My Personal Young Living Essential Oils Review

Young Living Essential Oils Review

As a person who has dealt with many medical issues, I have done a lot of research into alternatives to the modern day approach of running to the doctor for everything and getting a prescription. I have often come across essential oils and read the recommendations and experiences but as with almost everything, I am skeptical in recommending anything unless I have personal knowledge of the subject matter.

Recently however, my stepdaughter became interested in essential oils. She had talked with other parents of disabled children who were wanting more natural remedies rather than always relying on prescription medications and various over-the-counter, chemical-filled concoctions for colds, indigestion, bug bites burns and the health and injury issues that every family has.

She listened to different recommendations did her research and was impressed with the Young Living Essential Oils Canada Reviews. This was not only because of the properties of the oils, but also because the processes they use and their philosophies and standards.

They care enough about their product to go from “seed to sealed”. They have their own farms, plant their own seeds, care for those crops with standards that include no pesticides (they use oils instead to control insect issues) and are in control of the oils from the time the seed is planted until it is harvested and processed into the bottle and sealed. I found this intriguing and read up on it and liked what I read.

Reading that, coupled with the company’s 20 year history in the business, assured me that we are dealing with a quality product. So then I became more interested in the actual properties of the individual oils and their benefits. While I was looking up some Young Living Essential Oils reviews of my own, I came across numerous testimonies of how a certain oil had helped with an illness or injury. From simple things like bug bites and burns to more chronic problems such as indigestion and allergies, Young Living Essential Oils had a solution for it.

The thing is, we KNOW that plants, extracts have hundreds, even thousands of years, of being successfully used to treat all manners of injuries and illnesses. While modern medicine has made incredible advances, their drugs often come with serious side effects, excessive costs and that drug is usually only good for that one specific condition. Not to mention, nobody wants to deal with going to a doctor for everything.

Most of us have enough sense to know if we have indigestion, a bug bite or a cold. We have the experience and intelligence to treat most of the health issues of our household. Essential oils help us stock the perfect medicine cabinet for treating hundreds of issues by stocking up with a basic selection of essential oils.

So you can look up more Young living Essential Oils Distributor Reviews to find out more, or you can invest in a starter package and start to see the results yourself. I think you will be very satisfied to see the results for yourself and will no doubt end up sharing your stories of success too.

Ways To Generate Leads For Young Living Essential Oils

Young living essential oils is the brainchild of Gary Young who started the company in the year 1993 with an organic herb farming operation. He understood the incredible power of the pure essential oils. However, at that time the essential oils available in the market were full of artificial ingredients that did more harm than good. He decided to change that and started his company to provide pure essential oils to people who understood the significant advantage offered by pure essential oils.

As the demand for essential oils grew, he built one of the biggest and most advanced distilleries in North America for producing essential oils. Today, the company is known as one of the leaders worldwide in wellness solutions and essential oils. It has offices all around the globe along with farms from where it sources its essential oils.

Young living essential oils also offers a business opportunity to passionate individuals who want others to benefit from the pure essential oils and make money in the process. However, the real money is in generating leads for the business opportunity offered by the company. Most of the people who do not succeed in multilevel marketing businesses often do not understand the basics of marketing the MLM business. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to generate leads for young living essential oils.

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There are multiple ways to generate leads for your business. Your first step should be to find people who are looking for the business opportunities that you are offering. It is important to keep in mind that there are thousands of people who are looking to make some extra money in this tough economy and you should make it easy for those people to find you.

You can try to convince your friends and family members of the huge opportunity offered by the company but if they are not looking to make some money and if they are not looking for a business opportunity, you will have a really hard time in convincing them to take up this opportunity.

Therefore, your job is to look for people who are searching for such a moneymaking opportunity. Once you find those people, you can then explain your system to them and help them succeed. In other words, a person whose belly is full is not going to appreciate the world’s best-cooked steak. Only a person who is hungry or who is looking to eat steak is going to appreciate the efforts put into that steak. Hopefully, it makes it very clear to you that you need to find people who are already looking for a business opportunity.

So, where do you go to find such people? The secret is that you do not need to go anywhere. Many people make the mistake of approaching it in the wrong winner. People who are looking to make some extra money are already searching for such business opportunities. It means that they are already on social media websites, on search engines and in meetings and seminars looking for such opportunity. Your only job is to help those people find you through one of these mediums.

Ideally, you should have your own website that caters to your target audience. On this website, you should put useful content that explains the business opportunity offered by you. However, just putting up a website is not enough. You also need to make sure that your website comes up in the search engine results when people search for business opportunities. You may advertise your website on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and other such websites. Overall, the goal is to bring people who are looking for a home based business opportunity to your website.

Your next step should be to turn those visitors into leads. The best way to turn those visitors into leads is to have an e-mail subscription box on your website. You can offer them a free report in return for their e-mail address. You should also have an auto-responder ready with 5 to 10 e-mails to provide useful content to your subscribers.

Content marketing is another powerful way to generate targeted traffic for your website. You can write helpful articles for posting on other relevant websites where people are already looking for information on business opportunities. In fact, content marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful forms of generating targeted leads. In addition to generating leads, it also helps with search engine optimization which means that you will get high rankings in search engines for targeted keywords.

Overall, generating leads for your young living essential oil business is not difficult but you do need to put in some effort to generate those leads.