Top 5 Small Business Opportunities

Everyone, at some time or another has dreamed of starting their own business and the fact is that nowadays with communications becoming easier and cheaper, online small business opportunities abound. The financial attractions of a startup business based online are obvious. There are very low startup costs because there is no need to rent premises, have them renovated or converted to your specific needs. There need be no requirement to invest in stock, and because you will probably, in the initial stages anyway, be working from home there is no need to hire staff to cover for you as you can usually get a spouse or partner to cover for you.

Small Business Opportunities – Offer Your Services As A Virtual Assistant

Many internet or search engine optimization companies have very repetitive work that they prefer to outsource. For example, they may want their clients web site details entered in a number of local directories. The work is too detailed to automate and so they look for an outsourcer. That could be you. See if you can contact other small companies being run by one person. Often they will be looking for administrative help when they are out of the office with clients. With a rented phone number which can be redirected usually through a web interface, you can handle all their incoming calls and redirect them personally, or give a personalized response (better than voicemail) and take messages.

Become A Party Organiser

It takes a great deal of time to research suitable venues for parties, anniversary parties or reunions. In the case of reunions you may have to search for people on Facebook or using the phone or email. It’s all very time consuming if you are working full-time and having to look after a couple of children as well. Better by far to hand over the whole task to someone else to research, plan, organise and implement and that’s what makes it one of the great small business opportunities around.

Small Business Opportunities – Provide Concierge Services

It’s often difficult for men to buy birthday or anniversary gifts for their wives because they cannot get away from their wives, or work, for long enough to shop for a gift. There is, in my opinion, a small business opportunity there to provide specialized gift sourcing services to meet that need.

Manage And Organize Local Tradesmen

Small Business Opportunities

In my personal experience, local tradesmen are notoriously bad at keeping appointments, or turning up for scheduled events such as boiler servicing. One small business opportunity you could exploit is to recruit a number of local tradesmen like plumbers and electricians, and maintain an appointment book for them. When they are with a client they just need to call you, you will find a free slot and schedule it. At the end of every day, you would send a series of mobile phone text messages to each of your clients giving them their scheduled appointments for the next day. You could add value by planning the day’s visits by optimizing the route to minimize the number of miles travelled.

Develop Fiverr As A Small Business Opportunity is a web site where you can sign up and perform small tasks or services for $5. You actually get $4 after commission so you might think that it’s not a great financial basis on which to build a business. However, the secret with Fiverr is to develop an eBook (just a short explanation or a series of tips and tricks on a specific subject). Advertise the solution and for $4 all you really need to do is email a copy of your eBook to the client. If you produce and market a number of such eBooks, you can earn a respectable income for practically no effort at all.

In summary, there are many small business opportunities that you can take advantage of easily and without much financial outlay. The best way to do this is to base your business online and so avoid the start up costs associated with Atraditional bricks and mortar businesses. By avoiding high start up costs you can avoid one of the principle causes of failure and start to make a profit very much faster than you would otherwise.

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