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Amway is an American direct sales company that sells a variety of products. Their main business line is in homecare, healthcare and the beauty markets. The organization was established by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel in 1959. Amway is based in Ada, Michigan in the U.S., and its sales revenue for the year ending 2012 was around $11.2 billion. It was really the seventh consecutive year of growth for the company. The company operates under the famous Alticor group in the U.S.

There are numerous Amway reviews on the net. A number of them are positive while a few are considered negative. People find it difficult to choose the correct review out of all the Amway reviews out there. This is why we thought of doing extensive research and providing an unbiased review about what Amway has to offer to the deserving network marketer out there.

Amway has a large variety of products lineup, which include personal care products, jewelry, electronics, water purifiers, homecare products, Nutrilite dietary supplements, cosmetics, air purifiers and insurance. The products are sold in more than hundred countries in the world through network marketers and direct sales agents. Amway was ranked No. 25 among the largest private companies in the U.S. by Forbes in 2012. This shows the legitimacy and the business opportunities offered by Amway.

Amway is a legitimate business entity and it trade products and services by using referred based marketing methods than common advertising methods like TV ads, bill-boards and newspaper advertising. They pay their network marketers a commission when they sell a product on behalf of Amway. The second way a person can make money through Amway is when he or she recruits members to their down line.

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The Final Word on the Amway Scam — What is a Scam Anyway?

There has been much debate as to whether MLM Businesses are an honest industry or whether they are guilty of defrauding the little guy. Amway, the MLM business we will be examining today, has received a lot of attention both from its fanatical following of salespeople as well as a crowd of disgruntled ex-associates who feel they’ve been taken for a ride.

Following is a brief look into the th most common complaints that have been thrown at Amway and other MLM businesses, from those who have had negative experiences with these crafty organizations.

The Hype — Are you Ready for a Life Changing Opportunity?

If selling your product big and lavishly embellishing on the possibilities of their organization and the products they deal in — even to the point of being a bit far fetched—is a crime, well then MLM industries and most other corporations in business today, should all be prosecuted.

Amway works by marketing on a deeply personal and emotional level. Like all MLM industries, profits come from individuals selling to other individuals they are closely connected to, most often friends families and coworkers.

In order to inspire a fanatical loyalty, the initiation tactics the MLM industry employ on new recruits are typical of many financial and commercial organizations, military outfits, religious cults and even the main character of the hit novel ‘Fifty shades of Gray’.

In effect, they will entice you with possibilities of early retirement, abundant financial stability, a welcoming work environment full of compassionate and accepting cohorts and even the huge chance for promotion and the opportunities for bettering your position with greater rewards and blah, blah blah…

This is really the point where angry citizens are all ticked off and accusing Amway, and the many other MLM organizations, of being tricksters and frauds and wondering where are their private islands and sports cars. They really thought they were buying a ‘stairway to heaven’ rather than another way of working your ass off to make your dreams come true, which is exactly what it is — with its own specific set of Pro’s and Con’s.

It is easy to complain about the details of the plan that did not receive much attention during the sales pitch. Nevertheless, for all their emphatic illustrations and possibilities they include when describing the convenience of working with Amway, the good people at Amway are still selling a product, an idea and a business scheme.

If it is looked at in any other way, disappointment will soon follow.

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Then the Hype continues

Before I get into an explanation of how the money goes round in the MLM system, it is important to comment on the sheer amount of hot air that is required to keep these MLM organizations in operation.

One particularly essential aspect of keeping a target following moving in the right direction and not getting any good ideas, is by not allowing them a moment to think for themselves. While we see this ‘technique’ —brainwashing, if you will— included in military training, modern political control and religious cults, it is also used prolifically throughout the MLM industries and their following.

There will always be emotionally infused meetings being held in some local event hall, where a few of the company superiors will show up to reiterate everything that was already said in the introduction to the organization, and maybe even provide some useful techniques that can be applied in selling the products better.

There will be even more events to come, each on a progressively larger scale, but all this enthusiasm is necessary to replenish the enthusiasm you would be getting from your friends and family if you were not trying to sell stuff to them, which you will have to do so that you can keep sending the money up.

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Amway Reviews — The Pyramid “Ideology”

The term ‘pyramid scam” has such a negative ring to it, put the idea is the same, the money that is generated will be moving uphill to the guys at the top. The new recruits and people starting out at the bottom are there to generate money.

And generate they will, it will become necessary to view everyone you meet as a potential customer if you hope to make a profit. While the products that you will be selling are certainly high quality, they are also quite expensive, meaning that big profits will come from regular clients with lots of cash to spend. Even still the little guy who sells their profit will only receive a small cut from the transaction.

Furthermore, some of that money that the little guy generates will have to be spent on company products to generate good standing with the company, and good standing is very important. Amway will be very disappointed in those who don’t do their utmost to generate good company reputations, and will certainly let them hear about it.

In addition to spending your hard earned cash on Amway products you will also be expected to spend your free-time attending functions, and that entrance ain’t free you know, $5 at the door. Larger more extravagant functions will cost much more than that, and just to hear about what you might be able to buy once you reach your quotas regularly.

In The End — Is Amway a Scam?

Not really! The fact is that no commercial laws are broken, although they are certainly stretched to their limits. The unsuspecting fool who wanders into this bear trap, may find themselves losing a lot of cash on things they must purchase, being made to feel horrible if they can’t and then being unable to get out of the situation later — not after a tough struggle anyway.

On the other hand, the cut throat sales person with no qualms about selling to a widow at her funeral, will not only fit right in with this community of hardcore salespeople, but will also be able to enjoy the perks and possibilities that handling their very own sales business can proffer — but that really depends on the individual.

This will allow you to make a commission when one of your members sell a product of Amway. Both these methods should be used when you are developing a market strategy to sell Amway products using a website or blog. You need to have the skill and knowledge on how to run a network marketing business successfully.

This is what will bring you all the commissions in selling Amway products and recruiting people for your downline. You will not have to convince your customer to buy Amway products since they are a household name in America. The products are of high quality and will sell themselves without much persuasion. When you have the right network marketing strategy in place, you cannot fail by selling Amway products to deserving customers.


You can succeed in selling Amway products when you have a proper network marketing plan in place. Dedication and hardwork is mandatory when it comes to sticking with the opportunities provided by the company. You need to recruit new members to your down line while you sell their products to the deserving customer. You need to listen to your upline and build a list of your friends, family and customers in order to sell Amway products.

The company will offer training programs in the form of webinars and live events in providing all the training that is needed to become successful as a network marketer selling Amway products. You need to learn how to attract the right buyers who are searching for the products offered by the company. This is what is important if you are to become successful with the opportunities offered by Amway.

You can join Amway immediately by paying $62, and you will receive the welcome kit as soon as you make the payment. A step-by-step guide on how to earn the best profits in selling Amway products will be included with this kit. You will be able to create a family business and work from home without commuting back and forth in heavy traffic.

Financial freedom is possible when you learn how to leverage the Amway opportunity to earn bigger commissions by selling Amway products. You have nothing to convince your customers since Amway products are of the highest quality. Finding the right customer is all you need to do in earning commissions by selling the products of Amway.

Amway products are a bit expensive than most of its competitors. This is the only disadvantage found in promoting the product lineup. But the high quality of the products would offset this initial price hike.

The above unbiased Amway review will help you to alley all doubts you may have had about the company and the opportunities offered by the company.

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