Best Copywriting Guide For Newbies – Three Simple Steps

When you are making the website copy for your online small business, the sales pitch that will represent what it is you want to sell, you have to conform to a certain style if you want to get the best results. Many people believe that copywriters simply write down what comes to mind, and that it simply is able to sell most visitors because it just works out that way.

But in reality, these individuals are highly skilled, understanding how to tap into the emotions of a person, and also trigger certain visuals, that will cause them to make certain decisions. The longer that the sales copy is, the more likely it is they will make a sale, as the very text they are reading is actually reprogramming their thinking from simply being an interested person to a buyer at the end. Here are three simple steps that you can implement into any sales letter that you make to help it become more profitable for you everyday.

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Best Copywriting Guide For Sales Copy

Although this does not have to have a name, this short explanation of how to write sales copy could literally be called the best copywriting guide available on the web, at least the shortest and most direct guide available. Although it does take some skill in regard to writing so that people are engaged and inthusiastic in what you may have to say, it is the configuration of the information that you are presenting that makes it more effective.

best copywriting guide

The first step of the process is to create a list of benefits that your product has to offer. These will be the separate paragraphs that you will write, targeting each part of the product. This list will consist of a short sentence on each part of the product, and from that you will build a paragraph of information that will explain why it is important, and why it will benefit the visitor if they were to buy what you have got to offer.

The second step is creating the last paragraph, and then the first paragraph, of the sales copy. As the saying goes, it’s always good to know where you are going, your destination, before you can actually begin the journey. In the same way, your last paragraph will act as a summary of all of the benefits that people will obtain by using the product that you have for sale. The first paragraph will essentially be a series of questions and statements in regard to the benefits listed in the last paragraph. It will be a mirror image, per se, your summary of the benefits of the product. Questions that are asked are designed to get the individual reading the first paragraph thinking about problems that they may have, and solutions that you might have to offer. Once these are done, you can move on to the third and final step.

Best Copywriting Guide – Bonus Offers

Although you may have one of the best products in the world, and even if it is extremely unique, many people will actually buy a product because of the bonus that is offered. Some copywriters will add five or 10 extra bonuses, making it seem as if you are over delivering. In most cases, the bonus products that are offered will relate directly to your product, in some way complementing the product they are about to purchase. By doing so, it seems to expand the product which you just have for sale, and when the person looks at the actual price, it will seem much more reasonable, causing them to buy.

You should structure your bonuses in such a way that they actually consist of a third of your sales copy. The larger the bonus section, the more valuable the entire package will seem. Once this is combined with your opening paragraph, your paragraphs on each of the benefits of the product, and your summary, you will have completed a very basic sales page that is almost guaranteed to convert.

There are many products on the market that cost hundreds of dollars they claim to be the best online copywriting guide. In truth, you could probably benefit from a more in-depth explanation about the copywriting process, but if you don’t have the time or money to spend on sales letter tutorials, what has been presented in this article should work just fine. You can also outsource this to an actual copywriter, simply providing the benefits of your product for them to build upon, and the bonuses that you will include with the package.

Once done, you will know that everything will be properly written, without grammatical or spelling errors, ready to upload to your website so that visitors can potentially become lifelong clients. Hopefully this overview which we would like to call the best copywriting guide, at least one that you can read and implement in under an hour, will allow you to start creating sales pages that easily convert visitors for their products or services that you have for sale, helping you to earn more money this year.