Browser extensions that will improve your experience on the social media

Various browser extension to improve your experience on social media

The world is improving and a lot of people are coming up with new measures that help them in having a better experience on social media. There exist various browser extensions that will improve your experience on social media. This article will give you the various important things that you should do to ensure that you have a nice experience when dealing with your social media account.

Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media

Buffer- The quick and the easy sharing to the social media

This buffer extension will help you in sharing everything to your connected profiles that could be from any website, page, or even blog post. This extension will be in a position to grab the page title and all other associated photos. The power users could go to another step and highlight a text from the article and then share it efficiently.

This buffer extension has aided in easy transfer of information and many deals have been made fast and efficiently. It has helped a lot of individuals in achieving various important goals as far as the issue of improving connection is concerned. This extension also carries along some goodies when one is browsing on Twitter and Facebook where there are built in buttons that aid bin the rescheduling of the reshares and buffering the ques.

Giphy- Have the fun animated GIFS which will enhance all your updates

The gifs have been used by Twitter and Pinterest and other social media sites such as Tumblr hence allowing people to enjoy the great enjoyments. The Giphy extensions will let you in making a successful search via the huge archives and you will acquire shortened URL that you will be using in your various activities.

Evernote/ Instapaper/ Pocket- Creation of amazing content that one is able to share

These are super time savers since they help you in saving the blog posts which you will read later. You will be in a position to save the content with the click of a button. Instapaper, Evernote, and, Pocket will help you save yourself some time and attend to other activities first. A lot of users have said that these extensions are important and they have helped them in realizing various important improvements in the way they have been using the social media accounts.

Instagram for chrome- The Instagram photos right on your website

One of the various ways that you could manage your feed efficiently on Instagram is by the use of the Instagram for chrome. This Instagram for chrome allows you to go ahead and even browse your feed and for your friends.  You will also receive notifications and you can comment and like the posts that are being uploaded by your friends. The experience with the Instagram for chrome will bear a lot of similarities with using the original application for Instagram. This brand helps the brands that always having the aim of managing their feeds without having to access Instagram directly.

Bitly- Share, track, and create shortened links.

This extension has all the features that will help you in link shortening, analytics, easy copying and sharing, custom shortening, and also give you a good experience as a user. You are able to organize the links properly hence facilitating easy retrieval of all the information that you require in carrying out various important achievements that you will need.

Riffle- It completes information for all the Twitter users

This browser extension will help in adding an entirely new layer of information in the stream of your Twitter.  You can go ahead and click on any Twitter username or Riffle icon and then the display will open the user`s data. This will be including Twitter statistics, social accounts, categories, and most used hash tags.

The window resize-Go ahead and check on your tweets, updates, and posts on any of the screen sizes

Chances are always that there will be no one viewing your site as you have been viewing it. You will be in a position to view your profile from the perspective of others. These extensions will usually come some preset extensions that will mimic tablet, iphone, and desktops. A lot of individuals have loved this particular extension that has helped them in having a good experience of how others feel when they are viewing your profile and your posts too.

Ritetag- analyzing the hashtags that you tweet

The ritetag is one of the most efficient hashtag tools and their extension will bring bring across their neat color  coded hashtags guide that will help you I realizing important improvements in the way you handle different activities in your efforts to come up with the best hashtags for improving your activities.

Social analytics

The social analytics is an extension that has helped individual to enjoy various important browsing options as they continue browsing via the social media. The Social analytics will indicate the Facebook shares, likes, comments and you will see all the statistics from Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This extension could be very helpful in the spreading of your own information and investigating that of another person.

Awesome Screenshot- Annotate, capture, and share your screen

One of the most important ways of sharing information on your phone perfectly is by sharing screenshots with your friends and giving them the chance to view the exact things that you are viewing directly from your phone. You will be in a position to help them in seeing what you have prepared for them. Using this extension, you will be in a position to take a capture a screenshot, annotate it, and share it immediately.

Feedly Mini- Save your RSS feeds on any given page

Sourcing great content is a part of sharing a lot of great content on social media. Feedly has proven to be one of the most important Feedly extensions that will make easy for you to add new sites to your RSS. The Feedly extension creates a small icon on the page and when you click on this icon, you will be in a position to add a new feed directly.