Network Marketing Success

How To Obtain Network Marketing Success

Network marketing is the process of selling a product or service through people directly where they take a position of becoming a marketing person, only they enroll others to enroll others to enroll others to do the same thing.

In essence, the network marketing model serves to place the marketing function in the hands of individual people instead of a more traditional marketing effort of advertising through newspapers, magazines, television and radio.

The incentive for an individual to become involved in network marketing is the financial one where an individual makes a little bit of commission from each member of the network marketing team who is listed as being part of his or her group. Each person that signs up under that person and all of the people that they sign up become a part of the original person’s group.

So if a person were to add a large number of people to his or her group, it is conceivable that there could be a sizable amount of income involved. The emphasis is placed upon the person at the top of a group to motivate his or her own  people to add to their groups, so that the original individual will not have had to do most of the recruiting work for the group as a whole.

In most cases where a company decides to use the network marketing model, the product or service is something that is a consumer product that people are already buying somewhere else on a retail basis.

The object is then, the have people substitute their buying habits to the point where they buy from themselves rather than at the store. When the commission and override incomes are factored into the equation, the network marketer potentially will get the product or service for free, in addition has the potential of earning a profit for their effort.

Network Marketing Success

The biggest problem with the network marketing model is that the majority of people who sign up for network marketing opportunities are just not motivated to do the necessary work to make it successful. The key activity is that of approaching others about the opportunity in order to enroll them into the program, and most people on their own do not want to do that.

On paper, the opportunity looks great, but in reality, people soon burn out because they find that just about everyone they talk to are either not interested, or they really don’t want to change their daily activities to that of a marketer for this product.

That is what it takes in a nutshell to make a network marketing organization take off and become successful. While it is not everyone’s cup of tea, network marketing is a very viable way to sell products and at the same time make a good amount of money in the process.

Yes, there are people who make millions by setting up a thriving and successful organization, but for the most part there are many people who don’t make millions of dollars, yet they still earn a reasonable amount of money for their efforts.

Some of the more notable organizations that have been very successful with the network marketing model also have very good products that people see value in. Companies such as Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Avon, Watkins Products, Amway and others have used network marketing very successfully and still continue to do so.

In addition to having a very useful product, successful network marketers learn early how to become excellent promoters. Yes, it is possible to become a full time network marketer, but the majority of the people work at it part-time while holding down another job. There is nothing wrong with that.

Network Marketing Success Now

Network marketing businesses offer the real opportunity for anyone to set up and run a real business for a small startup cost, and one that they can build to any level that they desire with hard work and dedication. That is really not a lot different than an individual starting up a dry-cleaning laundry business, with the exception that the startup cost will be a lot higher in the dry-cleaning business. The person running the dry cleaning business still has to work long hours and he or she still has to promote their business.

If a network marketing individual understands that his or her success depends upon other people and their motivation, he or she has discovered one of the secrets of success in the network marketing industry.

The ability to work with others and motivate them is the main ingredient to making this business model work, no matter what you are selling in the way of a product. Consequently, successful leaders in this industry have scheduled motivational meetings on a regular basis where people share their experiences and keep informed on the latest trends and marketing procedures.

These meetings also serve as motivational times for new members who may not be sure and secure in their roles. It gives them a chance to meet people who are successful in this endeavor, which is motivational for them in and of itself.

Another big factor in the success of any network marketing organization is the repeat purchasing of the product or service. One criticism of the network marketing industry is that there are not enough people on the face of the earth to man the organization because it is not long before you will run out of people.

The fact that people do purchase products over and over at the retail stores, and the whole premise of the network marketing model is that they just switch their buying habits over to themselves. That totally negates the criticism of the model where it is claimed that you will run out of people.

A successful network marketing person has to be motivated, organized and has to believe in the product. Most products that are sold by network marketing companies are in the excellent category, as they may actually be priced higher that a similar product that can be purchased on a retail basis.

Dedication is another trait for success for this industry, the same as it is in many ventures in business. You have to believe in your product, help your people to understand and buy it, and above all motivate them to add new people to their group.