What is Attraction Marketing Formula?

The main focus of the Attraction Marketing Formula is on the marketing platform, particularly how it changes as time goes on. The changes in the marketing landscape, as explained in the eBook, escalate as more and more people decide to work from the comforts of their home.

The tips shared by Ferny Ceballos challenges the idea and information that average people have acquired about marketing, searching and eventually starting a money-making but enjoyable business being run from home.

attraction marketing formula

Many people have heard of the Attraction Marketing Formula which is a check nick designed to build your business. Whether you are thinking of using this for a multilevel marketing program, or simply building a list of subscribers that are always willing to consider products that you have to offer, this formula can help you achieve a high level of success.

In this article, we will provide an overview of what the Attraction Marketing Formula actually does, why it works, and how you can start using it today.

A Review On Attraction Marketing Formula By Ferny Ceballos

Many online marketers discovered the electronic book “Attraction Marketing Formula” written by Ferny Ceballos when they signed up for the Affiliate Marketing Formula Boot Camp which lasts for ten days. Every person who signed up for this free boot camp received emails from the author himself, giving tips about business development each day for ten consecutive days.

The “Attraction Marketing Formula” shares practical advice. The author has drawn these advices from his personal experiences as an online businessman for many years. Ceballos left corporate America, and by using these practical tips, he claimed that he is able to start and grow his simple home business, turning it into an empire that it is today.

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The tips found in the boot camp are not the usual bits and pieces of information just like the ones usually received by most online marketers in an online boot camp or webinar. The eBook simply reveals how the author started out and how he established an extremely profitable business from home by altering his idea about how he liked his business to be run. Ceballos also changed his methods of approaching older yet trusted marketing strategies, implementing techniques that offer uniformity and reliability.


Purchasing The “Attraction Marketing Formula” EBook

The “Attraction Marketing Formula” provides insights on what the author was trying to convey in the book. Online businessmen found the subjects and topics really interesting, possibly because the eBook mainly targets online marketers and focuses on their needs to help them grow their home businesses. The boot camp is perfect for people who are tired of the traditional, rat-race methods to earn traffic and get active customers. The boot camp is also perfect for people who are dead serious about starting and/or growing their home business. Those who subscribe have been receiving practical information and training to help them move towards success.

People were able to purchase a copy of the “Attraction Marketing Formula” eBook by 47.00 dollars, which is not so much to lose. Anyway, home business owners felt that if they picked a single great tip from the eBook, getting back their 47.00 dollars wouldn’t be so hard. And if the electronic book provides all the information needed by every online marketer, then the investment would really pay off – big time.

One of the things that made the subscribers buy this eBook is that they were able to relate with the author and his journey. The author, Ceballos, did not want the success of his business to depend merely on the number of warm calls or cold calls he was creating.

Every marketer would relate with the perspective of the book that it is tiring to run people down to convince them to look at these marketers’ presentations or to be part of their business. The book also shares techniques that allow every online business owner to attract people that are interested and excited about what these businessmen are offering, without begging or coaxing that typically happens in ‘typical’ businesses.

Reading the subjects covered before buying a copy really helps. Once you have read the topics, you will be motivated to grab a copy then, since you are sure that they are worth your money and time. Anticipate that the author will talk about all the things you have to know to grow your business. When looking for a copy of the “Attraction Marketing Formula” eBook, you have to go through several sales copies before being allowed to purchase one. The sweat will pay off, that’s for sure.

Creating Your Squeeze Page

The first thing of this entire process is to actually create what is called a lead capture page, or a squeeze page. Essentially, it is a single page that you create that allows you to capture the names and emails of people that find page, allowing you to build a list of potential buyers. The page is very simple to build.

Everything is above the fold, making it easy for people to see what you have to offer without having to scroll down. There should be a graphic which is representative of the product you are giving away, the incentive for the person that reaches your page.

There should be some text about what is offered, which may include a headline, a paragraph of text, and bullet points along with a call to action. The final component is an opt in box which is essentially a box that you place on the page where folks can put in their email and name, click submit, and be taken to the download page for the free offer. By doing this, it automatically adds these individuals to your email list, allowing you to build a list of potential customers for the products that you will have to offer.

Attraction Marketing Formula – Getting Traffic To The Squeeze Page

Although it is very important to create a squeeze page that is both attractive, but also gives people incentive to sign up, you have to have the right visitors coming to the page, people that you have selected by choosing the right demographics. When you do advertising, you can actually choose a group of people that will see your ad based upon certain factors which include their gender, age, location, and predisposition to purchase online materials.

This is advertising that you can do on on Google or Facebook, and by sending this well known source of targeted traffic to your capture page, you will have a higher than average percentage of individuals that will subscribe to get your free offer and become buyers later on.

