Mailing List

What is a mailing list?  It’s a list of people who are interested in learning about your product and service and who are willing to receive newsletter information about your product or service in their emails.

Some people offering a product or service know that the way to get customers is to promote, but they may wonder why they need a mailing list to do it.  Aren’t there other more effective ways to bring customers to your door?

The fact is, a mailing list is one of the best ways to promote.  The main reason is that customers and clients are coming to you.  With other promotional methods, you put out your information, and you hope that people will bite.  With a mailing list, a customer will decide if they want to give you contact information or not.  If they do, you have the potential of converting that person into an enthusiastic customer for life.

So if a mailing list is so compelling, how do you go about building one.  Isn’t the process difficult and complication?  The answers to both of those are “no.”  Building a mailing list is easy and can be done quickly if you do it right.

  1. Offer A Product To Give Away As An Incentive

The thing about promotion is that everyone is doing it.  That’s a problem because often your attempts to promote your product or service can get lost in all of the “noise” of all the various promotions out there.  Customers get tired of everyone trying to sell them something.

However, if you let customers know that you have something to give them for free in exchange for their name and email address, you have a much better chance of getting their attention.

So offer a free product as part of your mailing list sign-ups.  For example, if you’re an author, give away a free book or two.  If you’re a motivational speaker, offer your “Top Ten Tips On Staying Motivated.”  If you’re a social media expert, gives customers your “Top Ten Tips For Promoting On Facebook.”

Customers are much more likely to take an interest in what you want if you give them what they want.  Free products and information that benefits the public are always popular and always gather the attention of customers.

Let customers know that they will receive your free product after they sign-up with their name and email address.  Which brings us to step two.

  1. Create a Landing Page

When you give away your free product in exchange for names and email addresses,  you need to have a way to present it.  Do so with a professional landing page.

A landing page is a page a customer sees when they click on the link to sign-up for your mailing list.  It presents the free product or products that will be given, and it gives an easy way to leave a name and email address.

For example, if you are a social media expert, your “Top Ten Tips For Promoting On Facebook” can be presented in a PDF that the customer can immediately download after they give their name and email address.

If you are an author, you would set up your landing page to give customers the opportunity to download the free books as soon as they give their information.

Landing pages should always look professional.  The best way to create on is to go with a professional.  Research online for professional landing pages sites that can give you a landing page that looks good and that will draw in customers.

  1. Sign-up With A Mailing List Service

After you have designed your landing page, associate it with a mailing list service.  Some mailing list services offer landing pages; others do not.  Therefore, you can either go with a mailing list service that has a landing page component or, you can sign-up with a landing page service and a mailing list service. If you use two services, you will link your mailing list service to your landing page service.

Why do you need a mailing list service?  These services are a quick and efficient way to gain names and email addresses.  They give customers a sense of security, knowing that their name and email address will be protected, and it gives you an easy way to see how many people have signed up for you newsletter.  In addition, these services include templates to create the newsletters that you will be sending to your customers.

Mailing list services make the process of gathering names and addresses and creating newsletters easy and user-friendly.

Some services offer free services up to a certain number of email addresses and then convert to a monthly or yearly fee.  Others are paid services from the start.

  1. Promote Your Landing Page Daily On Facebook

Although there are many social media sites, Facebook continues to be the leader when it comes to participants.  For just $5 to $10 a day, you can promote your mailing list to build to strong numbers.

There are two ways to promote to gain customers to your product or service.  You can promote your product or service directly and hope that you can get people who are interested, or you can let customers know that you are giving away a free product in exchange for their name and email address.

The later is much easier to gain attention and to grow your business.  Furthermore, you are likely to get only people who are interested in what you have to offer when they sign up to get your free product.  So make sure that your product is associated with what you are trying to promote.  A social media expert’s “Top Ten Tips For Promoting on Facebook,” for example, is associated with what a social media expert wants to sell.

Facebook offers promoted posts and also promotion through its Ad Manager.  Be sure to promote your mailing list sign-ups with the Ad Manager.  Follow the steps and be sure to insert the correct keywords for your product or service.

If you follow these steps,  building a mailing list fast is practically guaranteed.