What exactly is GAZ and what do you get when you join?

Global Affiliate Zone, or GAZ for short, is a company you’re probably thinking of joining, but is it a good opportunity? You should know what this business opportunity is and what you get before you make a final decision. With that said, read this article to find out more about it and then you can make a decision.

GAZ: What Is It

Globoal Affiliate Zone offers an MLM opportunity, but it really isn’t your typical MLM opportunity. The company’s goal is to help people make money via marketing routines that have been created for them. That company basically provides what people need in order to make money online. Once you decide to become a member, you will have access to a number of training materials and other features, which will be discussed in the next section.

Their Product

Global Affiliate Zone’s product is their membership, which you pay to gain access to all of the things they offer. The best way to describe GAZ is an MLM or online marketing training program. You become a member and then you can make money by recruiting other members, but you will learn a lot about internet marketing and you receive quite a few things once you become a member of GAZ.

What Do You Get

As previously mentioned, you have to purchase a membership before you gain access to all of the training and educational materials GAZ offers. In order to remain a member, you need to pay the required monthly membership fee. We’ll discuss the price later on. With that said, once you become a member, you will receive the following:

Global Affiliate Zone

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1. Access To A Private Community- You will gain access to GAZ’s private community. You will be able to interact and engage with the community, which is a big plus. This alone can help you succeed with making money online. Not only that, but you’ll have all of the resources at your hands to help you with your business.

One of the reasons people fail online is lack of resources and training. They also tend to fail because of lack of support. Global Affiliate Zone offers you a large community of other members, resources and training.

2. Coaching- Imagine having a plan created for you, specifically for you? Well, when you become a member of the GAZ community, that is exactly what you’ll get. You will have access to mentorship and coaching, and this can make a huge difference in how fast you will reach your goals.

The team at GAZ will work on laying out a plan for you and then they will provide you with coaching along the way. You will have a solid idea of what needs to be done in order to accomplish your goals quickly. If you’re one of those people who thrive when coached and mentored, then you will appreciate this.

3. Live Events- Live events and meetups are held too. This means you’ll be able to connect with the GAZ community. You’ll be able to be there when breakthroughs occur. In fact, the biggest breakthroughs often occur during live events and meetups, and after you experience your first event, you will likely be impressed and more motivated to make money.

4. Workshops- Workshops, as well as webinars, will be accessible to you. Live team workshops are useful because you will have the chance to Mastermind and ask questions you may have and you can submit ads and work for leaders to review. Live team workshops take place on a weekly basis, so you will have many chances to ask questions, have your work reviewed and so forth.

5. Courses And Training- You’ll receive access to course and training, but don’t worry because the training is done in a way you should understand. It’s click-by-click training and even if you have no experience, you should be able to understand what is being taught by clicking through the training. You should have no problems being able to follow the advice in training, which means you will be able to achieve results quicker than you imagined. At first glance you may feel overwhelmed, but don’t forget you have access to the community, so you can reach out to others in the event you do feel overwhelmed or if you have any questions that you want answered quickly.

6. Video Tutorials- Many people learn best when they can watch videos of people doing it, and this is what you get when you join GAZ. After you join, you will have access to video tutorials. You will see what model to follow and then you will learn how to create your campaigns like the professionals. There are quite a few videos you can watch, so make sure you take your time to watch them.

All you have to do is follow the instructions in the tutorials. Best of all, you can refer to the tutorials as often as you like. If you don’t understand something the first time around, then just watch the tutorials over and over again until you do understand.

7. Sales Team & Funnels- Some sales funnels fail and others are extremely successful, but many newbies don’t know how to create sales funnels. When you join GAZ, you don’t have to worry about this because they will provide you with information to help you succeed. You will be able to run the same funnels on highly successful campaigns that plug into a sales team that is experienced and will work on closing the sales for you. In short, the people who visit your site will be referred to a sales team via your sales funnel and the team will close the sales for you.

