Where Do Work From Home Leads Come From?

Work from home leads. If you check on the search engines on the subject of working from home, or earning income from home, you will find millions of websites offering solutions to would be earners who would like to work from home. On the Google page for those key words it states that there are 521 million websites with those very words, hoping to entice work from home wishful thinkers into clicking on their site to find something to do.

Work From Home Leads

At first glace, one might think that there are plenty of people who are looking for that kind of work, but look at the competition for those people – 521 million sites offering pie in the sky.

In the real world, there are lots of things that people can do from their own home to earn money. This can simply mean that they don’t need to have a job where they have to show up on a regular basis to work for a company in a formal way where they have to punch a time clock.

There are thousands of schemes out there too, where someone puts together a slick website with a flashy landing page, and for only $37 your nirvana has arrived, and your worries are over. So the hopeful individual hits the buy button, spend their $37 and in return they get an eBook with suggestions of different home businesses that any one can look up on the internet if they just spend some time.

It is not a problem to find the names and emails of people who are looking for something to do, but you can hardly call that a lead. The fact is, most people are not business minded, and by that you could say that they don’t have a clue how to take the first step of going into business, even if they are shown how.

Many people actually want the perfect business handed to them for next to nothing, not realizing that being in business is tough. If it were that easy, then everybody would be in business, making lots of money, and we wouldn’t have a third of the working population in the United States on unemployment.

Finding work at home leads may be a misnomer since the word leads in that sense probably means names. A name is not a lead, it is just a name who may or may not be motivated to take risks, work long hours, or fight through disappointment and discouragement, all of which are present in great quantity if a self-employed business situation.

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There is one fact, however if you are on the other end, and you really do have a business opportunity for somebody, you have a good proposition for a serious person, you can offer something good. Your problem is finding someone who will put in a good effort to learn and who will work hard.

The fact is that no one is willing to pay their dues and learn a business so that they can become proficient at it. They expect to have everything handed to them, including thousands of dollars per week of income. These are the “leads” that many a business owner finds when he buys “work from home leads.”

This is what you find when you speak of “leads” and why this definition of lead is a misnomer. Here is an example of a very good business opportunity from a company which is roughly 140 years old, and has a fantastic product line which is in demand.

A person can become involved in marketing this product for a one time fee of $39.95 and a small investment in inventory. The product is easily marketed at flea markets, fairs, by a party method, or even in a brick and mortar store. The products literally “sell themselves” by merely demonstrating them.

A true statistic over the past several years shows us that out of some 500 plus individuals who have made a commitment to market these products, only a dozen have really given it an honest effort, and those dozen are making decent money from their effort. This is a sign of our times.

So 2% of “interested” people actually took action of this proposition, which is a truly legitimate opportunity, but it takes work and the results are not instant.

So here is the reality check in this example, but the example serves to tell us that this is the reality across the board with about anything that people will have to do on their own without a “boss” telling them what to do. Most will not take action, period.

So leads for people like that are basically worthless, with the exception that one does not really know any other way to find the 2% except to go through the 500 “leads.” That is the work that the recruiter has to go through in order to find someone with whom will take action and begin to make it happen for themselves.

So where are these names, or “leads” found? Craig’s List, Facebook Ads, SEO to your own website, Job Boards such as Careerbuilder, Monster and similar sites, and other forms of advertisements.

It becomes a numbers game where you will have to sift through the many to find the few, and many of the ones who you find that look good in the beginning will drop out to for various reasons. However, don’t lose heart, for now that you know that this is the way it will be, and it has always been this way to some degree, you can now get to work and generate the leads and sift out the 2%.

Don’t purchase names that are called “leads” because you will just be wasting your money. Develop your own lists, email them, drip on them with your autoresponder, and eventually you will find your 2%.

There are no easy opportunities available, just hard and difficult opportunities that take the ability to learn and apply, and work and work some more. That is what it takes, and it is a rare person that fits that mold.