The Best Content Syndication Networks

Content Syndication Networks

Content syndication is very popular nowadays. You may have heard so many bloggers speaking about it. Content syndication in a nutshell is when your article, blog post or any other piece of content gets featured on a popular site or group of sites that is relevant to your niche. This process has numerous benefits to the blogger.

The exposure they get through such a process is immense. This exposure can lead to better traffic and bigger paychecks for the blogger. This is why the majority of bloggers are striving hard to get their blog posts or articles syndicated on popular content syndication networks. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the best content syndication networks out there.

Some people argue that content syndication can harm your website than benefit it. Their claim is that Google may penalize your blog for having duplicate content. But this is not the case since the algorithm has a mechanism to direct Google Bots back to the site where the article or blog post was originally published.

Hence, the process will not harm the originality of your blog post or article in anyway. Another major concern is that content syndication will not drive traffic to your website. This is also not true since traffic will be directed back to your site through a link placed in the articles or blog posts you syndicate. In reality, content syndication has too many benefits than its disadvantages.

In fact, there are no notable disadvantages of the process. The major benefits of the process include exposing your brands to a wider range of audience, increasing the traffic to your website, receiving high quality links to your website or blog, positioning yourself as an expert in your niche and improving the search rankings of your website.

There are so many places to syndicate your content on the World Wide Web. Each method has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Here are some of the best places to syndicate your content. Social networks are a great place to start your content syndication process. They are one of the most popular methods of syndication available today. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are popular social network sites. Each social network site will cat differently in accepting your articles or blog posts. This is why you need to study the interface of the website before submitting content to them.

Social bookmarking site are another popular method of content syndication. Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon are some of the popular sites here. Your article gets voted up or down depending on the quality of the article. Guest blogs are another effective way to syndicate the content. Submit a quality article to a popular blog or website in your niche. This way you are able to get more exposure by positioning yourself as an expert in your niche. Blog directories and RSS subscriptions are some of the other content syndication methods available today.

Content syndication networks are the other popular method of syndicating content. This is perhaps the best method of increasing the traffic and exposure to your website. There are so many syndication networks on the web. Some of them are highly effective while some other may not be that effective after all. This is why we thought of revealing the best content syndication networks out there. Here are some of the best networks to syndicate your content, and gain exposure for your brand.

Zemanta – Zemanta has thousands of popular blogs and news sites that can syndicate your blog or website content. Once you add the titles and URLs, Zemanta will go to work to get your blog in front of thousands of relevant websites. You have complete control over the image and title you choose to syndicate with them. Zemanta will provide the necessary analytics to show you what works best with their network. The goal of this network is to refer traffic to your website. This is where Zemanta differs from most of the other syndication sites on the net. Most of the networks try to pass link juice to your blog while Zemanta will refer traffic to your blog.

SimpleReach – This is another popular content engine on the net. It will dive through the content on your site, and promote the posts that are most likely to be successful on social media channels. SimpleReach will crawl through the most popular posts on the most popular social networks like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. This is why this network offers a unique opportunity in sharing your content across the web.

Taboola – This is a content sharing network similar to Zemanta. It contains a variety of publishers, large and small. They deliver all types of content such as videos, articles, blog posts and other branded content to a wide group of publishers on the internet. The engine will decide on where your article or post best fits. Over time, they learn where you get the best engagement, and post your content on similar sites. Taboola seems to be getting more popular as a network syndicating video marketing content.

LinkWithin – This is another popular content syndication network. In fact, it is a widget for showing related posts with a thumbnail image. The content suggestions are usually based on tags, body content and titles. The site will be open to revenue sharing features in the near future.

Outbrain is getting a lot of press right now. They are one of the best up and coming syndication network today. They seem to be providing a great cost per click or cost per visitor for their users. The network is considered a leader in this respect. There are so many positive reviews about Outbrain by the real users of the service.

In conclusion, content syndication is one of the best ways to get most needed exposure and traffic to your website or blog. There are so many networks that promise to syndicate your content. This article highlights some of the best syndication networks out there.