Killer Lead Magnet Ideas

lead magnet ideas

Lead Magnet Ideas

Are you looking to significantly increase the extent of your email subscriber lists? Do you think your option could benefit from a few more leads? I thought so, there is a way to get them on board by offering them a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are also called “ethical bribes”, “sign up incentives”, “content upgrades” or “freemiums” and if you see the direction these terms are taking you can feel free to label yours however you see fit.

Magnet leads can also come in a variety of forms and formats. Online merchants have had great success with simple reports in PDF form, a correspondence via email, a free hour of consultation with your particular brand of expertise or even a coupon. Further in the article we will cover matching the type to the purpose.

The important things to understand before we begin is that: A)  Lead Magnets come in as many forms as you could imagine B) These incentives can considerably increase your opt in rate C) This should not take more than a month to produce. Are we Green? Excellent, so let’s move on…

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Increase Your Magnets Increase your Results

So you already have a Magnet, great, but don’t walk off yet. Online merchants with a lead magnet in full swing will always benefit from the support of a second or even third magnet in place. You could test the effects of one against the other or use the other one to attract interest in related content.

Having more than one lead magnet and using them in conjunction can increase the results they proffer.

Step 1: Selecting the Best Topic for your Lead Magnet

Choosing the topic of your lead magnet is the essential first step so do all your research or plan to start all over again. If you do nail the topic though you can consider yourself half way to victory. Here are three questions to ponder as you choose your topic:

What topics would my customers be most interested in?

Which of these topics would suit my abilities best?

What would be the best format for this lead magnet?

Don’t try to guess, rely on conjecture or consult a fortuneteller, make sure you base your decisions off solid information. Figuring what it is that your customers want is a crucial point but not impossible to divine. You can actually conduct a survey to help narrow down your selection.

Or Facebook stalk them, not really but kind of, you can use tools like BuzzSumo to observe their likes and dislikes and other behaviours on social media pages. You could also visit forums you know your audience likes to gather and hang out ill you get an ear full. Look over the posts for common complaints, hot topics, mutual grudges, or something you may never expect.

But knowing your audience in the online market is essential, if you don’t have a clear and detailed image of you client their needs their interests and their desired topics they will likely take their custom to someone who does.

It really shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to get an idea of their common issues, needs, topics or such. Once you have this list you can begin narrowing it down in the next step.

Step 2: Choose Your Topic According to Your Ability

Now you must select from the information you have gathered which topic you can visualize as a successful lead magnet and develop it as well. Many of you might be thinking, “I don’t think I can write a long book.” Well, you wouldn’t have to, aside from having someone else write it, you could also remember that your lead magnet doesn’t have to be long or even a written production.

Here are a couple of other things to remember when making this decision:

-Focus on the Value

Your audience will appreciate your work a whole lot more if you have added value to your work. That is often the difference between effective magnets and the kind that slide off the kitchen fridge, VALUE. The quality that addresses their needs in an effective way. This kind of offer is not a matter of being costly but being insightful. Then they will rush to hand you their email address.

-Be Specific

General promises and incentives like “How to Have Clear Skin” may be ok and glean some interest, but how does “Clear Up A Wicked Acne by Sunrise” sound? More specific right? You will turn a head with “Making More Money” but you could stop traffic with “6 Ways to Fatten your Wallet By Monday”

Take your time and build up this title the right way, brainstorm gather ideas, eliminate the obvious and then find one that you can imbue with emotional reaction, and there you have it.

-Longer is not Better

If you do decide to create a written product, it is easy to make the mistake of trying to assemble the Library of Alexandria when this is often overkill. What you could fit in 15,000 words you could boil down to a tidy 5,000 word report on a pressing subject.

You will see a greater interest and reaction from your audience if you appreciate their valuable time and not give them a reading assignment.  If you refine your information and just keep the one-liners and relevant information coming, you will understand the magic of brevity and develop a prixe winning lead magnet.

Step 3: Choosing the Winning Format

Now you know enough about your audience to select the perfect format for your lead magnet. There are actually over a dozen different formats to choose from and you needn’t feel limited to one. Select one or two and come from both sides. Just remember to select the format your customers are going to love.

In Closing

The insights you have gleaned from observing your audience and demographic will come into play here, these must be your reference point all along the process if you hope to prepare a successful lead magnet.