MLM Online – A Smarter Way To Do MLM?

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If you are reading this article, you are probably not a stranger to the concept of MLM, multi level marketing or network marketing.

Traditionally, this is how a network marketing company operates. Basically, you will be invited to a meeting by a friend. When you reach the place of meeting, you will be greeted by someone who can speak eloquently.

This person is usually the upline of your friend. He will usually tell you how great the business opportunity is and how much money you can potentially earn in the future.

Finally, you are so inspired and believe so much in the business opportunity that you decided to join the organization.

Now, you are expected to do the same thing. Basically, you are going to be doing what is being done to you.

You are going to invite all your friends to attend the meeting, one by one. You should also contact ‘friends’ who have never heard from you for a very long time.

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Initially, you feel very optimistic. Since you are so convinced of the potential of this business opportunity, you know your friends are going to think about it the same way. You know they are going to thank you for showing them such a great business opportunity.

Most probably, you are going to become the hero in their eyes, who is helping them to escape the rat race.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go your way. You invited one hundred friends to the meeting and started to realize that most of them don’t think the same way as you.

Out of 100 friends, maybe only one or two decided to become your downline. But for some reasons, they decided to drop out within two weeks. Now, you are left scratching your head wondering what happen.

Well, that is the old way of doing network marketing. And you know what? The old way seldom works.

If you want to do MLM, you need to do it the smart way. You need to do it the new way.

Welcome to the world of MLM online!

Using the power of the internet is the smarter way to build this business. This is because you no longer have to call any of your friends to attend a secret meeting if you don’t want to do so.

You just need to use the right traffic generation tactics to attract the right people into your business. That is why it is much easier to achieve success with MLM online.

Why Should You Avoid The Old Way Of Doing MLM?

First, you need to understand why the traditional approach doesn’t work.

Let me use an analogy here. Let say you have a friend who is a vegetarian. Are you going to invite him to the best steak house in town?

Most probably, you are not going to do so. After all, you just need to use your common sense. No serious vegetarian will ever be interested to consume a steak.

But why are you doing the same thing in your network marketing business? Why are you inviting friends who are not interested in building a business in the first place? Why are you inviting friends who think all MLM companies are pyramid schemes?

Obviously, this is not going to work. That is the main problem with traditional network marketing. That is why so many people fail with traditional network marketing. They are all trying to invite vegetarians to a steak house.

Why Is MLM Online A Smarter Way To Conduct Business

On the other hand, when you are using the internet to generate leads for your business, the leads can be very targeted.

For example, you can buy a solo ad from someone who owns a list in the home business market. The leads that are generated from the solo ad will be extremely targeted.

As a result, your conversion rate is going to shoot up. Instead of converting 3 people from 100 friends you invited with the traditional model, it is possible to get a 50% conversion rate with a solo ad. In other words, you can get up to 50 people out of 100 to join your organization.

That is why it is time for you to go online. The good thing about this new approach is that you don’t have to lose your friends.

I am sure you have your fair share of experience. After inviting friends to an MLM meeting, they probably started to avoid you.  This is the reality of traditional network marketing.

You can only target people that you know. And more often than not, they are the worst prospects you can ever have since they are not interested in the first place. After all, I don’t think any strangers will accept your invitation to a meeting.

On the other hand, when you are using the Internet, you can easily target cold leads, knowing that they are interested in MLM in the first place.