Ways to Use Social Proof to Increase Your Conversions

The primary goal of every marketer is to increase their conversions. The more people they can convert, the more revenue they can generate. Most people try a variety of different marketing strategies, but there’s one strategy that some people ignore: social proof.

Social proof is a concept frequently discussed in psychological circles. It’s used to describe a situation in which people copy the actions of others because they assume that those people are behaving in the right way. Even in societies where individuality is considered to be a desirable trait, the pressure to confirm is high.

While some people may be skeptical about how effective social proof might actually be, the research backs it up. Studies suggest that the majority of customers look for opinions from other people, even strangers, before they move forward with a purchase. The same research shows that people are more trusting of customer feedback than they are of any information that comes from the manufacturers.

A smart marketer can take advantage of this social phenomenon and use it to boost their conversions. If you take advantage of social proof, you’ll see larger gains than you ever have before. Here are a few strategies you should try:

Customer Testimonials

As it was mentioned above, people really trust feedback when it comes from their peers. That’s why it’s so important to have prominent customer testimonials on your own site. When it comes to conversions, a single testimonial can make all the difference.

Some sites relegate all of their testimonials to a single page, but it’s actually smarter to include testimonials on as many pages as possible. People should see positive feedback as soon as they click through to your site, and should see even more as they visit your product pages.

Take the time to gather positive reviews and feedback from your customers, and then make a point of displaying them prominently. You should see an increase in your conversions almost immediately afterwards.

Increase Conversion

Press Quotes

While there are few forms of social proof as valuable as customer testimonials, press quotes are a close second. When people see that a site has received positive feedback from a press outlet, they’re far more likely to make a purchase from that site, even if they’re not familiar with the outlet in question.

Whenever your site is mentioned by the media, read through the piece and look for a positive pull quote. From there, you should display the quote in a prominent place on your site. The more quotes you can display, the better results you’ll see.

Social Media

It’s likely that you already have social media accounts from your company, and have been using those accounts to interact and engage with your customers in a positive way. While doing this is sure to yield positive results, there’s a good chance you could be getting even more mileage out of your social media accounts.

Social media can be an excellent source of social proof. If you search social media sites, you should see people saying positive things about the experiences they’ve had with your company. Make a point of sharing these statements on your own account. Even though the people who will see this are already following you on social media, the social proof may be enough to push them to make some kind of purchase.

Show Off Your Certification

People like knowing that they can trust a company. That’s why a brand name has so much selling power — the reputation behind the brand can spur sales and justify a higher price.

However, you don’t have to have a big brand name in order to gain that kind of trust from consumers. Instead, you can prominently display any sort of certification or accreditation your site or business has received. You may also want to commission a graphic designer to make badges that show off your specialties.

When a consumer sees badges, certifications, and accreditation, they’ll know that your site has been validated by other people. This form of social proof will have a positive impact on how much they trust you. Studies have shown that displaying badges on a site can increase conversion rates by more than 30 percent.

Share Research

Research and case studies are often used to make a point. When people can see that something has yielded real, confirmed results, they’re far more likely to give it a try. Not every company has the ability to run their own studies, but every company can utilize this form of social proof.

Seek out research and studies that you can use to make your product or service seem more desirable. For example, if you’re selling supplements, reference a case study about the benefits of taking supplements. When you have research to back you up, increasing conversions will be a breeze.

Seek Out High-Profile Endorsements

Countless major companies have paid big bucks in order to get a celebrity to endorse their brand. While few companies can afford to shell out millions in order to get a positive word from a celebrity, most site owners can get a few endorsements.

Rather than target A-list celebrities, look for bloggers, YouTubers, and other people with a fanbase that might be interested in your site. Offer to send them some kind of free sample in exchange for a tweet or a review. Sending out product won’t cost you very much, and you should see an impressive return on investment.

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways to use social proof to increase conversions. Whether you try to get endorsements from celebrities, back up your points with research, or simply share some positive feedback, utilizing social proof will make your conversion rate skyrocket.

In order to be a successful marketer, you need to use every tool at your disposal. Learn more about human psychology and use it to take your business to the next level. You’ll see your revenue climb higher than it ever has before.