many more do not, so be prepared to work very hard for a year or more to make money. Don’t be one of the people that gives up early on, just before a breakthrough was about to occur.

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