What Is Elite Marketing Pro?

Are you struggling with traffic, sales system or cash flow? If yes, you should consider investing in Joining Elite Marketing Pro. This online marketing product is the ideal ‘Business in a box’ system and anyone can use it. If you had tried similar systems before but did not get good results, you should know that this method has successfully solved all the common issues encountered while using other similar products.

Online marketing is a field that’s exploded in popularity in the last several years. It’s appealing to both existing business and entrepreneurial individuals because it doesn’t necessarily require much upfront investment. This makes it the ideal way to start your own business and beginning reaping profits quickly.

Many programs are out there that offer to guide you through this process and accelerate the rate at which you start earning money. Elite Marketing Pro is one of the newest affiliate marketing programs, and it’s generating huge buzz thanks to its comprehensive offerings and its highly favorable compensation structure.

The Brains Behind Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro is a program assembled by a team of experienced marketing experts, not a fly by night offering based out of a garage. The team is led by president and CEO Tim Erway, a real giant in the online marketing industry with over ten years of successful experience under his belt.

Tim guides the Elite Marketing Pro team and also provides consulting services to a wide range of businesses and corporations that need marketing assistance. Working with Tim is a broad range of different professionals that add tremendous value and flexibility to the team.

Elite Marketing Pro is not simply about chasing the next sale. They have a robust customer support staff providing full-time assistance to existing members of the Elite Marketing Pro program. This means you get much more than just access to host of useful tools and learning materials; you also get the guidance and expertise necessary to learn how to use the program more effectively.

Elite Marketing Pro Tim Erway is a great investment regardless of how much experience you have with marketing. This system is designed to train  marketers and will provide experienced professionals with the resources they need. You will probably learn a lot of new things about marketing, regardless of how much experience you have in this field. This could be the key to finally becoming financially independent thanks to your work as an online marketer.

The system is based on multiple streams of residual income. Instead of focusing on one pay per click or affiliate program, you can earn revenues through several streams. These different streams are automatically marketed to your contacts and help you generate revenues with very little work required from you. All you have to do is focus on generating more leads and building your contact list to earn even more.

Building your online presence requires a lot of work. If your name does not appear in search results yet, this is the product you need. The ‘name in lights’ feature will co-brand your name, your official website with the elite marketing pro blog and share your biography.

Your clients will see this content when they purchase products from you and your name will soon appear in search results, which will contribute to your credibility as a marketing professional. People will be more likely to purchase products from you if they can look up your name and read your biography.

I was able to overcome and eliminate the causes of internet business failure which are:

  1. Lack of cash flow
  2. Lack of targeted traffic
  3. Lack of automated sales system
  4. Lack of mentor or coach

I stopped struggling and started getting results!

Elite marketing pro commissions update for march 2016

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Elite Marketing Pro – List Building Automation

The automated list building feature will help you build your contact list and organize it. This feature includes capture pages, which will draw more potential clients to your content and help you generate leads. Your contact list will grow in now time, which means you will get more sales and earn even more on commissions. This features speeds up the contact list building process and help you organize your contacts efficiently.

You can use this product to create customized capture pages. Your best pages can be linked to your autoresponder account so you can access your leads directly. A good capture page can really make a difference, for instance by generating interest for the products you promote or by presenting you and your work as an online marketer.

Good capture pages will help you build your contact list and target Internet users who will be likely to buy your products.

Purchasing this product also gives you access to VIP events. You will get a chance to attend events along with Tim Erway and the staff from Magnetic Sponsoring Team, the people behind this product. You will get a chance to share your experiences, ask your questions and learn from marketing professionals. These events could also be a great opportunity to network with other online marketers and learn from them.

You will bet also getting access to Elite Partner Only training content. This includes a fast three step program designed for beginners and a monthly webinar as well as Q&A calls which costs only $47/month or $297/year. This content should help you develop more efficient marketing methods, strengthen the strategies you are already using and teach you a lot about online marketing. Most marketing products provide you with a method to boost your sales but do not take the time to teach you the basics of marketing.

If you have questions about the system or about marketing in general, you can call VIP support. You will be able to talk to the in-house marketing experts about your issues or simply ask questions.  This makes Elite Marketing Pro system a great investments since you will not find yourself stuck because you do not understand a feature or encounter a difficulty. This is one of the few products that includes quality support for users.

Elite Marketing Pro – Your traffic Is Being Taking Of

The ‘Done For You Traffic’ feature leads Internet users to your content. Creating links to your content and increasing your traffic is a lot of work. If you have already worked on this aspect of online marketing, you should know that many hours of work are required and that it might take a long time before your hard work pays off. This feature automatically increases traffic to your site. You do not need to create content or do any work on your search engine optimization methods.

The system also includes free tickets to marketing events hosted or co-hosted by Magnetic Sponsoring.  You will receive two free tickets to attend an event about marketing, which could be a great opportunity to discover new techniques, learn more about topics you care about and of course network. These training event are highly valuable since you will be learning about marketing from experts who have years of experience in this field.

