An Honest Review Of The Viral Franchise

viral franchise

There are many income opportunities out there for people who are looking to change their lives. One such program, The Viral Franchise, promises to help you make a substantial amount of money in a relatively short time. If you want to learn more about this program before investing any money, you have come to the right place.

No Experience Required

One problem that people tend to have when it comes to income opportunities is a lack of experience. Usually, people need to have advanced marketing and/or technical knowledge in order to be successful. This program is different because anyone can do it. Whether you are a businessman who is looking for something new to kill time or a housewife who wants to add more money to the family wallet, you can be successful with this program.

The Start-Up Costs Are Low

Have you ever been excited at the thought of trying a new program before finding out that you are expected to shell out hundreds of dollars to get things started? This discourages many people from moving forward and earning more money than they ever have. The Viral Franchise is unique in this sense because it is only $7 to start. Yes, there are some fees involved that will boost things up a bit, yet the program is affordable to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

There Is No Refund Policy

On the downside, if you invest money into this program and you are not satisfied, there really is nothing you can do. There are no money-back guarantees offered with this program at all. Most people who run this type of business offer guarantees as a way to make people feel secure when they are handing over their money. The fact that one is not offered here may give people the idea that they should think twice before proceeding.

Residual Income

Many people who start home businesses do so because they want another way to bring money in. With that being said, many of them do not want to quit their day jobs. This is a program that will allow you to continue on your regular career path since you are not required to do a large amount of work. Most of the money you make is residual, meaning that you will be able to earn when you are not even trying.

The Payment Processor

All of the payments you receive as part of this program are processed by the same person who created it. This is a plus since you do not have to worry about your information being exposed to many different people. On the flip side, this may seem odd to some people since this means that any fees that are paid to get their money goes right back to the program’s creator. It is a personal decision whether or not one should feel comfortable with this, but I felt it should be noted.

Owner Response

There are many people who doubt the validity of this system, as they do with most programs like this. Instead of remaining silent and allowing people to talk badly about the program, Frederick Spears, the owner, is very forthcoming about how things work. He is not very rude and snarky as many are when they are accused of running a scam. Instead, he uses facts and figures to get his point across. Whether or not these numbers are accurate can be found out with a little research.

The Silence

While there are some programs that have millions of people singing its praises and screaming from the rooftops, it is pretty difficult to find information about this program. This can generally mean one of two things: Most of the people who tout the other programs are lying and have a vested interest, which would mean that the people who use this system are honest people who would prefer to keep to themselves, or there just haven’t been many people joining. You can interpret it how you like, but this may be quite worrisome for some.

The Product

The owner of this program says that he is selling advertising at a very cheap price, and that is the product being offered. Some of those who have taken a look at the program believe that there is no actual product and that this is similar to the pyramid schemes that were very popular before the Internet age. A pyramid scheme is pretty much about gifting money without any product actual being offered. Since there is advertising involved, it appears that this is not a scheme at all.

In all actuality, pyramid schemes are not legal, which makes it pretty unlikely that anyone would own up to running one. Even if the product being offered has no real value and is used as a guise to hide the fact that there is a pyramid, the reality is that this is legal, and the owners are not doing anything that is outside the law.

Now that you have read the good and bad side of The Viral Franchise, you have to decide what you want to do with this information. Whether you decide to go forward and give it a try for yourself, or you would rather pass until you can get more information, you can do so knowing that you are more aware of what is involved now than you were before you read everything that was provided here.