A Honest My Advertising Pays Review.

My Advertising Pays Review

Since the internet was invented, it has been put to both good use and bad use. People are really trying to make the best out of it. Whether it is legally acceptable or not, there are no limitations to what you can achieve with the internet. Scammers have come out in their large numbers and crafty ideas to trick individuals into parting with their money for no benefits at all. This article is based around such a scam or supposed scam.

Since we cannot conclude that it is indeed a scam until we have gone through it, I will choose to keep my verdict until all the facts have been brought out. The website I am talking about is called My Advertisement Pays and it has got a good number of followers. Followers who are full of joy about their decision to join the website in the first place. There have been rumors or stories that the website is one of the proverbial “Ponzi schemes” that come every once in a while.

However, there are a few folks who seem to be unsatisfied with the website’s dealings. So, who is telling the truth or who is lying? To answer these questions, we won’t just rely on the testimonials of provided by the websites many clients, but we shall dig deeper and find out exactly how the “scam” works if at all there is a scam. A lot of reviews have already been conducted with many of them pointing the blame finger to the website’s dealings.

To start us off, it is important to point out that this company (my advertisement pays) was founded by Mike Deese with the intentions of helping people. His idea was to provide other companies with a marketing platform, very similar to eBay and amazon, where businesses and organizations can market their products to millions of customers. The other side of the coin was that visitors to the website could earn money with every click of an advertisement.

I find it funny how the two functionalities seem to act as the necessary ingredients for pulling a master scam. Free money for simply viewing an advertisement! I mean, who wouldn’t want in on such a sweet deal as that one? The idea to come up with the company that could offer such benefits to marketers and customers alike was crafted by Mike Deese himself after observing how other online marketing platforms like eBay work.

He was a very ambitious man whose only desire in life was to get money quick and not in a selfish manner like most other millionaires, since he intended to share a piece of his empire with the people who actually helped him. These people are just innocent folks like you and I who when offered such a great deal wouldn’t think twice before taking the offer. So, how were these people brought aboard?

My advertising pays is a revenue distribution advertisement scheme that allows people to earn money for watching product ads. Visitors to the website are enticed with this offer to make money on every ads watched. For example, to earn $60 in a day you have to watch a minimum of ten ads for a certain specified period of time. For those who go on to purchase the entire package, they are extended the opportunity to advertise their own products at no extra cost.

Sounds just about right at this point, right? I also don’t see how what we have just discussed constitutes a scam, but I guess we will have to find out a bit more about it. Affiliates of the company have to part with $20 which is a monthly subscription. Active affiliate members are entitled to a 10% commission on their respective advertising packages. The great thing about the advertisement packs is that they range from as low as $50 to $1000 implying that everyone can be accommodated.

Wait a minute. Something doesn’t seem right here. Of what benefit is it to view an advertisement if you don’t intend to buy anyway? This platform doesn’t take into consideration that affiliates might watch the ads just so they can get their hands on the commission as opposed to proceeding with the purchase of the products. Although the company’s list of affiliates keeps growing, there is no indication whatsoever on the impact they may have on the products viewed.

Have the sale of products increased as a result of my advertising pays? Does the company assist marketers to increase their brand visibility or expand their market reach? These questions will remain unanswered for all we know. And for a long while too. For the affiliates, they can earn as low as $5 for every new member introduced and about $100 if you opt for the $1000 package plan.

It goes without saying that the company’s main objective would be attaining a sustainable state. The rising number of affiliates is an indicator that stability is a big issue that needs to be attended to. If the number of affiliates keeps growing at this rate, then the company might not be able to raise enough money to pay the affiliate’s commissions which are also drastically high. Currently, the company has about 5000 active affiliates.

After all we have just discussed, we have now reached that crucial point where our verdict cannot go unsaid. My conclusion is that my advertisement pays isn’t a scam as it has been thought of. This stems from the simple fact that the FTC has not hinted or said anything that can lead one to believe that the company is a scam. Ever since online scammers became a part of the society, the FTC has been analyzing websites and shutting down those that are proven to be scammers.

The so called scam busters can go on spreading the rumors but what we have found out is that the company’s deeds have shown no proof of their being malicious intentions. Affiliates have been getting their money on time and in the exact amount expected. The only problem with the company lies in its lack of demonstration of how the website benefits businesses and the obvious problem of instabilities. These limitations do not constitute a scam in any way.