Six Home Business Ideas for Moms

Home business Ideas for moms

Being a mom is one of the most important jobs in the world. However many moms need to make an income even if it’s small in order to help make ends meet. With the cost of day care and a work commute, working moms are finding new ways to make ends meet. Finding home business ideas for moms doesn’t have to be a challenge and it doesn’t have to take away from mom time. Here are some great ideas to get moms started on their way to financial independence without having to leave the house with kids in tow.


One of the easiest and best ways for a mom to make extra money is to run a daycare. In many states a license is required for this so make sure to look into the requirements for your particular state before embarking on this adventure. It’s easy to set your rates if you call around and get some rate ideas from other local daycares in the area. You may only watch one child, or you may watch a few more but no matter what you do your child is guaranteed a playmate or two and you’re guaranteed some extra income.

Home Business Ideas for Moms – Writer

Moms who opt to work from home may not have thought of some of the great ideas out there. However, if you’re creative and always telling your kids cute little stories, you may be on your way to being a writer. Save those cute stories you make up for the kids and make them their own special book. You can self publish through many sites including CreateSpace and have a hard copy of your cute story for your kids. If you do this right, you can also market you book and earn some extra cash.

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Online Writer

If the above ideas don’t appeal to you, take heart, there are still many great home business ideas for moms. Consider becoming a content writer for online content markets. It’s quick and easy and for the person who is great at spelling and grammar you can rake in some extra cash, all while the kids are napping or playing in the same vicinity. Just make sure to double check your work especially if you have distractions from the kids while writing.

Home Business Ideas for Moms – Affiliate Marketing

Many moms elect to create a website as a hobby. They can create websites with affiliate marketing and by selling the affiliate products they can earn some cash as well. Create websites around the affiliate sites or simply advertise on a blog or website that is already up and running, either way, you’re sure to get some extra money coming in.

Freelance Photographer

Handy with a camera? Like taking pictures? Then perhaps this is more up your alley. Start by grabbing some eye catching photos of your own kids, pets or family and share them with friends. Offer to take pictures for them and price your pictures a bit less than other studios and you’re in business. You can then sell either the photos, the disk or put them on a flash drive for your clients. You don’t need a super fancy camera for this if you’re good at what you do. Practice makes perfect so get out there and start shooting those pictures.

You can also sell stock photos online to various sites that buy them. Others will buy your photos off of the site you sell them to or some will allow you to show your photos and charge you a small percentage if your photo is purchased.

Virtual Assistant

In today’s economy, many businesses are seeking a “girl Friday” or a Virtual Assistant in order to get the job done.This person may drop in and pick up files, or they may be dropped off or emailed to the assistant. Do the work, return the files and you’re done. You may also answer phones, take messages or fill in data entry for the business. Even handling business reservations or making appointments with clients can be diverted to an assistant. You can have one client, or several as time permits.

Now that you know a few home business ideas for moms, you can probably think of even more. Consider what you love to do and find a way to make it earn you some money.