How To Write A Blog Post That Is Read

Currently, 77 percent of Internet readers indulge in reading blog posts on a daily basis. Blogging isn’t only a way of life, it’s here to stay and frequently has some valuable information to give. Though it can be challenging to explain exactly what makes an ideal blog post, here are some things we’ve learned on how to write blog posts that are read.

Know Your Audience

There is an audience for every kind of blog out there. Whether it’s for 8th grade science classes, college professors, or the housewife who is struggling to make ends meet without having to go back to work, there is something for everyone. Address your blog posts to the proper audience and you’ll not only build up your readership, you’ll gain loyal fans.

Stay On Topic

There is nothing more frustrating than going to your favorite blog only to find that halfway through the blog they completely go off track and change the topic. Give your readers what they came for and stay on topic.

Keep It Simple Sweetie

Every good article on your blog should have three parts. If you want to know how to write a good blog post that is well structured, then follow these easy steps: The introduction which tells your audience about today’s topic. The main body of the article which fills them in on the topic, and the closing which sums it all up. Paragraphs should be short and sweet and to the point. Each paragraph should have three to seven sentences total. Good blog posts are on average 250 to 500 words. If your blog post will be longer, break it up into Part I, Part II etc. This works well as it keeps readers coming back for more, and it keeps the post from being so long that people turn away from it.

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Give Something of Value

You can go to many blogs online and find nothing of value whatsoever. Give your readers something of value and they’ll keep coming back for more. Give them tips, suggestions, sneaky tricks that work, etc. The more posts you give that provide an actual service or benefit, the more you’re going to have return visitors and new visitors.

How To Write A Blog Post

Writing a good blog will have at least one to two backlinks. Use older posts, articles you’ve written to back up your statements or something of value. Avoid fluff that doesn’t really improve the blog and avoid things that are superfluous. Don’t over stuff backlinks as search engines will look right over your blog and you’ll rank low.


On average, one keyword per 100 words is sufficient. If you over stuff your keywords you’re going to sound unnatural and search engines will also overlook your site. There is nothing more annoying than reading an article that goes on and on using every possible key word to the point that the article sounds stilted. Use the key word once in the title, once in the first paragraph, once in the middle paragraph and once in the last paragraph at the most. Your readers will thank you.

Now that you know how to write blog posts that are read, you can go back and update your blogs and gain more readers.