How To Get More Leads, Sales And Targeted Traffic For Your Network Marketing Business

If have a network marketing business and are not getting the expected results, there is probably something you don’t know or something you are doing wrong in trying to get your business in front of people.

Although the majority of home based business owners continue to fail using the same exact old sponsoring and recruiting methods that are now outdated, there are a few who harness a powerful secret that results in their making an absolute fortune in their network marketing business.

Until now, no-one has ever shared this secret with you.

The truth is: the methods of chasing your friends and family (your warm market), and cold-calling strangers are long gone and no longer work.

In fact, they are inefficient and a waste of time for almost everybody. In addition to being outdated, they are not at all enjoyable and most of us dreaded having to hound family and friends, and harass complete strangers. The old ways that we were taught to build a network marketing business by our upline leaders and the companies that run network marketing are the worst option now.

Having your friends ignoring you and not return your calls; comments from family members and relatives who keep telling you to get a real job and to stop wasting everyone’s time only made you work even harder. This meant you were wasting even more time making calls to people who were never going to be interested, and spending more money than you can afford on buying CDs, books, seminars and even leads.

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So, after struggling and trying and failing for a couple of years here’s what I finally worked out: The outdated and ineffective methods that your upline and MLM companies are teaching are the main reason that so many hopeful network marketers eventually end up in miserable failure and give up. Apart from being a complete waste of time, these old methods are responsible for so many people giving up on network marketing, and yet old school networkers continue to teach them.

Now you can achieve what my own very wealthy networkers are doing, sponsoring hundreds of new reps automatically! And that is without ever having to pick up a phone!

The fact is, having a good email list of people who know you and trust you as well as like you is the most valuable asset you could ever have as a network marketer, and it is probably the factor that will determine how much money you will be able to make online.

A list building machine that converts cold, ordinary website visitors into hot, qualified leads you can pretty much write your own check. Having a list building system that automatically transforms leads into customers, and then customers into returning customers, it is like magic. What other business could give you that kind of flexibility and freedom to work as you feel like it, and not at all when you don’t feel like it?

And whether you are working or not, your little marketing machine continues to capture leads and turn them into money for you each and every day.

However, there is an issue with this, and that is that although there are a lot of products, courses and information out there on this subject, unfortunately most of it is bad advice. So, it is difficult and overwhelming to know which information is good.

The majority of people in network marketing know nothing about what is actually involved in creating list building machine that is automated. Creating capture pages and writing compelling page copy is a complete mystery to most network marketers. Most people are also intimidated by technology and are under the impression that they would need to learn how to build a website and possible even learn computer programming in order to build a list building machine.

One of the biggest misconceptions that is also the most damaging is the belief that they don’t need their own list building machine and can simply use someone else’s system. To be perfectly blunt, if you truly want to get real targeted prospects who are ready to buy, and if you want to have complete control over your own business and how much money you earn, you need to have your own lead building machine.

You can achieve this if you know how. And this will naturally lead to thousands of dollars of automated income each month.