Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy
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Tips For Creating A Solid Facebook Marketing Strategy


There are many people who have started using Facebook as a marketing tool for their business. While this is a great idea for the most Facebook Marketing Strategypart, there are some who are not going about things the right way. There is no way you should try this without creating a Facebook marketing strategy beforehand. The following article will help you do that.


One thing you should know is that being consistent is crucial when it comes to marketing on Facebook. If people feel your company isn’t offering enough, this is more than enough reason for them to stop following you. You may be so busy that it is difficult to log on each and every day, but try to aim for at least 3-4 times a week. In the event that you cannot do this, you should use software that will auto-post for you. Otherwise, you risk losing some of your fan base.


Create a contest if you are looking to boost the visibility of your business. You should never discount the popularity of contests, especially in an age where people love to share information. Try creating contests where fans are encouraged to share your business with others. Yes, you will have to produce a prize that makes it all worth it, but that is a small investment considering the amount of free advertising you will get.


Tag a fan every once in a while. People are so used to businesses treating them like they are just another dollar sign. By taking the time to acknowledge fans in your postings, people will know that they actually mean something to you. If possible, share some useful information that you found on one of your fan’s pages. Your audience may be used to companies wanting their attention, but it may surprise them to know that a company may be taking an interest in them.


This Facebook marketing strategy may feel like a recipe for disaster, but pay close attention to it. NEVER disable comments on your page so fans are not allowed to speak their minds. Many companies do this as a way to control the content that is posted, but it is actually a great way to let the public know that you don’t care about what they have to say. The best way to combat negative feedback is to have someone available to moderate your page. Fan will have more respect for you than they would if they were not allowed to post at will.



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Take advantage of the Facebook Reveal option. This is when there is content available to Facebook users, but they must like the page first. Most of the time they are so happy with the incentive offered that they don’t unlike the page after getting what they wanted. Since they are now official fans, this means that all of the posts you create will appear in their news feeds.


Learn how to connect with your fans while continuing to be a complete professional. There is an art to this, so pay close attention. You have to find ways to relate to the public and let them know you are human. Ways to do this include admitting mistakes, sharing personal photos and/or responding to messages left by your fans. All of these will remind fans that there is a person behind the brand. Professionalism should never be forgotten when you are trying to relate to fans since that can alienate a large number of people.


The last Facebook marketing strategy you should remember is probably the most important. Make sure that you make all of the content on your personal website likeable and shareable with Facebook. This can be done by adding Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons to the pages in question. While these are both great ways to increase visibility, the “Share” button has more power. This is because people who like the shared information will be likely to pass it on to others.


Now that you have all of this information available to you, it is time to create a Facebook marketing plan that will lead to success. As long as you integrate all of this information into your plan, there is no doubt you will do well.


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