What Can Online Marketing Training Do For Your Small Business?

Plenty of regular small businesses are now going through a dramatic change in their marketing practices because of the Internet. They now realize two important factors, number one, they can increase their profits more than they ever possibly imagined by marketing on the Internet, and number two, they’re also realizing that if they don’t market on the Internet, they may begin to lose a significant portion of their regular walk-in business.

online marketing training

So now, many small businesses are taking online marketing training courses in order to gain more customers off the Internet, as well as maintain the customers they already have. Let’s examine a few examples of ways to use the internet for a small business.

Every Business Should Have A Facebook Presence

If you don’t have a Facebook site for your business you’re potentially losing out on many word-of-mouth recommendations from your happy customers. When a customer likes your page, it shows up on Facebook as a notice to all of their friends and family with a link to your business Facebook page and says ” John Smith liked this”.

This gives everyone a chance to share what they like with everyone else they know. Then, if your page is managed and connected properly, everyone’s friends, and their friends, can visit your page and ask you questions directly about products you may have for sale that they’re interested in. You can then reply to them in real-time using your smart phone and gain an immediate customer.

On Facebook, for very little money you can also buy ads that will target people that have liked your page in the past or the friends of people that liked your page. There are also many options of showing your page to certain demographics of people that you choose, based on the type of people you believe that would be most interested in the products you have to sell.  Ads can also be geo targeted to show only to those that have indicated they live in the general areas that you choose.

Youtube Can Also Be A Gold Mine For Free Geo-Targeted Advertising

Since the owner of YouTube is Google, the operators of the largest Internet search engine, they tend to give YouTube videos a higher priority in the search results. If you have a product that can be shipped nationwide fairly easily  for an excellent price, then you can make YouTube videos with a review of the product, how to use the product, or even how the product can help the client earn money, then replicate the video 1000 times. Then, you can change the title of each video to match a different city, state, or county throughout North America with either a 1-800 number as part of the title and in the description, or with a link to your website in the description.

If you have designed your web page to be mobile friendly, when a visitor is on your web page and sees your 1-800 number displayed on their smart phone, they merely need to tap the number using Tap-To-Call, and the number will be automatically dialed so they can talk to you at your business directly in real time.  You can get toll-free 800 numbers directly from Google that are then forwarded straight to either your sales force or customer service desk, however you choose. This is an easy way to quickly get a nationwide presence on the Internet for virtually no cost whatsoever.

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Exactly Where Is A Good Place To Get Online Marketing Training?

The examples above are excellent instances where a business could leverage the Internet to pull in more referral customers, more local customers, or even customers nationwide who are interested in purchasing their products. There are hundreds of other different methods that can be utilized using the Internet to bring in extra business that is now passing them by unnoticed. There are some excellent forums where you can purchase inexpensive courses online in order to learn methods such as these and many hundreds of others to expand your business.

One of the most popular Internet marketing forums is called The Warrior Forum, where online marketing training methods are sold daily, each with a focus on a different part of the broad Internet spectrum.   On a forum such as this, members can easily ask questions in order to decide whether or not a particular method would work for the kind of business that they have.

They can also get feedback directly from the author of the course and other previous clients that are commenting on the forum thread as well.  By paying careful attention to the recommendations of others, you can avoid wasting money on courses that don’t perform as expected, or aren’t right for your particular niche.

If A Marketing Course Won’t Do, Try An Internet Marketing Coaching Program

Even though you may be fairly familiar with the Internet, marketing on the Internet may be a totally new concept for you, with a steep learning curve. In that case, it might be a good idea to try a one-on-one Internet marketing coaching program to get you started. It would be a good idea to read a few free Internet marketing courses that you can find by searching, in order to get an idea of what’s involved so that you aren’t overwhelmed when your coaching begins.

How Do You Find A Top-Notch Marketing Coach?

When searching the Internet for a marketing coach you’ll find that there are thousands of gurus to choose from. It’s always best to find one that comes highly recommended from someone you can trust, and if you don’t know such a person, again The Warrior Forum would be a good place to start.  There, you can ask plenty of questions and read the questions of other interested parties before you decide on the right coaching program for you.

Getting started in an online marketing training program isn’t a difficult task as there are thousands of free resources that you can access online. However, when you really need high-quality, multimedia, one-on-one training to get you up to speed quickly, then a good quality coach is the only way to go.