PPv Traffic: Should You Consider It In Your Marketing Strategies?

You can’t make money online without relevant traffic. There are lots of ways to get targeted traffic. For instance, you can invest in search engine optimization but you will have to wait for a few months to get high rankings in the search engine result pages. Similarly, you can buy traffic on Google Adwords or other search engines or you can go to various other advertising marketplaces where you can buy ads on CPM basis on various established websites.

PPV Traffic

However, most of these sources of traffic are extremely costly. Therefore, highly successful marketers recommend looking for alternative sources of traffic that are not only cheap but also highly converting if used in the right manner.

One of those alternative sources of traffic is PPV traffic. It stands for pay-per-view traffic. This traffic comes from pop-up and pop-under that flash on the screen of users when they visit a particular URL or type in a particular keyword in the search engine. These users have agreed to download software which shows on these pop-ups.

There are a number of PPV networks that can supply high quality traffic. Some of the most well-known PPV networks are TrafficVance, 50onRed, Mediatraffic and LeadImpact among others. One of the biggest problems with PPV traffic is that most of the people don’t understand the fact that this traffic is completely different from your other normal traffic sources.

Therefore, you need to tweak your campaign in a different manner and position it in a different manner to get targeted traffic. Even though CPV traffic is cheap, you can quickly run out of your ad budget if you do not pay attention to the landing page, offer and various other factors. Listed here are a couple of guidelines to help you make the most of your PPV campaigns.

The first thing you must do would be to choose the right offers. Many beginners make the mistake of choosing the offers that they would personally sign for and they end up losing all of their advertising money. You should never select offers only because you personally like them. You should always check the statistics and demographics.

The best way to start is to have a very close attention to the landing page of the offer as well as rankings of the website. For traffic, you can always check Alexa and similar other sites. It has also been seen that you’re going to become more successful with lead generation offers with PPV traffic. The offers that need people to take out their credit cards and pay for something are usually not very successful with this form of traffic.

Also, if you are an affiliate marketer, you should get suggestions from your affiliate manager to find the relevant offers for PPV traffic. Most of the good affiliate managers always have a list of offers ready for their high earning affiliates.

Once you have finalized the right offer, you need to collect the targets. As mentioned above, you can get PPV traffic in multiple forms including a URL or keyword search. For instance, if you want your landing page to show up when the user goes to Amazon.com on the browser, you need to select Amazon.com as the website URL in your PPV campaign. You can also target by keywords.

There are a number of different tools available in the market that can help you in making a big list of target keywords. Another way to find relevant websites/URLs is to use Google or other websites that help in finding similar websites. In this manner, you will be able to find out a big list of similar websites which means that you can have a number of target URLs in your campaign.

For instance, to find a similar list of targets for your dating campaign, you should search for sites similar to the top ranking dating websites. You can include all these websites in your PPV campaign and whenever the user goes to those websites, your landing page will pop up on the screen.

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Probably the most common errors by beginners is that they do not keep track of their traffic. There is a saying that if you can measure something, you can improve it. In other words, you cannot improve your campaign’s ROI if you do not measure it. So, you need to set up tracking software to figure out how your campaign is doing.

There are a number of free as well as paid tracking tools available in the market. If you are not well versed with the use of tracking scripts, you can always hire someone from freelancer sites to help you set up the tracking software in the right manner.

Once everything is ready, you can create a campaign in the PPV network. As mentioned above, there are a number of high-quality PPV networks but you need to choose the right network for the kind of offers you have selected. The best way to figure out the kind of traffic supplied by a PPV network is to read the reviews on these networks.

It’s also vital that you bear in mind the traffic quality of PPV networks varies a lot which means that if a network was working for your offers two months earlier, the quality of traffic may not be the same and your campaigns may not perform as well as you expected. It is also recommended to start with only a single source when you are beginning the PPV campaigns. It will help you in getting an idea of the quality of the traffic supplied by the network.

Unless you are extremely lucky, chances are that you’re going to run your first campaign at a loss, at least in the beginning. Do not worry as it happens to everyone. You need to keep in mind that you are not running your first campaigns to make profit. Instead, think of it as an investment to collect useful data.

Once you have determined that you have good enough data, you can then start tweaking your campaigns to make profit. Depending on the performance of the marketing campaigns, you can cut down the loss-making campaigns and double down on the campaigns that are making a profit. It is also important that you try out a number of different offers on the same PPV source first before you decide to scrap them.


One of the best ways to succeed in digital marketing is to take advantage of the opportunity. In terms of PPV marketing, the best way to make a lot of profit on your campaigns is to scale up when you have found a winning combination. As mentioned above, you should try out various offers on multiple PPV networks to find out a winning combination.

Once you have found out a winning combination, you should duplicate the campaign in all the other networks. This will help you in scaling up the campaign immensely and you will get tons of traffic to your offer. In simple terms, you can make a lot of money by duplicating your winning campaigns.

Once you have found a winning campaign, you just cannot sit tight. There is no passive income in this form of marketing. Always bear in mind that you’re not likely to run a winning campaign for long. The other marketers are always testing various things and sooner or later, you will have a lot more combination if you have a winning campaign. Therefore, the best way to keep a campaign profitable is to keep split testing your offers and networks regularly.

Overall, PPV traffic works in a different manner as compared to other traffic sources. However, high quality PPV networks have the capability to deliver thousands of impressions within few hours. In other words, you can easily scale up your campaign when you have found a winning combination.

Also, you do need to have some money in your pocket if you are starting PPV campaigns. Most of the networks require you to make a deposit of at least $500-$1000 before you can even start. Also, you will need to spend some money for testing which means that you should have a good budget to try PPV.

However, once you have found a winning combination, you will find that there is no other traffic source that can deliver such huge amount of traffic on a consistent basis.