My Experiences With Pro Blog Academy

Pro Blog Academy

For me, blogging for a living was a dream. I could think of nothing I’d like to do more than make a career out of my blogs. Unfortunately, my attempts at monetizing my blogs were only modestly successful. I made a little extra money, but it wasn’t even
close to anything I could live off of. I was lucky if it could help me pay a bill or two.

I heard about Pro Blog Academy by reading a review on a forum, and was instantly intrigued. A expert course on professional blogging was exactly the sort of thing I needed. The reports from users about making over six figures yearly seemed too good to be true. Could it really work as well as people said? Ultimately, I decided to bit the bullet and give it a try.

What Are In Pro Blog Academy Modules?

The course is made up of four modules, each of which focus on something that’ll help you get money out of your blogs. The first module is called “Creating Your Income Machine”. It teaches you how to get your blogs set up and monetize them right away. It also teaches you about the “Prospect Target Matrix”, something developed by the program’s creator, Ray Higdon.

Because I already had a number of blogs, I had to slightly adapt some of the advice here. However, as an experienced blogger, it was easy to take Higdon’s tips and apply them to my own blogs. You only have to start from scratch if you want to. This system will definitely work with pre-existing blogs.

The next module is all about creating content. It’s titled “Becoming a Content Creation Machine”. Higdon specifies that there’s no creativity required. He gives out a formula for creating content that’s attractive to visitors, and a number of SEO tips. There’s some additional monetizing advice, and suggestions on perfecting a conversational style.

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I like to think of myself as a pretty creative person, and I’ve actually never had much of a problem when it comes to creating content. In spite of that, I thought this module was chock full of helpful advice. It showed me how I could use the skills I already have in a more efficient way. I can keep writing like always, but now I can write content that will be more appealing to my readers.

The third module is called “Traffic, Traffic, Traffic”. As the name suggests, it teaches you all about bringing more traffic to your blogs. There are tips on increasing social activity, gaining content syndication, and getting plenty of backlinks. It also focuses on teaching you how to use your time efficiently. Not every method of increasing traffic is worth the effort, and Higdon shows you which ones will pay off.

This module was full of exactly the sort of advice I was looking for. I’d read plenty of free online tips on increasing traffic, but none of them were anywhere near as comprehensive as the Pro Blog Academy course. It’s packed full of great advice, and I think you could use a lot of these suggestions even if you didn’t use Higdon’s system. It’s a great education for anyone interested in online module.

Best Pro Blog Academy tips

Higdon follows up the traffic module with “Converting Your Traffic”. Getting people to click on your links doesn’t mean much unless you can figure out a way to monetize those visitors. You need them clicking on your ads, buying products from your affiliate programs, and doing other things that will put money in your pocket. This module shows you how to do just that.

pro blog academy

Some of the things it focuses on include tips on attracting the ideal visitors, a variety of list building methods, and ways to garner more leads. It also discusses phrases you can use with prospects. This advice is specifically designed to complement the lessons learned in module three.

I was really surprised by a lot of the suggestions here, but I think that’s a good thing. The module was full of strategies I never would have thought to use myself. I was always focused on bringing in visitors and didn’t even stop to think about whether or not those visitors were valuable. This module really helped give me a new perspective on site traffic, and was extremely informative.

Pro Blog Academy is an incredibly informative course, and I came from it feeling like an expert. That said, I’d only recommend it to people who are really serious about blogging professionally. There’s a wealth of great advice here, but I don’t think you’ll be able to digest it all unless you’re really invested in the topic. You have to want to learn about this sort of thing to really get a lot out of it.

I also wouldn’t recommend it to people who aren’t going to take the advice seriously. So much of what Higdon teaches is designed to work together. You won’t get nearly as much out of his suggestions if you discard a lot of them. The tips here are solid, but they’ll only go so far if you just pick the ones you like. If you want to blog for fun, look for some free tips online. If you want to make serious money, utilize Higdon’s system.

Pro Blog Academy isn’t for everyone, but for people who are dedicated, it’s a life changing system. When you use everything that Higdon teaches you, your income potential is sky high. I’ve dreamed of blogging for a living for years now, and thanks to this program, that dream is finally within reach. I’m so glad I decided to give this program a try.

For the price or cost, this program is unparalleled. I actually took a course on blogging and web design when I was in college, and this made me want to ask for my money back. You’re learning from an expert, but are paying bargain bin prices. If this is something that you’re serious about, you can’t pass up giving this program a try. There’s nothing else out there that compares.