Top Ways To Build Your Downline Using A Proven System

If you are a network marketer, you are likely focused on building your downline. After all, building your downline is going to be the best chance at multiplying your efforts and creating residual income for you and your family. However, building a downline is not as easy as it may seem. In order to effectively build a downline, you are going to want to utilize the tips below.

Top Tips For Building Your Downline:

  1. Ask People You Know.

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The truth is, a lot of people underutilize their best networks. Even if you do not know many people or have a ton of friends, you still have a solid network of people to talk to about the opportunity. Always try to discuss the business with your friends, family, and/or associates. This way, you will be able to continue building more and more prospect potential. Fact is, a lot of people may be looking for the opportunity that you are going to present to them.

Ask your friends, family, and other associates whether or not they would be interested. If they aren’t, ask them if they know anyone they think who would be. As you can see, you can play into their own networks and it could pay off huge. If they happen to know people, you clearly have a warm lead on your hands since you will be referred to by someone that they already trust. As you can see, utilizing your inner market can be huge for building a solid downline.

  1. Utilize Social Media.

Another thing that you should be doing in order to market your business opportunity is utilizing social media. Far too few network marketers strategically use social media in order to build their downline. This can be one of the most effective ways to building a solid downline because you have the potential to reach a ton of people, with very little ‘effort.’ How hard is it to write a single post on your Facebook wall or to post a single Tweet on Twitter?

Exactly, it isn’t hard at all. Therefore, you could continue to funnel leads into your prospect jar almost daily with this technique. You can even search for the things that people may be talking about on social media in regards to finding business opportunities and target these people accordingly. This will increase the success of your social media marketing campaign ten fold.

  1. Follow Up.

The biggest mistake that network marketers make when they are prospecting is not following up correctly. The truth is, the prospect will remain a prospect until he/she says they are not interested. If they give any other response and/or excuse, you need to continue to follow up with them. A lot of people are simply too busy or too scared to commit to your business opportunity at the time you speak to them. That does not mean that they are going to be too busy or too scared later on down the road. Always follow up with them.

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