A Short Guide To Network Marketing

When you want to start a business, work without a boss or simply earn a bit more money aside from our primary job, you might soon become overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. Network marketing is one of those choices, and the more you find out about it, the more you may discover that it is the best solution for your finances and life. Here is a short guide about network marketing that will give you a solid foundation you can use to start and grow in this field.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing might be more familiar to you under an alternate name: multi-level marketing, or MLM. When you run a network marketing business, there are two ways for you to make money. The first is to sell products for your parent company, and the other is to recruit more people into your “downline” who will also sell the products and recruit people. Typically, whenever your downline sells something or recruits someone, you see a portion of those profits.

Reasons for You to Go Into Network Marketing

While there are a lot of other businesses to get into, network marketing can be done so with ease. Here are some reasons that network marketing is a great business to get into.

  1. You don’t need to come up with an idea.

A major barrier to starting your own business may be that you just don’t know what kind of business to start. Without an idea, you may think that your dreams of owning a business will never come true.

Network marketing provides an excellent chance to get into business while capitalizing on existing products. There is no need to reinvent a wheel; the products have already been conceptualized, designed, produced and are currently selling well.

This saves you from having to do all of the research necessary to bring a product to market and you can hit the ground running.

  1. You get support.

Just as there is a ‘downline’ with MLM, when you sign up with a network marketing company, you will be signing up under someone and will be part of their downline. As part of that downline, they will have a vested interest in watching you succeed. Therefore, you are likely to get a great deal of support from them.

Marketing sites and other materials may be part of the deal as well, so that you are given everything you need to start succeeding in the business. There are likely to be weekly or monthly  phone calls or webinars to provide even more support.

  1. There is low cost to start.

While you may need to buy a start-up kit or something similar, your initial investment in a network marketing company is small when compared to opening a restaurant or store. Because you don’t have to pay insanely high prices to get started, you can start profiting that much more quickly from your MLM business.

  1. You can make your own hours.

This is one of the best reasons to get into network marketing. As with most businesses, MLM offers you the choice to make your own working hours. However, because you have a downline, you have even more freedom. If you recruit enough people below you, you may find that your own working hours can decrease, giving you the kind of freedom everyone wants and enjoys.

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  1. You can have more security.

Because you are working with an established company, you don’t have to worry that the business will crater. You don’t have to worry that there won’t be enough products or concern yourself about how they will arrive to your home. All the backend things are taken care of for you so that all you need to think about are your customers and your downline.

How to Choose the Right Company to Work With

When you do decide to get into the network marketing field, the most important thing you can do is to find the right company to work with. If you choose the wrong one, you’ll find that everything is much more difficult. You won’t get the support you need to make a success out of your business, and you may end up losing a lot of money. Here are some things you need to pay attention to when you choose a network marketing corporation.

  1. How long they’ve been in business

It is vital that you get an idea of how stable any MLM company is before you sign up with them. Have they been in business a long time? How good are their financials? Are they growing?

  1. What their compensation structure is like

Of course, you’ll need to know how you’ll get paid. Will you be paid each week? Will you be paid each month? When will you get paid for the work your downline does? These are just some of the important questions to ask.

You will also need to find out what percentage of your sales you will be making. This may help you select a company because you may be more interested in selling one product because the product interests you, even if the percentage you’ll get is a bit less. Conversely, you may select another company because you want to earn the highest percentages you can.

Be aware that there may be different percentage levels for the products you sell and the products that everyone in your downline sells.

  1. The integrity of their products

Many new beginners in the MLM field pay too much to the money they can make off the products and through recruitment without stopping to ask themselves whether they even like the products that a particular company sells.

In order to be truly successful in network marketing, it is critical that you actually like and believe in the products you’ll be selling. After all, you will be trying to encourage others to join you in selling them, and you will have to encourage people to buy the products. If you don’t care about the items that you’re selling, why would someone else? You only set yourself up for failure if you think that it doesn’t matter whether you like the products.

Be sure to try out the products yourself so that you know whether the company is good for you.

