Step-by-Step Video Marketing Script Formula

Video Script

Using videos as a marketing tool on the internet is one of the best ways to build your brand and generate traffic to your blog or website. You can also build a channel and ensure that people keep coming back to watch your future videos. Over time there are many ways to turn those visitors into profits, as you sell products and services from the videos. You can also sell advertising space within your videos which will generate additional revenue (very easy to do).

Of course, you need to have videos with good content, and it should be structured in a logical manner, so that people gain a lot of value from them. Here is a video marketing scrip formula that can be used to maximize your use of video.

Introduce yourself and your website – the first thing to do is announce your own name and your website. This will help people to remember you and your videos, so they can come back later.

Brief overview – always begin with an overview of what you are going to show and explain in the video. This lets them know that it is a video worth watching. Give a few sentences here so that they are motivated to watch and learn more. Explain the education in terms of the benefits they will gain (lose weight, earn more money etc).

Problem – explain the problem that most people have. This is the first major part of the video marketing script formula. Give the reason why it is important that they understand this. Explain the problem so the viewers can relate to it, and can relate it to their own life.

Possible solutions – now, explain the possible solutions that people offer for the problem above. Many of these things should be familiar to your viewers, and they will have tried many of them (for example, the dozens of diets that promise weight loss but do not deliver). Explain why the so-called solutions do not work and why people keep trying, but failing with them.

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Give a personal account of how you used similar solutions in the past but did not succeed. Be personal in the language you use so that your viewers see you as a regular person who can be trusted (don’t use academic language unless you’re explaining a scientific finding).

Your solution – now is the time to give them your own solution. This is the thing that they have been waiting to hear from you. Explain it in a logical and practical manner and tell them how it has worked for you. Give numbers and figures if possible (weight lost, money earned, students helped etc). Tell the viewers how they can get started right away. Tell them the next step to take to make a change in their life. Make it very simple so they can immediately get started.

Tell them where they can find out more – if you have products or services that will help your viewers to find out more, and learn more, then make sure you tell them about it. Don’t make a heavy sales pitch. Instead just briefly mention that you have something that may help them if they are having a problem in this area of their life.

Ask people to subscribe and leave a comment – at the end of the video always ask the viewers to subscribe to your video channel and leave a comment below. Also, as them to like the video and share it with their social media networks. This takes a few seconds but can be very valuable to you in the long term. If your video is passed around and goes viral, you can expect a lot of interest in your website and a boost in traffic. This will lead to more subscribes on your email list and more sales.

Thank the viewers – end the video with a quick thank you. This shows that you care about people and appreciate them watching your video content. They are more likely to watch other videos if you are grateful.

Use the suggested Youtube video marketing script formula above to plan your own marketing videos. This is a simple but very effective way to organize the content in your videos so that people watch and pay attention.