Facebook Marketing For Dummies – Three Strategies That Work

facebook marketing for dummies

When Facebook first came out years ago, it was a social media platform that was only accessible by those within the university system. As time passed, it became available to the general public, yet advertising was not his primary focus. Today, it is possible to place ads on FB targeting very specific demographics, gaining access to the over 1 billion users in the world today. By using Facebook to do your marketing, you can sometimes have extremely profitable campaigns that are only possible through social media.

n this article, we will present three specific strategies that you can use to capitalize on the power of FB, helping you to earn more money this year. Facebook is not that hard to use if you want to generate more traffic and sales. You simply need to know what techniques work, and then implement them right away. Let’s look at the first strategy that you should use in this article for Facebook marketing for dummies.

Creating A Custom Audience

One of the most effective ways to utilize Facebook is to create what is called a custom audience. The developers of Facebook soon realized after creating their advertising system that it would be beneficial to allow people to advertise in Face book by specifically targeting a select group of people.

What custom audience allows you to do is target specific people with whom you already have a relationship with either on Facebook, or those that have subscribed to your email list. You can build this audience using email addresses, or you can use what are called UIDs. UIDs are the numbers that are assigned to each Face book user, and if you have a significant number of them, you can quickly target a specific audience that may be interested in what you have to sell.

Although it is against Facebook’s rules, many people have created software programs and applications that will allow you to find FB users based upon their demographics and scrape their email addresses or UIDs. Once this custom audience has been created, and you start placing ads that only these users can see, it will dramatically improve your conversion rates for the products you are trying to sell. There is another strategy that you should consider in this Facebook marketing for dummies article which is called like campaigns.

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Like Campaigns

An ingenious way to generate targeted visitors is by creating what are called like campaigns. The first time that you make a post on Facebook, you’ll actually get notifications from it to do various types of advertising, one of which is a like campaign. Simply stated, when you find a post that you like that you see on your newsfeed, you have the option of clicking the word LIKE to show that you like what you have read.

When you do this, each time that this person makes another post, it will end up on your newsfeed. This is a way for you to subscribe, in essence, to this person because you liked what they had to say. Therefore, when you do a like campaign, you are essentially promoting a post that you have made, and Facebook will actually send this out to either random people, or people that you have chosen based upon their demographics, that may like the type of post you have made.

The reason that you want to do this is that it allows you to build followers very quickly, individuals that are interested in what you have to say. Once you have several thousand of these people following you, every post that you make will be seen by these people, and if it leads to a product that you are selling, you can potentially make a sale. An added benefit to a like campaign is that people following these individuals may also like what you have posted, giving you access to all of their followers as well. This creates an enormous viral effect that can pay for itself many times over.

Boost Your Post

An option that  has recently implemented on their system is the ability to boost your post. You have probably seen this button at the bottom right hand corner of every post that you have made. When you click that button, It will give you two options. You can either promote your post to people who have liked your page before, as well as their friends, or you can choose to create a targeted audience based upon certain demographics.

When you click the boost post button, a drop-down menu will pop up giving you these two choices, of which you can choose one. Below that you will choose the maximum advertising budget for each day. It will show you the estimated people that you will reach by boosting your post per the amount you are willing to spend.

Finally, simply click the boost post button on the drop-down, and your ad will be sent for approval. There are a few problems associated with the boost post option is that even though people have liked your page, that does not necessarily mean that their followers will like anything that you have to say. Essentially, you might be wasting your money by targeting people that have absolutely no interest in you or the posts that you make.

Therefore, your best choice with the boost post function is to promote your post to people you choose to targeting. When you choose this, another drop-down menu will appear allowing you to choose the country, age groups, gender, interests, and finally the maximum budget that you would like to spend and then you would hit the boost post button.

In most cases, this will run almost immediately, and you can start to see almost instant results. As you continue to build followers to your Facebook page, and occasionally post links to products and services that these individuals might be interested in, you will slowly start to see your traffic and sales improve.

Whether you choose to create a custom audience, do a like campaign, or choose to boost a certain post on your page, your choice will be depended upon what you want to accomplish with each form of advertising. Most people that are savvy Facebook marketers will choose a like campaign first, and then will choose to boost specific posts that are designed to get the click and make a sale.

By choosing to do both of these options, your ad spend will double, but you will more than likely see much more positive results by targeting people using these methods as presented in this Facebook marketing for dummies tutorial.