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Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet? People get told this from day one, yet it seems like almost no one is able to get all those fruits and veggies down daily. One way you could take care of this is to buy all those fruits and vegetables and start juicing and making your own combinations. Honestly, this sounds exciting at first, but then it can be very exhausting.

Are you ready to learn about a modern way you can take care of getting all those vitamins and nutrients that you need from fruits and veggies to stay healthy and fight off disease. You’ll find that this company helps make things easy. They make some pretty big claims according to some of the reviews, so let’s unpack the product a little further.

First of all, let’s take a look and see if there is information from studies and not just personal reviews and commercial reviews. One set of studies I was reading about was from the 90’s, which is quite some time ago. What it says is that the studies did show that people were shown to have more of certain vitamins and nutrients in their bodies. While that is expected, it’s important to get specific about how a product really does live up to its expectations.

What were the vitamins and nutrients that were found at higher levels in people’s systems? Vitamin E and folic acid were two of them, and lutein and B carotene were two others. These powder supplements are packed with antioxidants to help your body stay strong and healthy. One of the diseases that this supplement can help you fight off is heart disease.

Juice Plus Reviews

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Juice Plus Reviews – The Side Effects

Let’s move to a study that I read about from 2007. This study was all about the effects of Juice Plus on blood pressure and also people’s coronary arteries in reference to calcium levels. Would you believe that the study, while smaller, did show that people who used Juice Plus did accumulate calcium in their coronary arteries much more slowly? Not only that, but blood pressure numbers went down, and the study showed another advantage, reduced homocysteine.

If you put these findings in laymen’s terms, what you have is the fact that this supplement helps people fight off heart disease. These weren’t the only benefits, however, as another benefit shows that this supplement is great for fighting off diabetes as well. As with anything, there are pros and cons, and one con was that cholesterol was on the rise in patients who took Juice Plus.

When you eat meals, are they typically high in fat? This isn’t good, and anyone eating a diet high in fat should make a lifestyle change. But what you might want to know as well is what this supplement was shown to do with people who ate a meal that was high in fat. Juice Plus promotes less vasoconstriction, and do you remember the con from the one study involving an increase in cholesterol? Another study shows people’s cholesterol levels go down, and they even put a number to it, an average of 172 down from an average of 184.

Blood vessels need to be open and clear, and this opening up of blood vessels is referred to as vasodilation. Some of this scientific stuff might seem like it’s a little over your head, but just remember you’re learning about all the details when it comes to whether or not Juice Plus does enough for you as a supplement. What you’ll find about vasodilation is that this supplement helps increase people’s levels of metabolites of nitric oxide, which is partly responsible for the vasodilation process.

Do you remember the mention of a reduction in homocysteine levels? This definitely leads to better vascular health, so you can associate that with a reduction in risk of heart disease. It is important to mention though that there have been results that contradict one another over the years when it comes to studies involving Juice Plus.

There are also studies that are tied in with other supplements and also with exercise. The ones that tie in exercise are important because that is what people are supposed to be doing. Of course, when you group in exercise, it’s also more difficult to separate the effects of exercise and the effects of taking Juice Plus. After all, exercise does promote better cardiovascular health.

Juice Plus

It appears that with the Juice Plus supplemental powders, they are divided into fruit capsules and vegetable capsules. I was surprised to see the word capsule, however, as at first I was under the impression that Juice Plus was available in powder form to make smoothies and the likes. Either way it would be fine, and I’m sure the capsules are much more convenient.

When exercising, Juice Plus can also help stop protein breakdown in the body. In other words, muscles grow instead of shrink, as fat and carbohydrates are consumed to make energy fuel instead of muscles. What about the effects on overall health and getting sick?

Have you ever been told by your parents that drinking plenty of vitamin C is helpful in getting rid of common cold symptoms? What if you were told that during a study, people that took Juice Plus supplements didn’t get sick as much as others? This was one of the findings, and that was very interesting to me. That seems like a good enough benefit to consider taking the supplement, and there have already been numerous other benefits listed.

There has also been research conducted on Juice Plus in regards to the immune system. You might also want to know that there are similar products out there on the market. This means that you might also want to take a look at those product reviews and any case studies, too. Then you can make a decision to see if you want to cut corners and get your fruits and veggies this way.