8. Support- Finally, you will receive excellent support along the way. All you have to do is send a message when you have a question you’d like to ask and then you won’t have to wait long for an answer. Sometimes people don’t succeed online because they are afraid to ask questions, but when you are a member of the GAZ community, you are always free to ask questions.

The Pros & Cons Summed Up

There are many good things that can be said about GAZ. However, there are a few cons you’ll want to be aware of too. Below are the pros and cons of Global Affiliate Zone.

1. The Pros- As soon as you pay the membership fee, you will gain instant access to all that GAZ has to offer. There is no waiting around for stuff to download or anything to be sent to you in the mail. You gain access right after you purchase, but you will also receive a coaching call. The call is 30 minutes, but be prepared to be impressed by the end of the call.

Asides from the coaching call, you’ll receive coaching mentor training. This training is three hours long, so you will learn a lot. You’ll have access to the community too, as previously mentioned. Group chats with teams is also another benefit you get to enjoy as a member of the GAZ community.

The team at GAZ provides you with offers that are known to convert and they will build your capture pages, as well as your auto-responders. Capture pages or lead pages are pages designed to entice visitors on your website to become leads. Auto-responders can be used to reach out to those leads.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, GAZ will email your leads for you. They will even handle the coaching calls on your behalf and perform live webinars and sales presentations for the leads you generated via your capture pages. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the team at GAZ will close the sales for you.

2. The Cons- There’s only two cons, and some people may not consider them to be cons. One is the price, which is the monthly membership fee that we will discuss in the next section. Besides that, if you are already an experience multi-level-marketer or affiliate marketer, then you probably won’t benefit from Global Affiliate Zone, but we are talking about if you are a highly experience. If you’re a beginner or a novice, then you will definitely learn a lot when you join the community.

As you can see, there are more pros than cons. Those are only a few of the advantages of becoming a member. As previously mentioned, you get access to a lot of materials and features once you are a member.


Cost And Compensation Scheme

If you want to become an affiliate for GAZ, then your membership fee will be $99 per month, which may be a little high for some people, but remember that you will be able to access the resources previously mentioned. You will receive all of the information you need in order to become good at online marketing and to increase activity on your website/capture pages, which GAZ creates for you. All you have to do is purchase a membership and then you’ll have instant access to all that GAZ has to offer.

You receive 30% affiliate commission when you get a customer for GAZ. This means the customer has to pay the membership fee on a monthly basis in order for you to be paid the commission. You can make money every single month that the customer/customers renew their membership.

A good example is if you sold a membership to a lead. You would receive a commission of $29.70, but you get paid bi-monthly, after the customer has been active for at least 14 days. As for how you get paid, this depends on the country you reside in. Some members can be paid via ACH Transfer and others can be paid by check.

In short, you create capture pages and when your leads become paying members, then you make money. If you end up recruiting 10 members, then you will make $297 per month, but only if they remain members and don’t cancel their membership. As you can see, the income potential is pretty huge.

Is It A Scam

In short, GAZ is not a scam because the product you sell is the membership and members have access to training material and a sales team that basically works to close the sales for you. They will create a capture page for you, email your leads for you and they will entice leads to become members of the GAZ community. When they do, and the requirements are met for you to get paid, then you will receive payment. As long as the members you recruited via your efforts and requirements are met, then you will be paid by GAZ.

Should You Join

By now you are probably wondering if you should join and the answer is yes, you should if you are looking to make money online. Maybe you’ve tried other affiliate programs but have been disappointed because they didn’t deliver on what they promised, or maybe you can demotivated because of the lack of support and lack of training. A lot of people fail at making money online because they don’t have the right tools and knowledge, but GAZ may be able to change that for you.

Also, you should give this a try if you want to break into the MLM or affiliate business because the training is extensive and the coaching comes in handy. However, we do recommend checking out testimonials and reviews from people who have become members or were members of the GAZ community. This will help you make a final decision about GAZ.

If you are interested in joining GAZ, then go ahead and signup for a membership. If you’re still undecided, then go read a few reviews and see what other people are saying before you make any decision. Feel free to reread this article if you need to or go and visit Global Affiliate Zone’s website if you want to learn more about them.