How to Recruit Others to Your Downline

One of the vital parts of your business is to recruit new people under you to form the downline that you need to be most successful in the network marketing field. In order to do that, you need to think carefully about how best to recruit those people, get them to sign up with you, and then continue to monitor their performance. Here are some tips to use for this purpose.

  1. Have interviews.

It may seem odd to interview for a network marketing downline, but remember that the people who sign up under you may provide a significant portion of your income. It’s important to recruit people who are business-minded, smart, eager and want to be successful in this kind of business. Have an online chat with them or call them on the phone to get an idea of where their head is at. That way, you can hit the ground running with a group of people who are as passionate as you are.

  1. Spend a portion of your time with them each day.

Check in with your downline every day, whether through a quick email or a post on social media. It is important for them to know that you are available for questions and support, so that you can all start to profit from the MLM company you’ve chosen.

Weekly, you might also want to provide your own chats and calls so that you and everyone in your downline can check in with each other. This can be a great way for you to build a little community within your own income stream.

  1. Give them feedback.

You might check out their sites and their online activity every now and then to give them feedback on what they’re doing right and what they are doing wrong. This kind of activity can help them improve their business, which helps improve yours.

  1. Ask for feedback.

Just as you give them feedback, ask them for suggestions about how you might be able to better support them and what they can do to make everything perfect for them. When they feel better supported and happier with your involvement, they can work better. As a result, they may bring more money in and that will benefit you as well.

How to Get the Word Out About Your Product

One of the hardest things you can do as someone who is in network marketing is to remember to sell products yourself, especially as your business continues to grow. You might get comfortable with others in your downline selling products and living off of those proceeds, but it is important to note that the more you focus on selling products yourself, the more money you can start to make.

After all, you are likely making a higher commission on the products you sell yourself anyway. Not only that, but you can also turn those customers into valued members of your downline, if you like.

Here are some ways that you can start to get people interested in your products.

  1. Create your own custom site.

You might use the site that you were given when you signed up with your company, but it is a good idea to know that others got that identical site. In order for you to truly stand out, you’ll need to make your site different than everyone else’s. You have to create a mini-brand of your own that no one can duplicate. The first step for doing that is to create your own custom-site.

If you don’t know anything about making a site, don’t worry. There are a number of freelance web designers, and you can find them on various online marketplaces. Many of these designers can set up a small site for you very inexpensively.

  1. Target a particular market

It is vital that you drill down and really get a feel for a specific group of people that you can sell your products to. When you do this, you can create extremely targeted marketing messages that will be way more effective than if you try to sell to everyone in the world.

For instance, if you want to sell lotions, you have to think about who will be buying that lotion. Are you trying to sell to older grandmothers? Then your marketing materials will be different than they would be if you were trying to sell your lotions to teenagers. Targeting a specific market helps you to know exactly how to reach them, which makes your job much easier and raises the chances that everything will work the way you want it to.

  1. Start a blog.

One of the smartest ideas you can use when you want to start selling your products for your MLM company is to start a blog. This allows customers and potential downline recruits the chance to get to know more about the products you’re selling. More than that, it allows them to get to know you in some way, so that you can position yourself as an expert on the products and someone who knows what they’re talking about. A blog might be the one thing that convinces new recruits to sign up with you instead of signing up under everyone else who works for the same company that you do.

Now that you have had a chance to read through this guide, you may feel more sure than ever that network marketing is something you want to pursue. Be sure to look for the right mentors and support from others in the MLM field. Use the information laid out above so that you can be a profitable, enjoyable network marketing business.

Network marketing is regarded as a highly profitable method to becoming online entrepreneur as well as a method to create time, true leverage and a lot more freedom in the way you live your life. However, it is very important that you know that you won’t find instant riches unless you are one of the lucky ones that already has a very large following. But you will be offered with the odds of earning high-dollar residuals and bonus checks when you learn how to master this game.

One of the main aspects of network marketing is that it can grant you with financial freedom without having to do all of the work by yourself. It’s described as marketing in the order of promoting a service or product through a network.

This network is extremely important due to the fact that you build up a sales-team known as your downline and you are able to earn money when anyone of these individuals who are part of your “team” sells a product or makes you a sale. The actual compensation will depend on your actual deal.

