Digital Altitude Review

Digital Altitude Review From Expert In The Field

There has been a lot of buzz about Digital Altitude, with a lot of information out there, it can be had to know what is the truth and what is not. Many people usually want to know more about a product before they can decide whether to buy it.

This is why you need the Digital Altitude review below. The digital altitude is a program that will go a long way in helping you start and grow a profitable online business. You will be able to learn more about the company, the founder, the product, and the compensation plan.

Digital Altitude was created by a man named Michael Force. He has made a lot fortune on the internet. Michael has created 6 and 7 figure earners through his online mentoring and coaching program. What makes Digital Altitude unique to the others?

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The program starts by focusing on your mindset. They have products and services, but they start with helping you with the mindset to prepare you. From their website, you can easily judge that they mean business. There is also nothing negative about the creator of the program. What products do they offer?

A great business opportunity must be unique and effective in order to succeed. There are two main categories of products, the CORE products, and Add-on products. The core products are;

Digital Altitude Aspire Membership
This is their Digital Business Sales System

You get the following:

Digital Business Video Training – It has the three simple steps you need to start, set up and promote your business.
Private Life Coaches: You get a one to one exclusive access to some of the best coaches in the world to help you with your goals.

7-Figure Sales Funnels & Websites: This is a sales funnel that has been designed to automate the sales process.

High Commission Back End Products: You will be able to earn while learning because of their resalable back-end products that you can leverage for a top-tier commission.

Done- For-You Branding Solutions; You will get tailor-made branding solutions that will increase your conversion and sales.

Traffic & Social Media Solutions; Traffic is the core of any online business and there is no way you can make money without traffic. This will help you learn how to get traffic using strategies that have been tested for years.

Latest Tools & Resources; The success of any online digital success will depend on the tools you are using. The program will provide you with the latest tools that will go a long way.

Merchant & Payroll Service; Accounting, funding, and cash flow can be a headache for many people. This will provide you with the perfect solution that will save you a lot of time and you will have an easier time.

Support, Forums & Live Chat; In order to retain customers, you need to have a live support and instant availability. The program will cover this; you don’t have to worry about anything.

Community & Leadership; You will be able to get access to an exclusive network of business leaders and experts who will coach you until you succeed.

Networking, Live Events & Coaching; The network you have will determine your worth. With the networking events, you will be able to meet new people who will help you achieve your goals.

There are three membership plans to choose from and this will determine the amount you earn.

Aspire Walker: $37 per month
This includes;

40% commission
Members Area
1 tier payout
Startup Training Videos
Aspire Hiker; $67

Up to 50% commission
Members Area
2 Tiers of Payout
Weekly Training
Startup Training Videos
Aspire Climber $127 per month

Up to 60% commission
Members Area
3 Tiers of Payout

Affiliate Membership; $17 per month

Base Membership
Startup up is one of the toughest things you need to deal with when you want to build your business. This type of membership will teach you how to build a great foundation for your success.
Section 1: Prepare

Module 1. Helps in setting the right business goals and preparing the path to success.
Module 2 The fundamentals: Covers business banking and accounting, entity formation, and business planning.
Module 3. Creating a captivating brand and design that will help you in sales.
Module 4. Establish your web presence that will help you get a lot of traffic and conversion.
Section 2: Launch

Module 5. How you can launch the business so that you get many customers the moment you launch.
Module 6. Creating a social media campaign.
Module 7. Five secrets of analytics that will drive results and not just report them
Module 8. The five things you need to know before starting a business.
Section 3: Grow

Module 9: How you can run a lean, bootstrap and optimize the business for long term business.
Module 10: Creating a customer experience that will get them hooked.
Module 11. Building a cult like following
Module 12. Building automated systems that will save you time and money.

The Base Membership is One-Time payment of $597
Rise Membership

This contains modules covering;

Making commitment to success
Mindset shifts that will help you succeed
Using irrationality to market and creating a buzz for your product
The 80/20 rules of customers
Identifying emotional trigger buttons
Identifying and attracting the perfect buyer
Harnessing the art of direct response
Becoming an educational marketer
Creating a brand name
Creating the perfect marketing message
Creating ads
Partnering with other to sell more.

The Rise Membership cost a one-time payment of $1997
Ascend Membership

Day 1

Profitable traffic sources
Six strategies to scale traffic
Seven figure conversion hacks
Three powerful funnel formulas

Day 2

Personal Branding
Telling your story
Finding the guru in you
Mastering video

Day 3 Agenda

Increasing conversion by using analytics
Using outsourcing to work smarter
Building a team

The cost of joining Ascend is a one-time fee of $9997

Peak Membership

Scaling a digital business
Creating a joint venture
Adding value to product and services
Finding the best talent
Accounting strategies
Legal issues you need to know about
Growth strategies
How to create a lifetime customer
Motivating your team
Managing time
Automating your business
Increasing the efficiency in your business
Raising more capital
Mistakes to avoid when it comes to cashflow

The Peak membership costs a one-time fee of $16,997
Apex Membership

Day 1 Agenda

Becoming financially free
Creating additional income
Building different streams of cash flow
Securing your retirement income
Day 2 Agenda

How the rich get richer
Funding your investment with OPM
Taking control of your financial future
How you can beat wall street
Day 3 Agenda

Boosting your financial IQ
Leverage secrets
Investing like the rich
Creating long-term wealth strategies
Day 4 Agenda

The inner game of wealth
Staying wealthy for life
The law of attraction with money
Your financial thermostat
Day 5 Agenda

Winning the credit score game
Creating your own bank
Creating a tax-free retirement
How the rich use IRA’s
Day 6 Agenda

Asset protection
Risk management strategies
Annuity analysis
Ultra-Rich legal strategies
Day 7 Agenda

Investing in real estate
Finding ident markets and creating no money down deals
Exploding your profits with wholesaling and rehabbing
Tax lien strategies.

The cost of joining Apex is a one-time fee of $27,997
There are 60 different income streams, with 19 of them being residual month after month. You must own the level before you can earn a commission on it. If you don’t own the level, then your sponsor will be paid the commission. If you want all the products at one, you will be provided with bulk pricing options.

With Digital Altitude, you will be able to make a lot of money and become financially independent. You will learn a lot of things that will enable you to succeed in any industry you want to invest in.

With this program, you will be getting access to the most successful entrepreneurs who can help you reach your goals