Some of the Top Trading Affiliate Programs

Trading Affiliate Programs

Forex remains one of the top trading and profitable industry in the 21 century. There are plenty of programs that can help you make more money than you can ever think of making in other industries. All that you need to do is to sign in some of this top affiliate programs and you will be on your way to making thousands of dollars right from your house. Of course there are people who make six to seven figures in a span of one month. The only thing you need to do is to sign up for the relevant program, learn how it is used and start minting money. This article looks at the top trading affiliate programs you can make use of.

Etoro Partner Affiliate Program

This affiliate program is owned by and is touted as one of the best affiliate program not because it will help you receive the best payout but guarantees prompt payment.  etoro is a social investment  network  that provides a unique and social approach  to trading. This makes the program good for all traders.  It avails advanced trading marketing tools ranging from videos, widgets to banners. The tools are sufficient to enable you monitor and optimize your trading activities. It gives clients a chance to contact the support desk on a24 hour basis.

Forex Affiliate

This is one of the trading affiliate programs you must sign up as quickly as possible if you are looking forward to trade forex easily from the comfort of your house. The platform boasts of the best conversion rates and pays the highest commission compare to other programs.  It is the world most profitable financial program that has been tested and verified by top webmasters.  It is owned by and promises to bring you profit at a click of a button. All you need to do is to promote it to the right people and it will open the sky for you.  Forex affiliate offers commission schemes for all types of affiliates. Making one large deposit guarantees you more return you can ever get using other trading affiliate programs.  Some of the avenues you can make money using the program include:

CPA- Cost per active trader

This avenue guarantees you $250 for every active trader you refer to Forex –affiliate. However the trader must be capable of reaching the minimum trading volume.

EV- Economic value- 25%

This avenue looks at the volume traded and multiplies it with the effective spread. All you have to do is to refer new traders to Forex –Affiliate to enable you to quickly begin making money. Just ensure that your leads are good and that the people you refer are actually interested in trading forex.

Forex Yard

Even though affiliate yard is not one of the biggest affiliate programs in the industry, they have a large number of affiliated website.  It is not a top earner but guarantees you a steady stream of income.  All that is required is for the trader to remain active and he will be able to make the kind of money many other traders make on the forex market.


This is another high commission and a great conversion affiliate program you should certainly consider. A click of the button is enough to make you the kind of money you cannot finish spending in one week. It has been touted as one of the most profitable affiliate program that can help you make thousands of dollars in a few weeks.  The other positive thing about it is that the commissions are paid on time and gives you full access to tools and the support you require to become successful.

If you are an affiliate marketer who owns a blog, easy forex is the only method that guarantees you easy money. All you need to do is to sign up, fill the relevant form and you will be on your way to making money. If you are a member of easy forex affiliate, we shall help you increase the amount of money you make by adopting new and tested methods.

Zulu trade is owned by Zulu traders. As an affiliate program, it invites you to join a team of over 10, 00 affiliates who promote the same product which they use to make money.  Of course it is true that there are other traders out there who benefit a lot from other affiliate programs However, Zulu trade  brokers have more prospects  in terms of overall potential  than any other affiliate program .You really must not have prior experience for you to profit from Zulu trade.


Fxopen affiliate program is owned by It gives the traders an opportunity of getting paid regularly. It allows the traders to use Meta Trader 4 platform which is an all time platform that is preferred   by traders because of its convenience and simplicity. It can be used on PDA, Computer, smart phones and other gadgets. It boasts of the following advantages.

It provides a true ECN environment meaning that it gives traders a chance to enjoy direct access to interbank forex markets. The tool places your order so that it can be viewed in many of the global currencies.

It offers PAMM service for traders who would like to make money through their managers. All one has to do is to hire a professional manager and profit from his effort.