The main factor for just about any type of network marketing company is based on “people helping people.” This concept has been in existence for many years and even dates back to the 1920s. It involves the system of one person gets another who then goes onto get another that eventually results in riches.

One of the better known network marketing businesses would have to be Avon that was first discovered in the 1886 and at the time was known as The California Perfume Company. If you have ever been exposed to one of the “Avon” parties you probably know how this system works. This company has played a part in setting a number of the extensive industry practices and standards seen even today. Even though network-marketing has now moved mainly to the online world, the old principles are still very similar.

This means you are known as the middle man as either a promoter, advertiser or marketer. And very similar to the corporate sales type jobs you earn a commission associated on the revenue you are able to bring to the party. However, the beauty behind network marketing opportunities is that you are not on your own. You can make money from leveraging and guiding the efforts derived from other people.

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Top Tips On How To Make Money With Any Network Marketing Opportunity
  • The Truth Behind How You Can make Money Even While You Sleep

Making cash while you are sleeping or away from your computer is in no way a myth. However, it will take time to reach this stage. When a person that is in your downline sells a product or service, you receive a cut from this sale even when you are not around. But in order to become this, you will need the right personality which means you enjoy sales, are great at motivating people and are able to train a downline in order to reach a system that actually works.

When you become involved in network marketing when it comes to any type of product, you will first be taught about the system. In most cases online opportunities often feature a marketing blurb, sample sales and videos or a website template that you can go on to customize in order to start your own business. This all forms part of the system and will typically include support from an upline while you are in the process of completing your first sales.

All that is required of you for these opportunities would be the replicate a system and then go onto teach others that become your downline about how they can also achieve success in network marketing. If you are able to put in the hours and work required to build your own foundation and expand on your team, you will be able to make money whether you decide to work 18 hour days or decide to laze around the pool.

The Reward Of Becoming Your Own Boss

If you are one of those people who prefers the security behind a paying and steady job, then network marketing would not be your best choice. In fact if you are scared or do not enjoy living on commission alone this is also not the ideal opportunity for you to follow. Trying one of these opportunities may seem daunting to begin with but it can also prove to be extremely empowering.

Network marketing takes a lot of hard work in order to become successful. It also means you need to be open to learning about new things which will often take you away from where you may be comfortable. This can include how you will need to explain your product in order for any type of person to understand. Other daunting tasks may include sharing a passion for your business, how to train as well as recruit a downline.

However, once mastered you can expect the following:

  • You will be able to make money
  • You will be able to attain your personal lifestyle and financial goals as well as learn how you will be able to motivate others in order to also reach the same goals
  • You will begin to enjoy that everything that happens in your business is associated with personal and financial rewards
The Importance Of Diversity And Depth In Your Teams

Various network marketers that are new will begin by trying to build up a downline from their family and friends. This usually will only work when these people share a similar mindset. In most cases they won’t which often leads to failure and stagnation.

Another type of approach for new marketers would be to recruit the type of people who are similar to the market which is another mistake. This is because when recruiting similar people, the downline becomes monochromatic opposed to diverse. In order to find real success, it is important that your embrace diversity. This means recruiting individuals that come from various levels in education or various types of social-economic groups.

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Network Marketing Tips That Work

Network marketing is an efficient way of promoting products and services to audiences that will consider their association with a brand as a way of improving their own status. This marketing method is usually very efficient for professionals who sell products or services to clients who belong to the same social group. Regardless of the audience you want to target, you need to develop some efficient networking and marketing techniques to sell products or services.

You should start by learning more about your audience. Your strategies will be more efficient if they are adapted to the shopping habits of your audience. If necessary, use surveys to learn more about your target audience or look for marketing studies. Interacting with other network marketers can be a great way to learn more about the techniques they use and to find out how they successfully targeted their audience.

You need to find the right balance between online interactions and real life ones. This balance will vary in function of the audience you are targeting. For instance, a younger audience that uses Smartphones or computers a lot will want to stay connected with your brand via social media or even text message alerts. Other target groups will be satisfied to receive an occasional promotional email from you but will primarily expect real life interactions.