Here are what you find  also inside the training series:

  • How to get your prospects to pay for your advertising expenses and have them thank you for it!
  • How to get thousands of people to trust your every word which is the true of Attraction Marketing Definition
  • The ‘Magic Slot Machine’ Revealed: Get your prospects to give you thousands of dollars,even if they never join your business or buy your product.
  • The step-by-step blueprint to build “the online doorway” to your MLM lead empire and generate endless leads 24/7 for life
  • How to use email to automatically grow your list and get people excited about your opportunity.
  • Discover just how easy it is to bring in a flood of cash and new reps into your business, with the click of your mouse button.
  • Filter out the tire kickers and lookie-loo’s and get serious people to join your opportunity.
  • Discover the three sales page formulas, which we use to “seal the deal” with prospects, force them to pull out their wallet and sign up, even if you are fast asleep and you’ve never spoken to them.
  • Get a complete list of tools and services you can use to easily & quickly set up this recruiting machine – ZERO tech experience required!
  • Attraction Marketing Vs. Old School Recruiting
attraction marketing vs old school recruiting

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Coverage Of The “Attraction Marketing Formula” EBook

One of the main focuses of the book is on how to get the right people to work for you and work with you. It covers relevant subjects from affiliate marketing to network marketing and internet marketing. Recruiting is a big challenge for every business, but it can help your business to be very lucrative when done the right way. Some of the advantages that you will find in the book are the tips on finding and recruiting the right human resources.

Autoresponder Emails

The purpose of having an autoresponder is so that you can capture the name and email of each visitor that comes your squeeze page, but it is also designed to automate the entire process. Once they are subscribed, and you have sent them to your download link for the free product that they subscribed to your list for, you will want to send subsequent emails every couple days.

This is how you will be capable to make profits from those that subscribe by providing not only good content, but offers that they may be interested in. This is the only way that you will be able to continually make sales from that point on by having several emails in the autoresponder that will be sent out every so often, some of them allowing you to make a sale.

Attraction Marketing Formula – Best Offers To Use

To ensure that you are going to make sales, you need to provide offers that people will actually be interested in. You can do this research on major websites that offer products with affiliate programs, allowing you to make a commission on every sale that is made. If you think about it, it would take several weeks, if not longer, to create your very own product, and to do this continually would take up too much of your time.

It’s sometimes better you send out offers that are for affiliate programs that you have already prescreened, that have a high commission rate, which have already been completed by other people. This way, instead of spending all of your time trying to create a product, you can sell products that already have a proven track record. This will give you more time to create more squeeze pages, develop more lists, and in doing so increase your monthly revenue exponentially.

Recruiters checking the candidate during a job interview at office
Different Sequence Options

One other very important aspect to consider is the order of sending out your emails. Of course, you will space out each of these emails by two or three days, giving your subscriber a break from your emails so that they do not become oversaturated with your material. The first email that you send should be a welcome email. The second email should be good content.

The third email will contain an offer to a product that is at a very low price point. If they purchase this, it conditions them to be a buyer for future products that you will send out. The fourth emails should be more content, followed by a fifth email that is for a high end product, priced at several hundred, or even $1000 or more.

The sixth email will be more content or perhaps a video, followed by a seventh email for a product or service that is at an average price point. This is how you set up your email sequence, at least for the first seven days, a proven strategy that has worked for many marketers, regardless of the products or services that they are selling. After the seventh day, you can experiment on different sequences, different price points, and by evaluating your results, you can improve upon your efforts with the next list that you create.

This is the basic overview of the Attraction Marketing Formula PDF that has been used successfully by people all over the world. Regardless of the products or services that you are offering via Online Marketing System, you now know how to set up a lead capture page and monetize all of the leads that you will generate by sending targeted traffic to your website.

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What One Can Get From The Book

The first part of the “Attraction Marketing Formula” book has been dedicated to the very impressive background of Ceballos, the author. It boasts there his achievements, how wide his knowledge is on the subject he is talking about, his credentials and job history.

This personal background seems irrelevant for someone who’s hungry to know about the use of the Internet and social media to grow business. But as you read on, as you start to form an invisible bond with the author, you will learn a lot from there alone, from the seemingly less important background of the author.

Along the journey of reading the book, you will learn several practical tips on marketing topics, from recruiting in network marketing to using affiliate links in Best Online Marketing Systems. You will learn to attract potential and active customers, who will come back to you if you’re doing your job well. You will also get many conventional ideas from the book, how the real world of online business works, how different it is from the corporate world, and how this new world is for the more courageous individuals alone.

It also shares how to deal with frustrations and rejections as a result of approaching the wrong people and discusses solution for this problem, the “attraction magnet,” which draws people closer and helps you grow your business opportunity. The book also shares the importance of training people, which is a formula to build healthy team, adding success to your home business.