Tips For Mobile Leads Novices And Pros Can Use

Knowing how to generate leads can make the difference between growth and failure when it comes to running a business. You need to know how to draw in potential customers so that you have a captive audience for promoting your products and services. But the way in which businesses need to generate leads is evolving.

Because the Internet has become such an ingrained part of our lives, most lead generation strategies are focused online. But many entrepreneurs and small business owners have failed to recognize that the way in which people use the Internet is changing, as an increasing number of people are using mobile devices rather than a desktop. With that consideration, here are our best tips for mobile leads novices and pros can use.

Keep Your Message Simple

If you want to maximize your conversion rates, you need to give your visitors a clear message on your website. For instance, the goal is often to get visitors to sign up for more information or join your newsletter. This should mean that the form for signing is displayed in a prominent and logical place on your landing page.

When you are creating a website which may be viewed on a mobile device, even more thought must go into the design. Complicated designs often do not display so well on a small screen and if the site is difficult for mobile users to use, they are going to ignore whatever your call to action may be. Your website’s design should have:

* Clear images which will display properly on mobile devices

* Defined and easy to read text

* Information which is succinct and to the point

* Links which are easy to select on a touch screen

There are examples of good websites for mobile devices online.

Implement Progressive Profiling Forms

It is no secret that forms are one of the best ways to capture the contact details of potential customers. However, most online forms are created with desktop users in mind, and very few people realize that many visitors to the website will be viewing the forms on a much smaller screen or using a touchpad. Therefore, one of the top tips for mobile leads novices and pros should remember is to design forms for touch screen devices.

The easiest strategy is to use progressive profiling forms. This is clever software which anticipates what information the device’s user is going to input, and will fill it in automatically. It makes it much simpler for users who get frustrated by typing with a touchpad or trying to select tiny boxes, so they are more likely to submit their details.

Use Clickable Phone Numbers

Not all business owners use newsletters and mail outs – some want the next step to be a phone call from the customer. If your business relies on phone calls, make sure that any phone number on your website is clickable. It will allow your customer to get in contact with one touch.

These three tips are the best mobile leads novices and pros can use. They will make a positive impact on your business.

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