As a network marketer, it is very important to create an image people can identify with. By purchasing products or services through their network, clients hope to build a new image. You need to provide them with the kind of image they are looking for. Your target audience might be more likely to trust you and identify with you if you wear professional clothes but other niches will not identify with you unless you adopt the dress code of the subculture you are targeting.

Your mannerism is something you need to work on. Even if you are a very sociable person, you need to learn to pay attention to body language and other subtle signs used in communication. You need to be able to make people feel comfortable and might not have much time to earn their trust. Learning to adopt the proper body language and being able to read the unspoken signs your clients are sending will help you establish communication.

How You Can Mix Up Your Marketing In Order To Earn A Greater Coverage

You will have to thank the Internet for this one as it can really make it a far easier task to market businesses. For the ideal results you can combine various marketing methods such as:

  • Your website is your main source of marketing and should be serving 2 purposes. The first would be to recruit a downline and the second would be based on selling products.
  • Social-media marketing this can include a Facebook group or page, a Twitter chat or a LinkedIn group. The ideal way for you to organize these marketing tactics will be to go where the majority of prospects spend their time. The easy way to find these spots would be to ask.
  • Industry conferences, business networking events as well as your own personal events.

There are extensive methods that are now available to market a business when it comes to offline and online. Remember that you can also ask your upline to show you proven methods relating to the particular business.

Whatever method you decide to use, always practice your elevator pitch that involve presenting the business and product benefits until it becomes second nature to you. Use your marketing to seek prospects actively as well as sharing your expected vision of success for the business. While it is always advisable to make use of the materials that are given to you, it is also great to create some of your very own types of success stories.

You need to work on finding efficient ways to communicate with potential clients and get them to stay in touch with you. In order to successfully stay in touch with potential clients, you need to find out how your target audience communicates.

Once you have the permission to contact someone, you will be able to share promotional offers with them or perhaps invite them to an event you are organizing. Obtaining someone’s contact information as well as the authorization to contact them should be a lot easier if you can offer something valuable in return, for instance by letting them know that you will send coupon codes and information about sales.


You will find more potential clients if you visit several places or events where the target group you are interested in is likely to be. Depending on your target group, you could approach potential clients in coffee shops, trade shows, festivals, conferences or by organizing your own events and encouraging existing customers to bring their friends. Don’t hesitate to try visiting new places and attending new events to see if you can find any potential clients there.

Staying in touch with a prospect is very important but you should not overdo it. The best way to boost your sales is to organize your contacts carefully in function of how likely they are to buy a product. You can then share information that is relevant to each group.

Your group of faithful clients will appreciate being invited to your events or receiving details about new products. Customers who have not bought anything in a while will not appreciate receiving frequent emails but you could let them know about promotional offers. New prospects will probably buy a product if you offer them a coupon code to welcome them.

Choose the products or the services you offer very carefully. Regardless of the network marketing strategies or techniques you use, you will not be very successful if you offer low quality products. If possible, test the products or services yourself to make sure you can safely endorse them and will get return customers.

Ask your audience for feedback on a regular basis to make sure the products or services you offer match their needs. Don’t hesitate to make some changes to your catalog if you feel that the products you are offering do not fully satisfy your audience.

Keep your audience interested by offering new products on a regular basis. Adding more products to your catalog will give you an opportunity to get in touch with your clients. You could even organize an event to present these new products or simply celebrate. Try new products yourself before you think of adding them to your selection and get feedback from your best customers.

You should work on building your down line. Recruiting more sellers could help you earn more, as long as they work in different areas or target a different audience. Some of your best clients might be interested in becoming sellers but you need to make sure they are properly motivated first. You might have to invest time and resources into helping them become good network marketer and will not get a return on your investment unless they are ready to commit to this project.

Network marketing is a great way to earn a living or supplement your income if you are properly motivated and know how to build a strong network. The tips you have just read should help you generate sales but you should not hesitate to contact the company you are affiliated with if you need help. Do more research on successful strategies, talk to network marketers who have more experience then you and don’t hesitate to test new strategies to see if they can help you boost your sales.

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