Periscope Marketing Tips For Marketers

Periscope Marketing Tips

Periscope is a relatively new app that allows users to view and share live video streams directly from their tablet or smartphone. The app can be used to broadcast unfolding news stories as they happen, to capture the atmosphere among fans during an important match, or even to experience what it is like to walk up and down streets of city like Dubai or New York.

The beauty of this app, which is owned by Twitter, is its immediacy, which encourages viewers to participate in whatever’s happening in the video. Viewers can do this by commenting on the videos being shared in real time. It is this feature that allows for a more active viewing experience as compared to more traditional ways of viewing or experiencing videos.

Periscope Features

An Interactive Viewing Experience

Apart from watching video streams, the app also allows for people to interact in real-time. A viewer can “heart” (like) streams they like and can easily communicate with the individual who’s streaming the video through the chat or comments function.

Live streaming

Periscope works on the premise that it allows users to stream videos live directly from their phone or tablet.


All videos broadcasted on the app are automatically saved and can be replayed up to 24 hours after their initial broadcast.

Integration with Twitter

As Twitter owns it, the app is fully integrated with the network, allowing users to connect easily with their followers, and to notify their followers about their latest broadcasts.

Tips On How To Successfully Use Periscope As A Marketing Tool

As a marketer, looking for ways to make the most of your marketing strategies is crucial. The streaming of live videos is fast becoming the next big thing when it comes to social media marketing – and there is a good reason why.

Since its introduction at the start of 2015, the app has been able to reach more than 10 million Twitter accounts and is seeing 40-plus years of video being viewed on the network every day. While there are plenty of live-streaming apps in the market today, none has quite captured the same amount of attention Periscope has been able to garner.

As it is with any growing social channel, it is important to evaluate whether it is one that will work for you and if it will, how you can use it to nurture an effective outreach strategy for your brands. Here are some simple tips for you to consider when thinking of using Periscope to market.

Create Exclusive Experiences That Treat Your Followers

People are more likely to follow if you are adding something that is worthwhile, or that they like, to their feeds. As such, it is important that you consider offering exclusive experiences that they can only get or achieve from you. As such consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • What exclusive “insider” industry news or experiences can you share?
  • Which parts of your production/creative processes can you employ to involve your followers?
  • What do your fans value that can make available or show to them?

Extend Your Reach Beyond Geographical Restrictions

When using Periscope to make your videos available to users, it is important that you remove any geographical restrictions. Whether your event offers education, entertainment, or information, consider opening it up to an international audience via Livestream. This way, viewers will not only be tuning in but will have the ability to actively participate and discuss things in real time.

Embrace Live Broadcasting Interactivity

It is important to keep in mind that this new tech is not just for show. Considering that your viewers can also comment, and you can respond to their remarks on air, it is important that you consider making the most of the real-time communication opportunities presented.

By taking advantage of the interactivity made possible, you can use the app to open up remarkable customer service and feedback channels. As such, consider trying live question and answer sessions about relevant topics related to your industry or brand or starting a conversation with your followers.

Play Around With Emotion and Anticipation To Draw More Attention To Your Brand

Our brains tend to make decisions within the impulsive, emotional lines. As such, adding some emotion to your Periscope marketing strategy could have a huge effect on your followers.

Live videos over social graphs can generate new feelings and emotions that are quite different from those available on other social networks. Therefore, it is advisable that you consider using the power emotions have on consumer behavior on all your broadcasts to create a more lasting impression. To do this, consider:

  • Adding sneak peaks when setting up an event or when building up towards a launch
  • Appealing to excitement by including your viewers in your achievements
  • Spreading good feelings and hope by streaming support for causes
  • Portraying everyday experiences that people will remember easily or can relate to

Involve Your Viewers When Making Brand Decisions To Improve Their Loyalty

To increase customer loyalty to your brand(s), include them in the design, creation and the decision-making processes. This way, it makes them invested in your products. Consider adding live streams at major decision points within the creative process and invite your fans to help in the planning – this way, your “baby” product becomes their “baby”, and they end up becoming emotionally attached to it.

Ask them questions, offer choices and options they can vote on, and update them on the votes and results in real-time. Once they are involved in this process, they are connected to your brands and are more likely to settle for you over other available options.

Write Attention-Grabbing Titles That Will Entice Your Viewers

Want to get viewers tuning into your broadcasts? Then work on your titles. A title is the first thing that you can use to intrigue viewers, especially when using Periscope where the broadcast list is entirely made up of text. As such, take time to craft creative, catchy and informative titles that will leave users wanting to know more – increasing their chances of clicking on the video title.

Though relatively new, Periscope is one app that any business needs to start working with to make the most of their marketing efforts. As such, it is advisable that you consider trying this live video streaming app to reach out to audiences on a local and international scale. With some of the tips provided above, getting to make the most of your marketing efforts using this app is certainly guaranteed.

However, there are plenty more things you could do with the app and many more ways you could use it to reach out and to brand yourself. It is, therefore, advisable that you consider doing some more research on how to effectively use Periscope as a marketing tool.