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Excel Cash Flow is an interesting work at home opportunity that is being promoted by Debbie Jones, who explains that with very little training, it’s possible to become a successful work-at home Search Engine Agent. This is someone who posts links online for big companies, who will then use those links to promote their goods or services.

Excel Cash Flow is a training program that shows how to become a Search Engine Agent. Signing up for the course costs $97, and the program is worth more than $2000 according to some reports.

What Do You Do?

This is described as though it’s a traditional job, where you are hired by the company that then pays you to post links, but the truth is that you are really running your own independent business. You partner with a number of different companies and earn commission by posting links – each time a person buys something through one of the links, you earn a little bit of money.

It is claimed that it takes 4 minutes to post a link, and that on average people make $15 per link that they post. This sounds great on paper – 10 links a day = $150 a day, or $1050 a week – but it doesn’t really work out like that. It’s not guaranteed that you will earn $15 per link. It could be that you post links to a product that isn’t popular, or that your link doesn’t get seen by a lot of people. You only earn money if someone buys something, and the amount that you earn will vary depending on what products you sell, because commission is usually based on the value of the goods that are sold.

It’s entirely possible that you could post a link and then not make any money at all from it. It’s also possible that you could post a link and make a small fortune from it. There’s no guarantee either way. This means that link posting is not a ‘safe’ way to make money online – it’s unpredictable, and you’ll need to be good at managing your money, and willing to go through the odd dry period, if you really want to be successful.

Too Good To Be True

Sadly, link posting is something of a dated, and dying, industry. There was a time when it was a very popular service, but now it is no longer appealing. Many years ago, companies would buy links from people in order to make their sites rank higher in the SERPs, but now the search engines are far more intelligent than they used to be, and Google is more likely to penalize websites that are caught purchasing links or using ‘spammy’ link building tactics.

This means that there’s not much reason for companies to incentivize link posting. Yes, they will still run affiliate links, and pay comimission for links that perform well, but that’s harder to pull off than you might think. You’re not going to be posting 10+ quality links per hour. Most of the links you post will end up getting deleted.

So, is Excel Cash Flow worth trying? Sadly, the answer is probably not. The idea they are promoting is one that was useful a few years ago, but not any more. These days if you were to try something like that you would probably end up just wasting your time. The squeeze page is full of hype, but it’s just hype for a program that is out of date and that won’t make you much money.

Cash Flow

Instead of using a program like Excel Cash flow, take some time to set up your own website, and get posting. Write content that people are actually going to be interested in, and reap the benefits time and time again. Posting affiliate links on third party sites is hard and isn’t going to make you rich.

Writing content for others will get you paid directly for that content, but again, won’t make you rich. You would be far, far better off writing for yourself and then posting affiliate links on your own websites – because those websites are ones that you control and that you can promote in the long term and actually control what ads are shown and how much you make.

Excel Cash Flow was a nice idea – many years ago from entrepreneurs inspired by the cashflow quadrant – but not so much any more. There’s no point paying for the information that it offers – you can get the same information, more current, for free – and have more freedom to explore what’s going on in the rest of the web marketing world.

Why make yourself a shill for someone else’s products, when you could instead write about your passion and make long term, residual income from it?

Excel Cash Flow typically costs $97, although sometimes the creators discount it to $27, but even at $27 it’s not really worth the cost – at least not these days. You won’t make a full time income from posting affiliate links to random corners of the web – more likely you’ll earn yourself a reputation as a spammer. This is not ‘easy money’. It’s boring, it’s hard work, and it probably won’t produce anywhere near the returns that you expect.

There’s no guarantee that you will make money at all, and even if you do it will be at such a low hourly rate that you’ll probably regret signing up for it.

The creators promise a ‘make money or it’s free’ offer, and it is possible that you’ll get money back, but it’s gamble. If you even earn a couple of dollars then they’ll most likely consider that to be enough to invalidate the warranty – but you still haven’t got your cash back. So, don’t take your chances.

There are better, more efficient ways to make money online. If you don’t want to run your own website, try writing for content hosts that will promote your posts for you. Alternatively, try making videos or podcasts. There are plenty of things that you can do other than spamming, and you’ll find that you make more from those other methods than you ever would from promoting low quality products. It’s easier to sell something good, that you truly believe in, than it is to sell something low quality or to promote yet another ‘work at home’ scam.

Sadly, this is one of those cases where something promoting the ‘easy route’ turns out to not be so easy or useful. Hopefully, when you’ve been investigating the product and you’ve read this Excel Cash Flow review you’ve come to realise that there are other, better ways of making money.

They may require a little more up-front time investment and planning, but in the long term it just makes more sense. Work hard, be patient, and wait to see what happens. You might find that things work out a lot better than you expect, and that you will end up making a sustainable full time income from your new website – income that is sustainable.

And while not entirely passive, is going to keep on flowing enough that you won’t have to work constantly, every single day, in order to make enough to stay afloat – a day off here and there, whether for sickness or for relaxation, won’t have a massive impact on your income. That kind of peace of mind is well worth having, and will improve your quality of life.