If you choose to subscribe to the Annual Option when you purchase this system, you will get access to digital products released by Magnetic Sponsoring. These products will help you learn more about online marketing and you will soon become an experienced and knowledgeable professional. You do not have to subscribe to this option but it definitely adds value to the system you are purchasing from Magnetic Sponsoring.

The Truth About High-Cost Affiliate Marketing Plans

Whether you’re considering Elite Marketing alone or looking at some of its competitors, (see below) one common factor you’ll run into is a certain amount of reticence regarding products. Affiliate marketing is, after all.

Mainly concerned with earning commissions by arranging sales between customers and third parties; that’s why it’s called “affiliate” marketing! So you’d naturally be interested in learning exactly what products you’ll be selling; why do these popular premium marketing programs make it so difficult to uncover that information?

The truth is that all of the top affiliate marketing programs, Elite Marketing included, are geared first and foremost towards turning you into a salesperson for the program itself. This is not a slight against Elite Marketing; this is the way all the programs work.

It’s only natural that all of the people who operate such programs invest the lion’s share of their attention in making them more effective sales tools for the program itself. You can certainly use the wide range of tools Elite Marketing gives you to market whatever products you’d like, but you must bear in mind that the program is built primarily to sell the program.

Elite Marketing Pro
Elite Marketing Pro’s Competitors

Elite Marketing Pro competes in an already-crowded marketplace of programs that promise to deliver comprehensive marketing solutions at minimal cost and maximum convenience. The two other programs that are closest to Elite Marketing Pro in spirit, price, and features are the Empower Network and the “My Online Business Empire” program, commonly referred to as MOBE. In each case, Elite Marketing Pro offers some serious advantages in comparison to the competing program.

The Empower Network is probably the biggest name in comprehensive affiliate marketing programs. With its large volume of members, Empower can afford to offer you slightly reduced operating costs when compared to Elite Marketing Pro.

Month-by-month costs are about thirty dollars cheaper with the Empower Network, and annual plans are a full two thousand dollars cheaper. However, joining the Empower Network at the highest tier will require buying all of the products and training courses, which adds almost five thousand dollars to the start-up cost of the program.

My Online Business Empire presents you with costs that are more closely in line with Elite Marketing Pro. It’s available for a one time fee that matches the annual cost of Elite Marketing Pro.

However, that single investment doesn’t give you the same high commissions that Elite Marketing Pro offers – commissions drop from ninety percent to fifty percent on the high-value “backend” products offered in the MOBE program. Also, MOBE offers minimal ongoing support when compared to the robust support network included in Elite Marketing Pro.

Compensation Plans: Building Lifetime Revenue

In contrast to other affiliate marketing programs that will have you on a continual hunt for fresh leads in order to earn decent commissions, Elite Marketing Pro offers a flat across the board commission of ninety percent on ALL sales you generate. (As with many programs, Elite Marketing Pro advertises “one hundred percent” commissions and de-emphasizes the ten percent “merchant’s fee” they charge you on each commission.)

This means that recruiting a customer into the system will both give you a big initial profit and a long-term revenue stream. This allows you to concentrate on quality over quantity; finding loyal customers who make many purchases is much more effective than chasing multitudes of one-time buyers.

Like many affiliate marketing programs, Elite Marketing Pro sells itself very heavily on how easy it is to use and how fast it is to set up. It also shares another common feature with most of these programs: It’s not actually an effort free system for generating instant wealth. It requires a lot of effort on your part to make the program work for you.

Just consider the wide array of tools and learning materials you get when you join the Elite Marketing Pro team. Fifteen different educational products are made available to you, comprising hundreds of hours of video and thousands of pages of reference material.

You get customer support services to help you build websites and close sales, including access to designers, email autoresponders, and phone sales professionals. Why do you need all of this assistance?

It’s because making money via an affiliate marketing program is challenging. You need all this help because it’s a very competitive business, and even with the generous compensation plan the Elite Marketing Pro program offers you, you have to fight hard to make sales and attract good customers.

This is simply the reality of the affiliate marketing game. To survive in it, you need the assistance of an expert team. Elite Marketing Pro can definitely fill that role for you, but you have to have a high level of commitment and dedication to earn serious profits.

In the end, Elite Marketing Pro has some serious strong points that set it above other affiliate marketing programs. The live, full-time support services you receive and the copious amounts of reference material you have access to are strong pluses. The programs commission structure, which guarantees you a ninety percent commission on all sales you produce, is probably the strongest advantage of all.

You should visit the official Magnetic Sponsoring website to learn more about the system they offer. Do some research on other similar products and you will see that no other system has as many features as Elite Marketing Pro. This system is a great investment regardless of your current level.

It will help you boost your revenues with very little work required from you compared to other methods used by online marketers to earn profits. Do more research about the elite marketing pro review before you decide whether or not you want to purchase it and don’t hesitate to contact the Magnetic Sponsoring team if you have questions.

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